Top 20 Best Free Audio Editing Software For Windows, MAC and Linux

Top 20 Best Free Audio Editing Software (Windows, Mac, linux)

Editing audio files are not that much easier than it seems to be. You need the best audio editing software so that you can do many things with it. There’re a lot of things in audio editing and some software can fulfill your requirements. Whether it comes to creating a ringtone or stabilizing your audio file. You probably need a good and stable software with simple user interface.

Lightweight audio editing software is the first choice of all users and good thing is that there are many software available who can give you all features you need. Personally, we are using some of the very lightweight and simple audio editing software.

We have the list of Top 20 best audio editing software that you can use for free. These all software are ranked according to their features and capabilities. Every software has its own special feature and capability. You can’t just claim that something is way better than other. Similarly, all audio editing software has their own capability and features. You can read about all the 20 audio editing software listed below and choose one of them.

We have personally used these all software and will review each of them also. We ranked them according to their user interface and features.

Audio EditorPlatformsFree/Paid 
Magix MusicWindowsPaid
Sound ForgeWindowsPaid
Adobe AuditionWindows,MACFree/Paid
ReaperWindows, MAC, LinuxPaid
Hya WaveOnlineFree
Audio Cutter PROOnlineFree
Twisted WaveOnlineFree
Nero WaveWindowsFree
Audiotool OnlineFree

Best Audio Editing Software

1. WavePad Audio Editor

Wave Pad is our first choice when it comes to lightweight and best full-featured audio editing software. It has many tools and capabilities that you can professionally edit your audio files. We’re using this tool from very long time.

Its user interface is very simple and nice. You have a lot of shortcuts and enhancement tools. All covered withing a very light weight software. It also popular as professional audio editing software due to features in it.

You can save your edited audio file in many formats like vox, gsm, WMA, real audio, AU, AIF, FLAC, Ogg, and more.

top best audio editor


You can download and use this software for free (Non-Commercial Use Only) and can buy Master Edition). It’s our best free audio editing software and the reason behind this is that it’s very easy to use it. You don’t need any expertise or experience in working with it.

You can convert TEXT-to-SPEECH, normalize the audio file, mixing, level etc all fit within this software.

List Of Features That Makes Wavepad Awesome:

  1. Features like copy-paste, trimming, compression, levels etc.
  2. Audio effects like mixing, amplify, echo, reverse etc.
  3. Edit multiple files at once. Joining and cut-paste between multiple files is very easy.
  4. Support almost all audio file formats. There’s no audio format that you will miss.
  5. Very easy interface which makes it best audio editing software of all time.

Official Page: WavePad Audio Editor

Available For: Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad

2. Audacity Audio Editor

Audacity is most popular lightweight audio editor software. This software os open source and available freely to all. Its features make it a very popular audio editor tool.

Audacity is not that much high-level audio editing software like wave pad but can do many jobs for you for free. It’s licensed under GNU and you can additionally use plugins also

You can do many things using this software like editing multiple audio files, live recording. It does not include that much features that you’ll get in love wave pad but definitely, you’ll fall in love with this software.

audacity best top free audio editor


The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Real-time preview while working with effects, filtering frequency, amplifying audio files, stabilizing the audio quality are its main features that most of the users need.

Editing experience on Audacity is similar like wave pad audio editor (Easy to use). It can process files formats like AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC) and WMA only. So there’s a limitation here but most of the audio files are under these file formats.

Features Of Audacity Audio Editor:

  1. Real-time preview while working with effects.
  2. Noise reduction feature to remove unwanted sound from audio file.
  3. You can adjust sound levels, can compress the audio frequency and much more.
  4. Export your audio file with 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit samples.
  5. Live recording possible with the advanced audio real-time enhancing feature and metrics.

Official Website: Audacity Audio Editor

Operating System Supported: Windows, MAC, Linux

3. mp3DirectCut Audio Editor

This audio editor is very lightweight and fast audio editor. It supports only mp3, mp2, and aac audio formats. If you’re thinking about just editing and making little changes in audio files supported by this audio editor.

This audio editor is 3rd in our list because most of the users only looking a sound editor for cutting and pasting their audio files to create a new remixed one.

mp3DirectCut not only useful for cutting-pasting but supports audio normalization, silence, pause etc. Inside this software, your audio file will not be encoded resulting in original audio quality when you save your edited audio file.

lightweight audio editor software


Simply, if you’re performing the job of cutting-pasting between mp3 audio files, mp3DirectCut is the best option for you. It’s a lightweight, supports most of the features that you need, supports normalization etc.

