The Best Free VPN For PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) 2017

Best Free VPN For PC
Best Free VPN For PC

In this world of technology, everyone wants to surf the internet to stay connected and wants to get updates about what going on this world. Today countries are helping their people and teaching them how being online will make their work easier. Now you can run your business easily from office, you can perform a virtual meeting and can do your office work from remote locations.

But as we know every single thing in this world has its PROS and CONS. In one side, our work becomes much easier using the Internet, but on another hand side, there’re a lot of people called Hackers and Spy people who kept spying/hacking into people’s private life on the internet for various reasons. However, if you’re browsing websites, each website you visit will have your IP address and an IP address contains enough traces so that anyone can reach your home. So to hide your IP address you can use any Free VPN or Paid VPN. Here we have top free VPN for PC and some of them are also top paid VPN for PC.

Using free VPN might have many reasons, like hiding your IP address, stay anonymous on the internet. There are many issues with security online and VPN service will protect with all issues and you can browse safely. Using Virtual Private Network(VPN) while accessing any open WiFi network is very necessary as it encrypts your connection.

There are many free VPN services which provide you good services at no cost or little cost.Here is a list of top best free VPN services for PC which works well and you can use them to access the internet with no security issue.

1.Tunnel Bear

best Free VPN
Best free VPN

Tunnel bear is our first choice because tunnel bear provides all thing you need in VPN. However, Tunnel Bear is not a totally free but you’ll get 500MB free data per month and that’s a great thing and also, they will give you 1GB extra data if you share your experience on twitter using the link they will provide you.

Personally, I’m using Tunnel Bear for a long time because it provides me more than 10 Country locations from where I can browse privately.

It’s a multi-platform VPN and works on Windows OS, MAC OS, Android, and iPhone.

This Free VPN is a lightweight utility and its interface is not very complex. You don’t have to worry much about settings, countries etc. This free VPN will handle all thigs for you. It connects automatically to the nearest country around you and the coolest part is that in the free plan, you have more than 10+ countries location from where you can browse privately using this free VPN.

Below is the feature list of this free VPN:

1.It will disconnect you from the network if your connection is disturbed due to unknown reason.

2. It will connect you automatically to the closest tunnel but you can change this from settings.

3.It’s a lightweight VPN and interface is very simple.

4. Tunnel Bear uses AES 256-bit encryption by default and you can browse safely.

5. It has a feature named Ghost Bear which defeats VPN blocking.

Click To Download: – Link

2.Private Tunnel

private tunnel vpn
private tunnel vpn


Private tunnel is also a good option if you wants to use VPN service. Private tunnel is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. It provides connections in many countries as well with good speed. Instead of providing monthly data, it provides 200MB free data with unlimited validity. Once you ran out of that amount of data you have to buy data packages from its official website.

Private Tunnel is a popular VPN trusted millions of users worldwide. Most important thing to consider is that it’s working on all devices and if you have bought a PRO data plan from their official website then you can use this VPN using your account in multiple devices. There’s no need to buy any other PRO VPN from different VPN providers for different platforms.

The Free version of VPN doesn’t support multiple countries location and data provided by them is also very low but still, you can enjoy free 200MB data per month. If you like their VPN service then upgrade to their PRO plans to enjoy anonymous browsing.

Below is the feature list of their VPN:

1.Works on all platforms hence your PRO account can be used on all devices.

2. There PRO plans are cheaper and you can get unlimited access by paying them 30 dollars.

3. Simple and user-friendly interface.

4. Supports many countries locations in PRO plan.

Private Tunnel connection is not much as good as Tunnel Bear but it also provides a good service and you can hide your IP on the internet.

Private Tunnel Website: – Link VPN Free VPN free Vpn VPN also provides a good service with a good connection but the disadvantage is that you can access only three locations provided by them in the free version. In order to use rest of the locations, you have to upgrade your account to any pro plan. VPN is also a multi-platform VPN, that means you can use this VPN on Windows, Windows Phone(Coming Soon), Apple’s OS like iOS Mac OS and Android.

Also, they provide a free online proxy browser to browse privately from few countries and there’s no need to pay for using this service. (link:

Using VPN is very easy and its simplicity is its uniqueness. You have to just hit the connect button and you will be secured online.You can also configure TCP ports and all other advanced settings in this VPN software as well.

The free version of provides 2 GB per months and to get unlimited access you have to upgrade to pro account.

Features Of VPN:

  1. VPN also supports WiFi security which is a great thing for your privacy.
  2. Supports latest VPN protocols for your security.
  3. According to them, they’re not saving any data about what you’re browsing using this VPN.
  4. High-quality servers hence speed is good from all servers around the world.

Download VPN: – Link

4.Cyber Ghost Free VPN

Cyberghost is also one of the most popular top free VPN. Cyberghost provides ultimate VPN service with amazing features included. Cyberghost is the first option of those who wants to browse anynoumsly for free.

According to CyberGhost website are always free but to avoid speed capping and for enjoying PRO features you can buy the PRO plan from their website.

free vpn for pc
CyberGhost Free VPN

According to them, they have most of the PRO features that you might be missing using other VPN services. Below are the features that you will get while using Cyber Ghost VPN:

  1. 100% customizable. You can customize each and everything on Cyber Ghost free VPN.
  2. One click to launch the torrent client and VPN connection.
  3. Protection over WiFi network for your security.
  4. Free service with unlimited data access but speed will be slower in some cases.

5. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot shield free VPN has over 500 million downloads. This shows how much popularity hotspot shield has gained in past few years. This only happens because of its features and easy to use interface.

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service and you can use this service for free without paying them. There’s no PRO feature to buy on their website.

top best free vpn
HotSpot Shield Free VPN

This VPN is available for Windows Phone also including Windows for PC, MAC OS, iPhone and MAC OS. Hence, this free VPN works on all platforms to encrypt your internet connection from the world. Below are some of the highlighted features of this free VPN service:

  1. Unblock all the websites easily using this VPN service.
  2. Hide your IP address using this free VPN service.
  3. Private and secure browsing with high-level encryption.
  4. WiFi security feature is also available in this VPN.

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    • Personally, we recommend you to use Tunnel Bear VPN.You can use about 6-8 countries servers with 500MB free data limit every month. It connects to the server quickly and internet speed is also good.


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