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How To Add Page Numbers In Word

When it comes to creating a document using a software, MS Word is considered to be the best of all. It’s because using Microsoft Word is very easy and the user interface is very simple. Another great thing about Word is that there are many extraordinary features available which are really very useful in order to create documents. This amazing software isn’t not only limited to create a document and add some text inside the document. Users can easily change the page layout, add pictures, different shapes, sizes and much more in the document using Word. There are many useful features in MS Word. but, some users want to add page numbers in Word document. The reason behind adding the page numbers is that reader of the page will know on which page he’s currently and how many pages are there in total.

Also, if you print the Word documents, it’ll be easy to arrange the pages in the way they are arranged. In fact, users can manually add the page number on the top of the document page or at the bottom. But, word has a feature using which all the pages will be numbered in few clicks. This is really very useful if you’re working with a number of pages.┬áIn be added easily and users can even start numbering the pages from a specific page. This is very useful as if you have created a small book or large book or any presentation using the Word, first 1-5 pages might be the intro and you don’t want to number them.

We’ve explained the steps in detailed on how to add page numbers in word and how to add page numbers in Word in specific page. The process for both the things is almost similar but to start numbering from the specific page, you need to perform extra steps. Read down the article below, we’ve explained the procedure and added some pictures so that you can understand every step easily.

How To Add Page Numbers In Word

  1. First, open a Word document having more than one pages. If you’re adding the page numbers then it’s obvious that you have more than one page in the document.
  2. Now, click on Insert to add page numbers in word
  3. Select Page page numbers
  4. Then choose the position where you want to show the page numberings. It’s bottom in most of the cases and we’ll go with the Botton option.
  5. Now, page numbering will be added. Press ESC on the keyboard or click on Close Window option on the screen.add page numbers in word

These are the simple steps to add the page numbers in MS Word.

Insert Page Numbering In Specific Page In Word

In order to add the page numbers from a specific page, you need to perform some other steps shown below. By this, you can easily start the numbering from any specific page and can leave the first page as the un-numbered page. If your first page is the cover or the intro of the document, then you should really use this method.

Below are the steps you should follow to add page numbering in the specific page in Word document.

  1. Open a word document in MS and click on the page from where you want to start the numbering of the pages.
  2. Now, click on Insert>Break>Page Break.start page numbering from specific page in word
  3. After doing these steps, click on Insert tab again and choose Page Numbers>Bottom and choose the alignment.
  4. Now in the Design tab, choose Link To Previous numbering from specific page
  5. Scroll up and delete the page numbers from above pages. Now, scroll down back to the page from where you want to start the numbering.
  6. Click on Insert tab and choose Page Numbers>Format Page Numbers.
  7. Under the page numbering section, choose Start At and put 1 in the box.word page numbering from pages in center of the document
  8. Click OK and now your page numbering should start from the page you’re currently on.

We hope that you now know how to add the page numbering from starting or from a specific page in Word Document. The process is very simple and quick as MS Word is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. But, if you’re still having some problems in following the steps or can’t get the desired results then you should comment down below with your problem. We’ll reply you back soon with a working solution for your problem.

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