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Best Java IDE For Windows, MAC, and Linux 2018

Java is one of the powerful programming languages that is being used in developing mobile and PC apps mostly. It is a general purpose language and its programs run on all platform who supports java. Java was developed by James Gosling and this language was published on 1995.

Due to its features, Java is used by many programmers to convert their ideas and codes to Apps/Softwares. Java isn’t an easy programming language.You need better experience and your IDE in which you’re writing codes should be friendly. There’re a lot of Java IDE’s in the market. We’ll be showing you the best Java IDE according to user ratings and data we’ve collected.

Why Is Best Java IDE Necessary?

Java IDE Necessary?

Java is a complex language to write and understand. If you’re writing Java codes in a simple text editor or a simple terminal. You are missing most of the features that a Java IDE can provide you. Java IDE’s are developed in a way that they can provide you real-time status about the program you’re working on. Their code editors are developed in such a way that your experience in writing codes will be enhanced.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Interface and here’s the list of top best Java IDE.


Best Java IDE For Windows, MAC, and Linux

Java IDE Platforms Supported Paid/Free Advance/Beginners
Eclipse Java IDE Windows/MAC/Linux Free Advance/Beginners
IntelliJ IDEA Windows/MAC/Linux Free Trial 30 days Advance
NetBeans Windows/MAC/Linux Free Advance/Beginners
Android Studio Windows/MAC/Linux Free Advanced/Beginners
BlueJ Windows/MAC/Linux Free Beginners
DrJava Windows/MAC/Linux Free Beginners
JCreator Windows/MAC/Linux 30 Days Free Trial Beginners/Advance
jGRASP Windows/MAC/Linux Free Beginners
MyEclipse Windows/MAC/Linux Free Beginners/Advance
JBuilder Windows/MAC/Linux Free Beginners


1. Eclipse Java IDE

Eclipse is one of the most used Jave IDE for developing Java programs. Its features make it awesome for Java developers. Advanced and beginners Java developers can use Eclipse Java IDE for their work. Eclipse makes easy to maintain Java codes and improves the user experience. Eclipse provides RCP(Rich Client Platform) to create general purpose applications.

Eclipse java ide

This Java IDE also supports other popular languages like C++, PHP etc. which means Eclipse will provide you all in one IDE. It’s open source hence you can also contribute in eclipse community to develop the features of this Java IDE.

Features you will get in Eclipse Java IDE:
  • Free and open source IDE hence provides flexibility.
  • Enhanced code editor to make sure you’re going right on your codes.
  • Runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux as well, hence you can work on multiple devices/platform with the same IDE.
  • Supports C++ and PHP as well.
  • Can be used to develop mobile, web, computer, enterprise, and java applications.

Official Page: Eclipse Java IDE

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

2. IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE

IntelliJ IDEA java IDE is multi-platform paid Java IDE which is mostly used by advanced Java programmers. This IDE is developed by JetBrains. It’s not open source and free Java IDE but you will get 30 days free trial and after that, you’ve to pay them to gain full access to IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE

IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE is mostly recommended for advanced Java programmers. Beginners can also use IntelliJ IDEA IDE but as a beginner, you should start with free Java IDE’s to gain more knowledge about Java. Though you can try their 20 days free trial to know more about IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Unlike Eclipse Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA IDE isn’t free so what’s the PRO features you’ll get in IntelliJ IDEA IDE? Below is the list of top features.

Features of IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE :
  • Data flow analysis guess the possible runtime symbol types and refines choice based.
  • Supports Language Injection so that you can inject fragments of SQL, XPath, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code into Java String literals.
  • Detects the duplicate code fragments on the go.
  • Enhanced mistake fixer to let you know if you’re going wrong with your codes.
  • Includes DBMS tools to provide more features within the IDE.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: IntelliJ IDE


3. NetBeans Java IDE

It’s a freeware IDE developed by Sun Microsystems which is currently owned by Oracle. This IDE works on Windows, MAC, and Linux hence cross-platform IDE which is a great thing for developers. NetBeans IDE let you create Java EE, Java SE, and Java ME applications. There’re many frameworks supported which make it a powerful IDE.

Netbeans java ide

You can use wizard and templates which are useful to create applications that use the OSGi framework. Code editor of NetBeans detects the errors quickly with suggestions and documentation about the error you’ve made.