 Feature list of mp3DirectCut audio editor tool:

  1. mp3 file can be edited and saved without transcoding.
  2. Supports audio normalization, stabilization etc for advanced level editing.
  3. Visualization while editing your audio files is great.
  4. Very fast in the job of loading and saving your audio files.
  5. MP3 recording is possible.

Official Website: mp3DirectCut

Operating System Supported: Windows OS


4. Jokosher Audio Editor

You haven’t probably heard about this audio editing software. Jokosher is a free audio editing software developed by Jokosher Community. This one of the best free audio editing software can perform many jobs for you easily. It works on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Editing and mixing are the main focus of developers while developing Jokosher. Like other audio editing software, it also supports splitting, trimming, moving etc.

Multi-track volume is also available with VU sliders. Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV etc. formats are supported by Jokosher audio editing software.

best audio editor tools

Jokosher Audio Editor

Jokosher offers a huge list of features if you’re looking for best free audio editor software. You can do almost everything with Jokosher like trimming, splitting etc. All these things are handy and can be performed easily.

For high-end users, Jokosher might not be a satisfaction audio editor. It does not have audio stabilization, amplification like features.

Features Of Jokosher:

1. Handy and easy to use audio editing software.

2. Supports most of the audio file formats that can be edited easily.

3. Multi-track volume is supported with VU sliders.

4. Instruments can be added and edited inside the software.

5. Open source free multi-track audio editor software.

Official Page: Jokosher Audio Editor

OS Platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris

5. GoldWave Audio Editor

GoldWave is a professionally designed audio editor software with a high rating. It has everything in it which is required for PRO editing of audio files. The most highlighted thing is that apart from its features also, its user interface is ver simple.

It takes less time to learn this software and its features. Supports real-time visual like almost all other audio editor tools and also, you can record your voice from a microphone directly with real-time stats. You can edit audios with familiar commands like Cut, Paste, Trim, Replace etc. Features, like remastering old music or recording and processing hundreds of files with one click, are its PRO features which makes it professional audio editing software.

best audio editing softwares for free

GoldWave Audio editing software

When it comes to its availability, you can download its free version but for pro version, you have to pay them. There are a lot of features that makes it a best paid audio editing software.

GoldWave only supports on Windows Operating system. So, there’s no space for Linux and MacOSX here. The stable release of this software was released on 2013 after hard work of 20 years by developers. It’s owned by a Canadian-based corporation who develops audio/video editing and mixing software.

Features Of GoldWave Audio Editor:

1.Real-time graphic stats for recording, editing splitting etc.

2. A filter like noise cancellation, compression, mixing, pitch, reverb etc. are well optimized for professional editing.

3. Batch processing with multi audio files editing at once feature.

4.Preview mode is very effective.

5. PRO features make it a professional audio editor software you should buy if looking for PRO audio editor.


Official Website: GoldWave Audio Editor

OS Platforms: Windows OS

6. Magix Music Audio Editor

This premium audio editing software is one of the best-rated audio editors which is designed by the Magix company. It’s like a digital audio workstation with many tools which makes it a great audio editor. Apart from this everyone can use this software with ease.

But, using this software is not that much simple. To make your editing level very high you have to give a lot of time learning this software. Create your own music tunes, edit and stabilize your audio files etc. are its highlighted features.

Magix is designed to create music but can also be used for editing existing audio files. Hence, you’ll both features in a single software.

advanced audio editors list

Magix music

Apart from only editing audio files you can try creating your own music tunes, ringtones and trances also. All you need to do is invest your some time in learning this software. We’re sure you’ll love this music editing/creating software.

You can perform mixing, stabilizing, noise-cancellation like things with this software. Many audio formats are supported by this software.

Your system should also be capable of handling this software. At least 1 GB Ram and a 2Ghz processor are required to run this software.

Features Of Magix Music Maker:

  1. Sound pools, music making, ringtones, and trances making.
  2. Professional software with all tools available.
  3. Virtual instruments are also available.
  4. Mixer, MID editor supported.
  5. Premium version can also be used to publish your music tracks and ringtones.

