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Best Data Recovery Software For PC, MAC, Linux

In this world of technology, we are using digital computers and data storing devices. These digital devices help us in storing data in a very efficient way and make it easy to access. We can store thousands of megabytes in a small sized SD card or hard disk. There are tons of options for data storing devices like SD card, USB Pendrive, Hard Disk etc. These devices are very portable and small in size so that anyone can carry and use them easily. Due to these features and easy to handle these devices, millions of users are using these devices in daily work. But, many users lost their important data accidentally. So, we’re showing here the best data recovery software which will help you in recovering your deleted data.

This is the worst thing as all your data is lost in few moments. Losing data is very easy if you aren’t handling your storage device properly. Sometimes children or someone who don’t know to operate a computer accidentally formats your entire hard disk. Losing your data is like losing any personality. You have stored tons of pictures, songs, movies which have importance in your life. You need to recover your data using the best data recovery software. But, keep in mind that you’ll not get your 100% data back but most of the data will be recovered easily.

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Also, when you lost your data you shouldn’t save new data in that hard disk partition or USB Pendrive. This decreases the percentage of data that can be recovered. So, if you loose your data you should use any data recovery software first and recover your important data. After that, you can save new data on your hard drive. Let’s say you’ve 100 GB storage and you lost your data in that storage partition. If you’ve saved new 60-80GB of data again in that partition after losing the data, it decreases your chance of recovering data up to 90%. There’s a huge concept about recovering data. So, you need best data recovery software to recover your data and below is the list.

Best Data Recovery Software

There are many data recovery software available in the market. You can have many options but if you’re looking for the best option, here’s a solution for you. We personally used these data recovery software and these are definitely best data recovery software for PC also. Using them is very simple and the user interface is amazing. These top software can recover most of the data. You can choose the drive partition or external Pendrive/USB from where you need to recover your data. You can have an option for the file type like if you need to recover only .mp4 files, you can tick the box for.mp4 files. Then data recovery software will only recover all the .mp4 files. Below are the top 3 data recovery software you should use.

1. Recovery My Files

Recover my files is our personal best software to recover deleted files. This software is very flexible and easy to use. This is a paid software and certified from Microsoft and Intel as a partner. You can recover files deleted from recycle bin, accidentally formatted PC or even after re-installing windows.

You have options for choosing the file types which you wants to recover. There are many file types options in recover my files. If you lost your videos then you can select .mp4, .avi etc formats and recover my files will only recover these types of data. All other data will be ignored.This os great as it saves your time.

This is a paid software and you can buy if for around 70$. But, the best thing is that you can download and use it for free. You can use this software without purchasing but you can’t save recovered data. This is great as if you find your deleted files that are recovered by this software, you can purchase this software and can save your files then.

best data recovery software

Recover My Files

There is a real-time view for recovered files. You can click on any file and this software will make that picture visible inside the software. With these features, this software is best data recovery software for PC.

  • Recover files from hard disk, USB Pendrive etc.
  • Can be used to recovery only few file types.
  • Real-time view for recovered files.
  • The user interface is very simple.
  • Can try without purchasing the software.

Official Website: Recover My Files

Platforms: Windows

Runtime Get Data Back

Ths is another great data recovery software trusted by users. This is great software used for recovering all types of data that is deleted. The best thing about runtime get data back is that any inexperienced user can also use this easy to recover his data. If you have NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and EXT formatted partition then this software will work at lightning speed for you. This software will recover data from Windows and Linux drives when deleted of formatted accidentally.

There are many products from this software making company which offers many types of data recovery software optimized for different types of conditions etc. But, if you buy a license from them it will work for all their products. The price of a license is around 70$. USerinterface is very simple and clean.

best data recovery software for pc

Runtime Get Data Back

This software is free to try and users can look at the results. If they found the required files recovered by the software then they can purchase the software and can save their files.

  • Lightning fast recovery operation.
  • Lifetime updates once license is purchased.
  • Supports SSD, Hard drives, SD card and all other kinds of drives.
  • Free to try hence users can check whether it worked for them or not.
  • Very easy user interface.

Official Website: Runtime Get Data Back

Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Seagate File Recovery

This is a kind of professional data recovery software which runs on both MAC and Windows. There are two versions of their products one of the Premium and another is a technician version. In premium the version you got few file types that you can recover but in technician version you have almost every advanced file types supported. If you’re not a programmer or don’t have very critical file types that are deleted then go with the premium version.

Premium version costs 99$ and technician version costs 299$ which is too expensive but if software given above doesn’t work for you, you can use this software. This software is trusted and used by millions of users and other companies also use Seagate’s services to recover their data.If you’re a Mac user you should definitely use this software as it’s the best data recovery software for MAC.

best data recovery software for mac

Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate is capable of recovering almost every file that exists. If you’re using technician version then this is possible to recover any kind of data file. MAC users can buy premium version and there’s no best choice for MAC users than Seagate recovery software. It’s free to use and you can try it before purchasing.

  • Easy to use and friendly user interface.
  • Can recover any kind of data file.
  • Recovering of data is very quick and easy.
  • Seagate defines their product as brand hence it might help you in recovering data that other software can’t.
  • Technician version takes the recovery of data to a high level.

Official Website: Seagate

Platforms: Windows, MAC.

These are the top 3 best data recovery software for PC, MAC, and Linux users. If you think these data recovery software are amazing leave us a comment. Also, if you want a free copy of any of these data recovery software we can give you a free copy. Comment down below to get your free copy with a license. This software will definitely work for you in recovering the data.


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