Best Anime Sites To Watch Anime 2017

Best Anime Sites
Best Anime Sites

Are you an anime fan! Yes, probably you’re because that’s why you’re here. Anime is Japanese made cartoons which are handcrafted or computerized. So, we can say Japan is the origin of anime and Japanese discovered these types of cartoons whose fan you’re today. I someone watches anime for the first time, they don’t like it due to graphics and other things. But, once they watched some of the episodes, they become a hardcore fan of anime. But, the disgusting part is that there are many few websites from where you can get quality anime for free. We have the list of best anime sites where you can download your anime shows for free. There are some of the best anime sites to watch anime online. These websites are completely tested and work well.

Most of the users love to watch media online. That’s why millions of users are using websites like YouTube. But, you might not get so many episodes or anime series on YouTube. you probably need to watch or download anime from different websites. Many anime download websites are available but most of them don’t work well in terms of downloading the anime. So, we have a list of some of the anime websites which will surely work for you.

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Best Anime Sites 2017

Use these best anime sites to watch your favorite anime or download your favorite anime online easily. These websites are totally free to use but ads may frustrate your user experience but you’re downloading them without paying so ads might not be a big deal for you right!

This is heaven for anime lovers. Here anime lovers can watch their anime shows for free. There are so many anime shows available on this website. The amazing part is that you can watch them online for free.

There are many servers available so that you’re watching might not be interrupted due to any server heavy load problem. With all these features is totally free use.

Even you can request your anime. This means if you want to watch any anime show or series and it’s not available there, you can request that anime easily using the request page which is amazing.


This is another and one of the top best anime sites you can use in 2017. This website provides various animes in various qualities. You can enjoy anime for free there. There are thousands of anime episodes available there.

This website really has some of the amazing most pu\opular anime collection. If you want to watch anime you can’t find on any other website, just search for the anime and you’ll get it right there. Kissanime has almost every popular anime collection on their website which is amazing.

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best sites to watch anime online
Watch Anime Online


Many users don’t want to watch anime online. They prefer to make an offline copy of anime shows to share with friends or to watch them anytime. Animedoor is the website providing amazing animes for free and their download links. But, users can’t watch anime online on this website. If you need to watch online you can use their download link with VLC.

With these amazing things, animedoor is completely free to use. You’ll get some ads on website and rest of downloads are completely free.


Animeflavour is another amazing website to download anime movies for free. There are tons of anime shows available there which can be watched for free by anyone without paying any fee.Like all other websites, ads might make your experience frustration on mobile devices, but anime you’ll get is amazing.

The collection of animes is very good and managed. All episodes are managed in a good way and you’ll get no problem while browsing or finding your best anime.

best anime websites
Best Anime Sites


Many anime lovers might be finding more and more anime for free. So, this website is also a great place to find your anime. You can download/watch thousands of animes here for free.

You should use a browser like Chrome, Edge or Safari on mobile devices. It won’t work with mini browsers. Download or watch anime with this website for free.


This is another amazing one of the best free anime download website. Here, you’ll get all the episodes and information about the incoming episodes. There are many episodes available there. All the anime are loaded with Eng Subtitles hence, if you love watching anime using Eng subtitle, you can get tons of anime for free on this website.

Interface and using this website is so simple. Just visit them and download the required anime easily. You might get ads on their website. This website is completely free to use and download best anime episodes.


Anime Thehylia is very simple but effective anime download website. Here you’ll get the direct download link of animes easily. There’s no preview and images about the anime you’re downloading. But, if you’re really and hardcore anime fan then you probably know the episodes and series of any anime show.

There are thousands of anime to download on this website. Amazing and best thing is that you’ll get a direct download link. There’s no external server used here to provide you the required file.


Meguminime has one of the greatest download collection for animes. You’ll get tons of animes on this website. While browsing this website we’re able to find most popular anime shows with download links from external servers. There are many anime shows on this website. You can even live chat with anime lovers online o this website. This website is completely free to use.

They have Indonesian subtitles in their anime shows. This is a drawback but if you know Indonesian or have Eng subtitles, then this is great.

9. Anime7.Download

Many people don’t know about this website. but, here users get many anime shows for free. There’s huge collection of anime shows on their website. The collection is also very great with updated anime shows and much more.

You’ll have to download anime from external servers. Hence, there’s no direct link but better to download from external servers with great download speed. You can download anime movies also from this website for free.


This website provides you animes for free to watch online. Just visit their website, select an anime and watch it online. The collection of anime is very good on their website. This website is also one of the top most ranked websites for animes. Thousands of animes for free. Anime episodes are arranged hence, there’s no difficulty in finding your favorite anime.

With all these features, gogoanime is completely free to use. Visit this website to find and watch your anime easily.

So, these are the some of the best anime websites where you can watch/download unlimited animes for free. There are tons of features and other things you can enjoy on these websites. These websites are tested and works well. If you’re having any problem, drop a comment below. We’ll check it out also give us your suggestions.


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