Official Website: Magix Music Maker

OS Platforms: Windows OS

7. Sound Forge Audio Editor

Sound forge is another advanced audio editing suite. It’s designed for artists and producers for advanced level audio editing. It is developed by Magix Software GmbH and stable release was launched on 2015. This audio editor is capable of reshaping audio files into different ways.

Anyone can use audio editing tools with ease. You can add a very large file into the software then transfer a small section to SpectraLayers Pro to enjoy advanced audio editing. When you’re done you can move the edited file back to original one. This is a cool feature in Sound Forge.

top best audio editors for professionals

Sound Forge Audio Editor

Real-time audio recording and editing are also possible with a list of features and effects that you can apply. Also, the interface is customizable which improves your creativity. You can customize its user interface according to your needs.

Features Of Sound Forge:

  1. High-resolution audio support.
  2. Supports a large variety of audio file formats.
  3. Batch conversion facility is supported.
  4. DirectX and VST Plugin support.
  5. The user interface is customizable.

Official Page: Sound Forge

OS Platforms: Windows OS

8. WaveLab  Audio Editor

This audio editor is created for professional and semi-professional audio editors. Steinberg (Developer) has aimed to develop such an interface that reaches the requirement of professionals.

Also, its user interface is not very complex hence who is new in audio editing profession can also use this software with ease. WaveLab is a long time competitor with Soundforge as its features make it always a HOT audio selling software in the market.

Windows and MAC Osx users can use this software but there’s no build for Linux users. WaveLab project was started on 1995 and its stable release was launched on 2015. The interesting part is that mainly it’s the work of a single developer.

wavelab audio editor

WaveLab Audio Editor

It supports multi-channel files, DirectX, VST like plugins. Its new interface is very good. It has high-quality SoX-based Resampler.

Using WaveLab your workflow will increase as its tools, features are very friendly. Master section is redesigned for professionals.

Most useful features are Compressor, Dynamic EQ, Saturator, Limiter, Equalizer, etc.

Features list of WaveLab

1. Support bit rates up to 384 kHz.

2. MasterRig for master level editing.

3. Also, support of Direct exchange with Cubase and Nuendo.

4. Optimized for professionals and semi-professionals.

5. New window docking system and good user interface.

Official Page: WaveLab

OS Platforms: Windows, MAC

9. Adobe Audition Audio Editor

This audio workstation was developed by Adobe. Adobe corporation is ruling in Picture and Video editing software. But they also have a well-optimized product which is famous in audio editing.

Adobe always tries to give more to its customers. If you’re using any Adobe product you might have an idea how well its products are optimized.

Similarly, adobe audition is a good software to edit, mix, add effects to your music or audio clips to get your editing level to professional level. Adobe is designed for professionals and beginners as well.

Adobe Audition Audio Editor free

Adobe Audition Audio Editor

Adobe Audition is available for Windows and MAC users. Its stable release was launched on 2016. Audition software was known as Cool Edit Pro before Adobe bought it from Syntrillium Software in May 2003. Now, Adobe continuously adding features and making it more stable. It’s not very much famous among PROs in audio editing but Adobe Audition has many features that others don’t have.

Every year Adobe continuously kept adding features and fixing bugs. So, we can say its a good choice to buy Adobe Audition as you’ll be always updated with new features.

The user interface is not that much simple but YES you can learn it with ease.

  1. Multi-Channel audio editing workflow.
  2. Direct export from Adobe audio converter.
  3. Automatic noise, loudness, and other corrections.
  4. Speech level enhancer is well optimized.
  5. Can read Adobe Soundbooth files.

Official Website: Adobe Audition

OS Platforms: Windows, MAC

10. Reaper Audio Editor

Reaper is audio editor designed for recording and editing audios for engineers and professionals. This software for audio editing is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Reaper comes with commonly used audio effects and tools used for audio editing. Developer’s focus was to develop such a software where you can record your voice with high professionality.

You can put all kind of data into a single file to enjoy the flexibility of software and to understand its usability. You can use a lot of plugins within reaper to increase your productivity.

best free audio editors

Reaper Audio Editor

When is comes to user interface, you can customize its looks using themes with different looks. It has many inbuilt skins and themes. Reaper is a very handy tool and totally flexible.

Reaper is developed by Cockos and its stable release was launched on 2017.

Features of Reaper:

  1. Customization level is very high with skins and themes to make its interface according to your needs.
  2. Flexibility and features are the most concerned two facts in Reaper.
  3. Record your audios with most productivity.
  4. Plugins support makes all features available in the single software.
  5. Handy tool with everything customizable.


