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Best Free Anonymous File Sharing Websites

Internet users are growing worldwide seamlessly. People want the¬†internet to stay connected with their friends and family. Also, they are using the internet for watching videos, movies, sharing files and much more. Users nowadays care about their privacy and data. They don’t want to be tracked by other people or hackers. Government organizations are also tracking users for various purposes. Even Google Search, Social Media websites are tracking users activity for advertisement purpose. Due to these all things, users want to stay anonymous while using the internet. There are many ways which can help you to stay anonymous online. Also, you can share files anonymously online. There are many free anonymous file sharing websites available on the internet.

Many internet users want to share their important files with others for various purposes. It might be very urgent so that there’s no time to register on any file hosting service and then uploading files. There are many websites where you can upload files without registration. You can use any proxy to upload files anonymously from different IP address. These free anonymous file sharing websites are available for anyone and work like other file sharing websites. But, the difference is that there’s no need to register. You can upload files anonymously, get the sharing link and send it to the receiver.

We have a list of free websites for sharing files anonymously here. These websites work perfectly and download/upload speed is ver good.

Best Free Anonymous File Sharing Websites


1. ZippyShare

This is our best website to share files without giving any identity. Upload and download speed is amazing and there’s no download limit for files. You can upload an unlimited number of files but there’s one limit that you can’t upload files larger than 200 MB. You’ll have to split the files into the parts in order to upload files larger than 200 MB.

free anonymous file sharing website


Upload and download speed is very good. There’s no crash or any error while uploading or downloading the files. After you’ve successfully uploaded your file, you’ll get a sharing link. You can share this link with your friends or with anyone. When receiver will click on the link, he’ll be redirected to Zippyshare website and there he’ll get download option. Also, Zippyshare supports private upload feature.

With all these features, Zippyshare is 100% free to use anonymous file sharing website. Use this free anonymous file sharing website and share files without being traced.



This free file sharing website is different and way safer than others. When anyone uploads any file to their website, it’s encrypted and stored safer. After your upload is done, you’ll get a download link which is a direct link to the file.

Don’t click on that link, share it directly with your receiver. Once your receiver downloaded the file it’s deleted from their servers. Now, the download link is expired and there’s no trace of the file. This is amazing as there’s no backup of the file. If your data is highly confidential, use this website to upload your file and once someone accessed your file, it’ll be deleted. There’s one-time download access to the file.

share files without being traced

This decreases the theft potential of the file as the file can be accessed only once. They also provide many paid plans which included unlimited downloads and file size. Free plan can be accessed¬†without registration and file size limit is 5 GB including 100 uploads/day. Uploaders can also set expiration duration of the file. If the file isn’t accessed within that duration, it’ll be deleted from their servers. According to them, they don’t leave any kind of trace behind or any kind of logs. It makes them safer and uploaders can stay safe and anonymous. Use this free anonymous file sharing website to stay anonymous.


This is another amazing file which works like service. Maximum upload file size is 1 GB and your files will stay on their servers for 24 hours. After 24 hours the file will be automatically deleted. But, the file can be accessed unlimited times within 24 hours. There’s no download limit here. So, be sure that you’ve shared the download link with the actual receiver.

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DropFile service is one of the best anonymous file sharing website. They’ve maximum file size limit of 1 GB which is great. Their user interface is also amazing and mobile friendly also. According to them, they don’t share or store your IP and other information. Hence, using their service is completely anonymous which is great in many ways.


Gofile is another amazing anonymous file sharing website. This website is totally different than others. Here, uploaders can upload their files with no 10GB size limit. When you’re uploading the file, you’ll get a popup where you can enter information like E-mail, Description etc. If you enter any email there, the download link will be automatically sent to that Email address. Also, the files are saved until you removed them by entering the removal code. After your download is finished you’ll get removal code which you can use to delete the file.

free file sharing websites no trace

This service is completely free to use. Your file never expires until you’ve set the expiration date or delete the file using removal code. Users can upload unlimited files with 10GB per upload limit. The another amazing feature is that users can upload many types of files at once. Like you uploaded some pictures, videos, audios etc and then submit them to their servers. Your download page will actually show all types of files uploaded in different tabs. This is a great and amazing feature about their service.


Uploadfiles have maximum upload file up to 5GB and have flexible features. Amazing this is that after your upload is complete, you can set the expiration time of the file. It varies from 1 hour to 30 days. If you want that file should never be deleted then you’ll have to subscribe to their paid service.

websites to upload files for free no registration

Also, they have two options for downloaders, one is Slow Download which is free and another is Fast download but downloaders have to subscribe to their paid subscription for that. This is a drawback of this service but for anonymous people, this service is great. There’s no need to look for the expiration time settings. After your upload is complete, you’ll get the options automatically for the expiration time. With these features, you might use this service to share files anonymously online.

So, these are the some of the greatest websites to share file anonymously online. All these services are free to use and have great encryption and no registration is required. But, you should use proxy servers or VPN in order to hide your identity like IP address, browser etc. Alternatively, you can also change your IP address easily to stay anonymous.


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