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Best Android Music Players 2018

Everyone loves to listen to music. Even animals love to listen to music (studies says). People are crazy about music. Many different instruments, software are used to create effects in music production. Many teams work together to bring you a perfect song for 3-4 minutes. Production of songs is not s easy as it seems to be. Music producers,  singers kept putting more and more efforts to create a masterpiece. Tricks are also used in music production. It makes listeners loved to listen to the same song again and again. After the song is published, it comes on your phone and now you need a best Android music player to listen to that song. Many music players available in the play store. But, we have shown you some of the best music players for Android.

All mobile phones have an inbuilt music player which is also good enough to enjoy music. but, these inbuilt music players won’t have features which you’ll get in the music player you should download from the list given below. While listening to the music, you probably need an enhanced graphical interface, features and much more. Many music players are available on play store which will surely fulfill your requirement of features.

You probably miss features like Equalizer, Sound Clarity Fix, Virtual Sound and many other sound modification in most of the music players. To get all these features you need to download and use a 3rd party music player on your Android phone. Belo is the list of best music player for android. Read the features of these music players and choose a music player and start listening music with more features.

Best Android Music Players

These are the some of the best music players you should use to listen to music. These players have many features and different sound modification and effects for music lovers. You’ll probably fall in love with these music players due to their features.

1. Pi Music Player

This music player is probably the best music player you should download. This player gives you many features that most of the other music players don’t have. The user interface of this app is very clean and amazing. It looks great and easy to use. The performance of this music player in terms of navigation and accessibility is very good. This music player can fulfill your most of the musical needs.

Its built-in equalizer will enhance your sound easily. Users can set the custom equalizer or use any preset to enjoy the various types of sounds effects easily. However, you can use your mobile phone’s internal equalizer also and set the sound equalization. But, if your phone won’t have an inbuilt equalizer, use this music player’s equalizer and enjoy listening to the music.

best musiac player for android

Pi Music Player

Another amazing thing about this music player is that it has music cutter tool. This tool can be used to trim your music and save them. This is cool as there’s no need to download the different app for trimming your music. Users ca trim their music and use them or set them as ringtone easily. It has many themes which make the looks of this music player very enhanced and unique. Download this best music player today and listen to your favorite music.

Pi Music Player Download

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2. Dub Music Player

We’ve spotted this music player which is the best music player for Android users who’re bass boost lovers. This music player boosts your bass to a high level and improves the sound quality of the music. There are many sound modifications you can try using this app. You can adjust your sound using 5 band music equalizer tool. All audio formats supported by this music player which is great

best music player

Dub Player

The user interface of this player is simple and good looking. There is simple and clean navigation throughout the app. It has a stunning sound spectrum which is the main reason for music lovers to love this best music player. Thie sound spectrum has many enhancements and tools which are used to modify the audio according to rhythms.

This music player also improves your music sound quality and enhance audio level according to your needs. Users can apply five inbuilt themes to the player which is amazing. You can change themes according to your needs. With all these features, this player has all those common features also like, background play, sleep timer, audio visualization, widget etc. Download and use this best android music player if you’re a bass lover.

Download Dub Player

3. Music Player

This player is the best music player for those who need simple but attractive and full of features music player for Android. This player is designed in a very good manner and looks great and easy to use interface. color scheme from where users can change the skin color of the player. It has five band equalizer which can be used to equalize your sound the way you like.

best free android music player offline

Music Player

Many inbuilt tools can be used to make your sound better. It has 3D and bass booster sound effects like tools make makes your listening experience great. Many features like play Next/Previous by shaking your device are available in this app.

You can play songs by folder. Select your favorite music collection stored in the folder. It has music editor tool also and can be used to edit your music and then save it for using it as ringtone or for any other purpose. With all these amazing features you can download and use this for free from play store.

Music Player Download

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4. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer is another amazing music player you can get free from play store. It’s one of the most rated music players on the play store has many features. The best thing about this music player is that it’s very good looking app. It has flack support which is great. Features like an inbuilt bass booster, a graphical equalizer is available in this app. Now playing area looks great and it’s easy to navigate on this app.

top free music player on play store


This app is highly customizable in terms of looks and interface. Users can customize the theme, fonts etc on this app. On the home screen, you’ll get 3 widgets having various options and features. This app is completely free to download and use from play store. Download this best music player for Android phone and enjoy its features.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player

5. Google play Music

Google play music is basically online music player app but it can also play your offline connection of songs. if you want to listen to online music you’ll have to buy the subscription from them. But, this app is also one of the best music players to play offline music collection.

best player for music android

Google Play Music

The user interface of this app is amazing and navigation is also easy. You can access basic sound settings like equalizer, sound enhancer etc. There are not many sound enhancements available in this app. but, if you’re thinking of buying a subscription from Google, then this app will provide you a huge collection of songs. Download this best music player and listen to your favorite music.

Google Play Music Download

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