Official Website: REAPER

OS Platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux (Beta)


11. Ocean Audio Editor

Ocean audio is one of the best cross-platform audio editors. The aim of this software is to minimize the complications and to provide a user-friendly interface. Ocean audio works best in multiple files editing and analyzing at once. All your tasks run in the background which allows you to work on another file.

Oceanaudio works on Windows, MAC, and Linux as well which means you’ll never miss this software in any platform you’re working with. Ocean audio has the real-time preview when you’re editing the audio files.

Like all other software ocean audio also have tools and effects that are needed to make an audio file special.

cross platform audio editing software

Ocean Audio Editor

Multi-selection from different audio files on a single window is its one of the best feature. This means you can minimize the complexity of editing audio files. Just select different sections from different files and create a new audio file.

VST plugin is supported in Ocean Audio editor which means you’ll get many different effects in audio files.

Features Of Ocean Audio:

  1. VST Plugin support for numerous audio effects.
  2. Multiple audio files editing is better optimized.
  3. Cross platform audio editing software.
  4. All your saving etc. tasks run in the background allowing you to work on different audio files easily.
  5. Fully feature spectrogram also available.

Official Website: Ocean audio

OS Platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux


12. Hya Wave Audio Editor

Well, are you in hurry! Don’t have time to download and install audio editor software! Hya Wave will solve your problem. It’s online audio editor. You can simply visit their website and drag and drop your audio file and get started.

Also, you can record your voice on their website and then edit it easily. Hya wave is an online audio editor but however, it has many features and effects that make it a good quick audio editor service.

Trim, Cut, Paste, etc. are the basic features that you can use using this software. If your mobile device is supported you can edit audio files online using this service.

online audio editor

Hya Wave Audio Editor

Hya Wave is multi-platform audio editor tool as you just need a browser to get started but the browser should support HTML5.

Features Of Hya Wave:

  1. Drag and drop your files to get started.
  2. Many audio effects are available.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts are also available for every operation.
  4. Share your files directly to social media.
  5. Undo-Redo your edited files.
  6. Use anytime anywhere with an HTML5 browser.

Official Website: Hya Wave

OS Platforms: All

13. Acoustica Audio Editor

Acoustica is developed by Acon Digital. This software is designed to work with audio files with ease and to master, edit, mix audio files with ease of mind.

There are three versions of this software available in the market. Basic, Standard and Premium versions are available with a different level of access to features.

Windows users can use this software and there’s no build for other OS platforms. DirectX and VST plugin support is also available with multi-chain audio editing. In Standard and Premium version you can edit audios from different tracks allowing you to create an audio file from the different tracks on a single window.

advance audio editor software list

Acoustica Audio Editor

Audio restoration tools like DeNoice, DeHum, DeClick, DeClip etc are available. Phaser Equalizer is available on the premium edition which makes equalizing a way better and different.

Features Of Acoustica Audio Editor:

  1. Standard basic audio editing features like cut, copy, paste, are easy to use.
  2. Adjustable frequency levels like features are available.
  3. The user interface is customizable.
  4. Many audio file formats are available.
  5. Fast processing and less time consuming audio editing software.

Official Website: Acoustica

OS Platforms: Windows

14. Soundation Online Audio Editor

Another online audio editor to create your own music. Available for free to use online but also have some premium features available.

Soundation works with Google Chrome and Adobe Flash on desktop. It has many such tools available which makes it competitor of other premium audio editors. In premium version you’ll get premium audio library access with thousands of audio loops and effects etc.

professional online audio editor

Soundation Online Audio Editor

Daw tools like cut, paste, trim, split etc. are all available. There’re a lot of effects available for free. like compressor, equalizer, limiter etc.

Soundation hangouts to connect with friends and create music together is another great feature.

  1. Best online audio editor with professional tools.
  2. Hangouts to connect with friends and create music.
  3. Thousand of audios in the library.
  4. Audio effects with equalizer facility.
  5. High-end online audio editing experience.

Official Website: Soundation

Platforms: All (Online)

15. Audio Cutter PRO

Audio Cutter PRO is online audio edit and software to edit and create your audio files online. This online service is completely free and you don’t have to pay to use its features.

Waveform zooming, fade in and out, audio cutting etc. is its main features.

free online audio editor

Audio Cutter PRO

This is a special service because it has all the features that you need to edit an audio file.

