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How to Activate Chrome Full Screen

Google Chrome is one of the best and trusted web browser used by millions of users worldwide. Chrome has some of the best features and fast browsing experience. This browser performs almost on all devices. It has thousands of useful extensions which make your browsing experience. With these features, Chrome is one of the best browsers available in the market. You can even activate Chrome full screen. This is awesome as you can enjoy full-screen browsing using Chrome.

Using Chrome is very simple and the user interface is very familiar. But, Chrome does have many hidden features that you might don’t know about. Due to extensions available of its Chrome Store, Chrome gives very flexible and customized experience. You can turn your browser into a multi-purpose tool.

Google owns Chrome and they take security seriously. However, nobody knows that what data they track from users who are using Chrome. But, it’s clear that Google saves you from many threats when you’re browsing the web. So, let’s talk about the full-screen mode in Chrome browser. Below is the screenshot of full-screen browsing experience in Chrome.

activate chrome full screen

Full Screen


Hence, if you’re browsing only a single website like Facebook or any blog like YouProgrammer then you can navigate through links only and by using your keyboard. You will not be able to access URL Address bar, can’t select extensions etc using the cursor. Also, it makes your browsing better on social websites and gives distraction free browsing.

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How To Activate Chrome Full Screen

Switching Chrome to full screen is very easy. Before switching to full screen there are few steps to perform to make the experience better. Below are all steps you should follow.

Step 1. First, browse to the website where you need to enjoy full-screen browsing.

Step 2. Select the options menu and set zoom level in order to make page zoom level according to your needs.

chrome full screen key

Set Zoom Level

Step 3. Now, press F11 or select full-screen option from the menu.

how to switch chrome to full screen

Switch To Full Screen

Step 4. To switch back to the normal state, press F11 key.


These are the very simple method to use full-screen browsing feature on Google Chrome. You can adjust zoom level according to your needs and if any website doesn’t support full-screen video viewing, use this feature there. You’ll definitely love this feature while browsing social media websites.

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