Turn a PC into a web server and securely exchange photographs, movies, videos, and music/MP3 data’ is how BadBlue is advertised. BadBlue is a file-sharing application that includes features such as slide shows, picture albums, file/music search, folder explorer, uploads and downloads, free domain name support, and much more.

However, if BadBlue is not working for you anymore? due to some issues! or maybe it is down temporarily, but you don’t want to wait, then here are some of the best alternatives to BadBlue¬†which you will enjoy surely.

So, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! if you want to try some other programs like BadBlue then here are some of the best BadBlue alternatives which you should try:


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Best Alternatives To BadBlue


Openfiler is a free source management system that comes with lots of NAS features such as CIFS, NFS, HTTP, SAN, iSCSI, block replication LAN and WAN, free storage capacity expansion and a lot more. Also, it delivers users with that system of a file-based network...

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OpenMediaVault is a next-generation network-attached storage (NAS) solution. Despite the fact that it is specifically developed for usage in tiny workplaces, it is not restricted to that setting. The platform is straightforward and simple to use, making it possible for anybody to set up and...

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TrueNAS is a networking management solution that works with practically all of the popular operating systems on the market. TrueNAS is a file-sharing system that is based on the FreeNAS operating system and is considered to be the commercial version of FreeNAS. Due to its...

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XigmaNAS is a storage NAS that is agile and gives a dependable administration web interface to consumers to provide them with a cutting-edge storage solution. As the platform is always evolving and enhancing its storage and backup service, it is the most excellent choice if...

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Amahi Home Server

Amahi Home Server is a media, home, and application server software with an intuitive user interface. It includes the best media, backup, and web applications for small networks available. Amahi is a fantastic home media server that provides several programs that work together to host...

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Rockstor makes it simple for its customers to store their data in their own custom-built NAS cloud storage system and to access these files from anywhere in the globe at any time using any device. It is a method of keeping your data safe and...

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EasyNAS will clean installation and format the whole hard drive on your server or PC, saving you time and effort. Because EasyNAS only requires a modest amount of storage, you may install it on your computer using a USB flash drive. However, you are free...

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ReadyNAS is a resourceful and dynamic storage solution that has been created for a variety of use cases and applications. Uploading, organizing, and sharing your files is made simple thanks to a straightforward interface that has been designed to make it simple to do so....

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