  1. Audio editing basic features are available.
  2. Special effects available.
  3. Free and reliable online audio editor.

Official Website: Audio Cutter Pro

OS Platforms: All

16. FileLab Audio Editor

This is a free software to edit audio files. Only Windows users can use this software. After you’ve installed this software you can edit your audio files directly in Web Browser.

No special skills are requires. It is an quick online audio editor tool. It has a range of audio effects and editing level interface. Amplify, audio correction, equalizing are its main editing features.

best free online audio editor

FileLab Audio Editor

Edit your audio files directly into a web browser. Create ringtones for your mobile phone and enjoy basic audio editing features.

Features Of FileLab Audio Editor:

  1. Edit files through web browser.
  2. All basic audio editing features are available.
  3. Easy to use audio editor.

OS Platforms: All

Official Website: N/A

17. Twisted Wave Audio Editor

Available for MAC, iPod, iPhone and Web Browsers only twisted wave is one of the best audio editor for recording, mastering, converting audio files.

Batch processing is very powerful. Apply various effects and process, edit numerous files at once using Twisted Wave audio editor.

It have builds for Apple products  but there’s a facility to use this audio editor in web browsers. Any web browser can be used to use this online audio editor.

best audio editor for mac

Twisted Wave Audio Editor

Automatic silence detector is one of the great feature. It splits a single audio files into parts if silence is detected in file. This is great feature as it saves our time of splitting audio files.

Pitch level change, speed changing, pitch correction is available in this software due to ZTX technology.

Features Of Twisted Wave:

  1. Batch processing is very effective and responsive.
  2. Can be used using Web Browsers anytime.
  3. ZTX technology support.
  4. Silence detection feature which isn’t available in most of other audio editors.
  5. Mastering of audio files is possible.

Official Website: TwistedWave

OS Platforms: MAC, iPhone, iPad, Web Browsers


18. Nero Wave Editor

This audio editor is good in editing audio files. Its designed to process recorded audio files to make them suitable for high quality hearing.

You can record your voice within the software and start editing it to make it perfect for hearing. It has many inbuilt tools that will do the job perfectly. You can also browse your own audio file and start editing it. It also has multi-track editing feature.

light weight audio editor

Nero Wave Editor

Nero Wave Editor is only available on Windows OS. Many tools like tweaking, equalize etc. are available in this light weight audio editor.

The real-time preview makes your experience awesome while using it. This software will work on any hardware specification and very light weight tool for audio editing.

Features Of Nero Wave Audio Editor:

  1. Lightweight utility for audio editing.
  2. Stabilize your recorded audio files with ease.
  3. Many professional level tools are available.
  4. Real time stats for editing audio files.
  5. Record audio within the software.

Official Website: Nero Wave Editor

OS Platforms: Windows

19. Ardour Audio Editor

This is another best digital audio workstation. Ardour works on Windows, MAC, and Linux. You can Record, Edit and Mix inside this single software with all the most important effects and tools.

Non-Linear and non-destructive audio editing facility with flow of work. Ardour has such an interface you will definitely fall in love with.
Using ardour is not that much simple,time is needed to learn using this software. There’re a lot of automation, mixing, normalizing tools and features within the software.

professional audio editor

Ardour Audio Editor

Professionals will have a very rich interface if they’re using this digital audio workstation.

Plugin support is also available. This results in extra features and audio effects. VST plugin is most popular which is supported by ardour. This software is free to use and a open source software.

Features Of Ardour:

  1. All professional tools and features.
  2. User interface is ptimized for professional.
  3. Advance level audio optimization and features.
  4. Plugin supports like VST plugin.
  5. Export audio files with different formats.

Official Website: Ardour

OS Platform: Windows, MAC and Linux

20. Audiotool Audio Editor

Audiotool works like online audio workstation in your web browser. This is online free audio editor tool with advance features.

There are a lot of editing tools, virtual instruments can be used to record instrument effects and audios. All these features straight inside your browser.

online advance audio editor

Audiotool Audio Editor

Graphical equalizer and audio filter are its audio enhancing tools. You can even adjust all kind of frequency levels using this online audio editor.

Features Of Audiotool:

  1. Advance features available for free online.
  2. Audio enhancing features are well optimized.
  3. Virtual devices support with maximized productivity.

Official Website: Audiotool

OS Platforms: All

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