Free and Public Best DNS Servers (Secure and Safe)

A little bit DNS understanding: DNS that simply stands for Domain Name System, is used for converting the domain name into IP address. However, the domain name we used to type on our browsers to get access on any website associated with that domain is actually based on an IP address. The IP address of each website is unique but the IP address is totally based on Numeric numbers. For example, if you are about to access and its IP address is so which one you like to use when accessing the website. You will absolutely say Or simply say if you are a human because we like easy to get alphanumeric or alphabetic instead of using only complex numeric numbers. Also, remembering the alphabetic and alphanumeric names are very easy.

So, whenever you type a website name into the URL bar of your browser for accessing that particular website then DNS plays a major role here by converting the domain name into its associated IP address. Working of DNS is a complete chapter in itself but we are only looking for some Best DNS servers for faster accessing then this much knowledge about DNS is enough.

Why you need alternative DNS servers!

There maybe several reasons to change your DNS with these but one major reason can be if you are having an issue with your default DNS that is allocated by your ISP. That default DNS have many different issues it can give you very slow speed sometimes. Also not so reliable and can be under attack easily.

Therefore you need some high-speed DNS servers that can give you much faster speed and some DNS servers also provide you security, so you will be safe using them.

We have listed some best DNS server, Providers along with primary and secondary DNS servers which you can use for speed up your internet connection.

DNS ProvidersPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Google Public DNS8.
Comodo Secure DNS8.

1. Google Publis DNS

As you know Google provides best product and services and trusted by billion of users. Google provides Public DNS which is totally free and open for everyone. Google Public DNS can help you in several ways, like speeding up your accessing the internet, elaborate your security. In order to use Google Public DNS, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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DN.WATCH provides you DNS Neutrality which is meant to provide you freedom of accessing any website and lack of rules while accessing the internet. It is very fast and reliable and does not slow down your internet speed ever. Very safe with No ISP DNS Hijacking. If you are worried about logging DNS queries then do not worry they give you privacy protection in that case. In order to use DNS.WATCH DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

For Further info about DNS.WATCH Go here

3. Comodo Secure DNS

It resolves your DNS requests through a worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. You will see the DNS servers speed much faster and reliable internet browsing than using the DNS servers provides by your ISP. Comodo has highly secured DNS system. It has highly secured DNS which helps you filtering phishing sites, malware sites, and spyware sites. In order to use Comodo’s Secure DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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4. OpenDNS

OpenDNS has great exposure when it comes to security and enhancing your speed. It has great Security Enforcement which means it uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. Also, incredible web filtering to prevent sites which can harm your system or data. OpenDNS provides service for Business, MSP, and Partners and for Personal use. In order to use OpenDNS DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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5. Dyn

Not much to say about Dyn, as it simply provides you such good accessing with its DNS servers. Along with faster accessing you will get tailored filtering Also, on its site it will provide you detail to setup the DNS servers on your PC whether you are using windows, Mac, Linux also gives router setup instructions. In order to use its DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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6. Yandex.DNS

As its site says Yandex.DNS is a free, recursive DNS service. Its servers located Russia, CIS countries, and Western Europe. Whenever you are accessing the internet it processes your request from its nearest data centers which provides high speed to you. Yandex.DNS comes in three modes Basic, Safe and family. However, the speed of the internet will be the same in all modes. The basic mode gives you access to sites with high speed but there is no traffic filtering. In safe mode, you will get protection from fraudulent and infected sites. The family mode has protection from infected, fraudulent sites and bots, it also blocks the adult sites and adult advertising. In order to use Yandex DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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7. UncensoredDNS

UncensoredDNS providing the service since 2009 and it is totally free service. Its servers are located in Denmark only and managed and owned by men behind this project Thomas Steen Rasmussen. He is providing such great service by his own money. You maybe wondering that there is any personal information has been logged then no need to worry about as he mentioned on the site that there are no loggs has been saved and it completely safe for you and made no redirection. You can set the DNS to  and to use it.

For Further Info about UncensoredDNS go here

8. FreeDNS

FreeDNS provide free and open source DNS servers so it is not costing any money. The DNS servers provided by this is simply fast and made no redirection whenever surfing the internet or trying to reach any website. There is totally free of logging and safe. All you have to do is just set FreeDNS server’s DNS to get this free service. In order to use FreeDNS DNS servers, you can set your primary and secondary DNS to and

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9. OpenNIC

OpenNIC provides you fastest DNS servers according to your country and location. It Gives you DNS neutrality and OpenNIC is a non-profit organization which provides this service so it does not cost any money. There is no DNS hijacking so you will get your right destination each time you access the internet. In order to find the fastest DNS servers in your area, you need to visit the website. According to your country location, you will get DNS servers. But by default, if you are living in the USA then you can set its primary and secondary DNS to and

Visit OpenNic For further info here

10. SmartViper

If you are looking for IPv6 DNS then you can skip SmartViper and use other given DNS servers above. This is only for IPv4 which is a most common way of using DNS. Smartvipers providing this service since 2008 and pretty successful with it. Most people give very positive reviews to Smartviper’s DNS because they actually work very amazingly and boost your speed to next level. It is a free DNS service. In order to use SmartViper’s Fast, Free and secured DNS server you need to set your primary and secondary DNS server as and

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The Above DNS is completely Free, secure and safe as they mentioned with each of them. You can easily use and avail these fast DNS servers for speed-up your internet speed and get faster accessing. The only thing you need to do is pick appropriate DNS servers from above list and set them. And you are ready to go after that.