The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable

The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable

Printing something becomes weird if you’re getting an error saying “The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable“. This error might encounter in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. During this error, you can’t print any document or anything you want to print from the printer.

While working with Office Applications or while doing any urgent work, receiving this error is very frustrating. This error is caused by missing drivers or misconfigured printers or lack of permissions to the registry so that printers can have access to print any file.

There are many ways to fix this problem. It’s not necessary all users got this error due to the same problem. We’ve included several ways which will fix your Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable problem.

We have posted three ways which will surely solve your problem. There’re thousands of users on Windows 7- Windows 10 getting this error. When you connect a new printer to your computer there are huge chances that you’ll receive this error. This happens because your printer drivers aren’t installed or proper permissions are not given to print files through the printer.

FIX: The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable

There are several ways to fix this problem. We’ve covered all the ways working in all the cases in this kind of error. There are main three reasons due to which this problem might occur:

  • Newly Attached Printer Is Not Configured
  • Printer Services Are Not Running
  • Given Permissions Are Not Necessary To Print Files Through Printer.


Fix 1:

When you attach a new printer to your computer it needs to be configured. Below are all the steps needed to be followed in order to properly configure your printer.

Below are all the steps to do that:

  1. Make sure your printer is connected to your computer genuinely.
  2. Install all the drivers which comes with the printer. With most of the printers, you’ll get a driver CD with needed to be installed in your system.
  3. After installing your driver press Win+R and type Control Panel.control panel through Run
  4. Find for Devices and Printers and this will give you list of all the printers and devices connected to your computer.Now if your printer is already listed there Delete it from there.

    add a device/ add a printer

  5. Click on Add a Printer and this will search for all the printers available.add printer windows

This will add your printer to your computer. You should install an updated version of the driver for the printer because this might solve all the problem on its own.

If you’re still getting the error there are two more ways to fix the problem. These fixes worked in almost all cases so don’t worry if you’re still getting the error after following the method given above.

Fix 2:

In this fix, we’ll be looking at the services that are necessary for printing work. If these services aren’t running you will not be able to print any kind of document/page by your printer.

Sometimes Print Spooler Service stops working due to any issue due to which your printer and the computer stop responding to each other and Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable error encountered.

To fix this you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Press Win+R and type services.msc and hit enter. This will give you the list of all the processes that are running/stopped in your on run box windows
  2. Now find for Printer Spooler service, this service handles all the printing related work on your computer machine.system config files
  3. Right Click on that and check whether service is stopped or running. If it’s running Restart the service. Set its Startup Type to automatic and close all the windows.Print Spooler properties
  4. Now try printing any document to check whether the printer is working or not.

Fix 3:

Sometimes Permissions are disabled for All Application in Windows and printer stops taking inputs from your Computer.  To fix this you need to give Permissions to All Applications.

This can de be done easily using Registry Editor. To do so, you need to open your registry editor. You should have Administrator account access to do that. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Press Win+R and type regedit and hit enter. Administrator privileges needed here.regedit on windows run box
  2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion and you will find many folders here. You need to edit permissions of Devices, Printer Ports, and Windows.
  3. Right click on each of the folders and select Permissions. Select All Application Packages and under Permissions check boxes check Full Control box. Follow these stops with all the folders mentioned above.permissions on windows box

These are all the fixes that work in almost all cases. If you’re still getting the error you should follow the alternative method which helps you to know whether any particular application is not able to print documents or the whole system is affected with this error.

  1. Open your Notepad and type something in it.
  2. Press Ctrl+P and check whether your printer is printing your document or not.

If your document created inside notepad in printed by the printer try re-installing the application which is not able to print through the printer. This happens in most of the cases as some of the users aren’t able to print DOCS through Office Suite. If it’s same in your case we recommend you to re-install the Office Suite in order to fix the issue.

In Fix 1 we’ve shown you to add a printer by a valid way. If you’re not getting your printer listed in the result then you should check your cable connecting your printer to the computer.

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