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Top 5 Best Download Manager 2018

Downloading files instantly and easily is the best thing that an internet user want to experience. There are millions of files downloaded in every single day. Users need fast downloading speed and a download manager which full fill their requirements. Due to heavy load on servers or any network error, downloads failed sometimes. This may result in the huge loss of data and all your efforts to get the download link. If you’re downloading a file of 1 GB and the download fails around 90%. Your browser can’t resume the download then what will be your reaction? But, there is software named as download managers which solve all your problems. You can pause and resume your downloads any time and can renew the download link also if it expires. This is great. This article has best download manager you should use.

Download managers have some advanced tools and ways to download a file from the server. There are many servers whose download link expires after some time and a download manager can renew a download link if needed. This is great if you’re downloading a very large file. Many download managers claim that their downloading speed is very high compared to another download manager. But what they do is, they lowers the internet access to every single application in your PC which is using the internet and it results in some boost in download speed.

There are many reviews about download managers and best download managers on the internet but these download managers are totally tested by us and you should really use these best download managers. Every download manager has its own capability and features. Some are paid and some are free. We’ve taken all the facts seriously and reordered all the top download managers that work well in downloading your file and included some of the greatest features.

Best Download Manager

# 5. Orbit Downloader

This is 5th in out list and a best free download manager optimized for social media etc. This is the lightest download manager having many features that are very useful. Its installation files are only sized between about 5-10 MB and it uses very less memory while downloading your files. This is great for those who needs a lightweight download manager.

This is optimized with social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. and users can directly download the video from there. It saves your time as there’s no need to use any special downloading service for this purpose. It has downloading acceleration and P2P technology which makes your download much faster.

best download manager

Orbit Downloader

If we talk about its user interface, it is very basic and user-friendly. Users can use this easily and there are no hidden settings that you need to perform before using this best download manager. It supports Rapidshare download and  HTTPS and HTTP POST method. With these awesome features, you can use this download manager free of cost.

Official Website: Orbit Downloader

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#4. Internet Download Accelerator

IDA is optimized for fast downloading. According to their official website, IDA splits the downloading file into parts and then download all the parts at once. It results in the increase of the download speed up to few limits. The user interface of this download manager is very simple and user-friendly like any another download manager. If we talk about its feature, it has some of the best downloading management features. It creates categories of different files that you’ve downloaded. Like if you’ve downloaded some songs and videos, it’ll arrange both the files in different categories and you can access them within the IDA.

best download manager free


Internet download accelerator can resume the broken download from HTTPS, HTTPand FTP, servers as well. It also includes FTP Explorer hence we can call it a download manager with FTP Explorer. You can even schedule your downloads in IDA. This makes your downloading easier as if you want to download something at night then it will do this job for you.

With these features, IDA can be freely downloaded and used by users for totally free of cost. This is light-weight, user-friendly and has many great features.

Official Website: IDA


#3. Download Accelerator Plus

This is the fastest download manager you can use to accelerate your downloads. There are many features you’ll find in DAP. This amazing download manager is fully optimized to make your downloading experience way better. Pause and resume like features are included but it’s not ending here. It has Video Previewer, DAP Link Checker, Download Security, Mirror SitesSpeed Boost and even Video converter.

List of features is huge in DAP. You can preview any video and can check it’s worth to download or not. It saves your time as there’sno need to download the entire file. It has link checker which checks whether the download is broken of working. Download security makes your downloads safer.

best download manager for fast downloading


The amazing part about this download manager is that it has video converter which you can include in this software. Using this feature you can convert your videos within this best download manager. Convert your video to MP3 or video to any other format. It has FTP browser also. It has some premium features like ZIP preview, file shredder, and trace cleaner also.

Official Website: DAP

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#2. Free Download Manager

This is the best ever built free download manager. It has features similar to IDM which is paid download manager. It’s available for Windows and MAC. It has some of the great features and millions of users are using the FDM. Users can download files using BitTorrent protocol. It has video preview and users can preview any video file before downloading it. You can even convert your video files after finishing the download.

Users can resume their downloads easily using and can refresh the download link if expired. This makes your downloading experience great as a failure in downloads are becoming common these days due to network or browser downloading error.

best free download manager


FDM has download accelerator which boosts your download speed. You can add multiple downloads, all you need to do is copy some download links at once and select option called add downloads from the clipboard. This makes all your links added to download Que and you can download multiple files at once easily. Adding every single link one by one is very time consuming and FDM solves your problem here. You should really download and use this best download manager.

OfficialWebsite: FDM

#1. Internet Download Manager

Here comes the first choice of millions of users. Internet download manager is the first choice of every user. In fact, FDM and IDM have mostly same features but IDM has a very user-friendly interface and easy to use. IDM automatically adds an extension to browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and whenever you click on any link to download a file, IDM automatically grab the download link and user can start the download. It’s the best download manager you can use for amazing downloading experience.

It has speed accelerator which makes your download fast but makes internet access on other apps very slow while the file is downloading. It has inbuilt site grabber to download an entire website for offline browsing. You can even limit the download speed in IDM. It has scheduled download feature is amazing. It allows you to schedule your download and users can automatically start their download for night download easily.

best download manager windows


Also, its video grabber will automatically popupa download feature it any web page has video embedded. With these all features, users can use this software to make their downloading experience great. It’s not totally free, you can enjoy its free trial and after that, you’ve to buy a licence from them.

Official Website: IDM


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