Features of NetBeans Java IDE :
  • Best freeware IDE for advanced and beginners Java coders.
  • Enhanced code editor to quickly know about the mistakes you’ve done.
  • Good testing and code analysis system.
  • Multi-platform supported freeware Java IDE.
  • IDE provides support for the Maven and Ant build systems.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: NetBeans Java IDE

4. Android Studio IDE

Android studio is developed by google for making Android applications written in Java. Due to its features and multi-platform capability, many developers are using Android Studio to develop their android apps in this IDE. This IDE is developed mainly to built android applications and hence all the tools in it which are required to develop android apps written in Java.

Android Studio Java IDE

Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA but targetted for the mobile apps development system. If you’re thinking about an IDE which is best for Android apps development then use Android Studio because this IDE is developed from Google itself and mainly targeted for developing android applications.

Features of Android Studio IDE :
  • It has gradle based support.
  • Drag and drop interface to design view of your application.
  • Built in Google Cloud support which is useful for creating Google Cloud messaging.
  • Android virtual device support to test your apps within the IDE.
  • Lint tools to maintain version compatibility and other problems.
  • Best code editor to make sure your Java codes are going well.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: Android Studio

5. BlueJ Java IDE

BlueJ is a simple IDE for Java programming which can be used for learning purpose only. But you can create small scale projects in BlueJ Java IDE. This Java IDE is best for beginners to learn Java Programming language.

BlueJ Java IDE

BlueJ has a neat and clean interface and good GUI for browsing throughout the IDE. We have put BlueJ on 5th number in our list because it’s the best for beginners.

BlueJ has a simple and unique interface like Eclipse or NetBeans. It works on multiple platforms like Windows, MAC, Linux hence a portable beginners Java IDE.

BlueJ is not only a learning IDE but it have many features which are never introduced in other Java IDE like its object bench, code pad, and scope coloring were all original BlueJ features.

Features Of BlueJ IDE:
  • BlueJ is continuously under development from 15 years hence few bugs and best interface for learning Java.
  • Portability is one of the best things about BlueJ.
  • BlueJ allows you to interact with the objects.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: BlueJ

6. DrJava IDE

It is basically developed for students and learners to know more about Java language.DrJava has all the features which are useful to learn Java language. You can create small programs using this IDE to test your skills in Java language.

DrJava Java IDE

DrJava is cross-platform Java IDE and works on Windows, MAC, and Linux hence a portable basic Java IDE.

Features of DrJava IDE :
  • Lightweight Java IDE to develop lightweight programs written in Java.
  • Good Java IDE for beginners.
  • Simple interface with a good code editor.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: DrJava

7. JDeveloper Java IDE

JDeveloper is developed by Oracle Corporation and a freeware IDE. This IDE supports languages like Java, XML, PL/SQL etc hence you will get multiple languages supported in JDeveloper IDE.

JDeveloper provides WYSIWYG editor for HTML, JSP, JSF etc. and your output will change as quickly as you change your codes.

JDeveloper Java IDE

Oracle has focused on simple and rich IDE with multiple languages support hence JDeveloper has some great and unique features useful for Java development.

Features of JDeveloper Java IDE:
  • Java SE 6 Support
  • Code Editor
  • Code Navigation
  • Refactoring
  • Swing
  • Unit Test
  • Version Control
  • Audit & Metrics
  • Debugging
  • Profiling
  • Ant Support
  • Maven Support
  • XML Support
  • Open API & Extensions
  • User Assistance

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: JDeveloper

8. JCreator Java IDE

JCreator Java IDE is a paid IDE for java development developed by Xinox Software. Java Creator works only in Windows OS. JCreator is completely developed in C++ language and hence company says its the fastest Java IDE in the market.

It’s supported on Windows OS bus soon it might be available in Linux and MAC as well. JCreator has Lite Edition (LE), Pro Edition (Pro), and Lite-Pro edition.You have to pay them after 30 days of free trial.

JCreator Java IDE

JCreator is not that advanced IDE for Java but high-level programmers might find some useful features in this Java IDE. Beginners can also use this IDE for learning Java.

Features List Of JCreator Java IDE :
  • JDeveloper supports custom color schemes.
  • Quick code writing by templates in your projects.
  • Supports UI customization like Visual Studio.
  • Fast working Java IDE as according to Xinox.
  • You can use different JDK profiles.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: JCreator


This lightweight Java IDE is one of the best java IDE for beginners. It’s lightweight IDE provides automatic generation of software visualizations to improve the working of the software.

jGRASP has a rich code editor with all the features that are useful for beginners. This Java IDE is cross-platform means works on Windows, MAC, Linux.


Features Of jGRASP IDE :
  • Lightweight Java IDE for beginners.
  • Smooth working with Java codes and enhanced code editor.
  • Cross-Platform for portability.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: jGRASP

10. MyEclipse IDE

MyEclipse Java IDE is commercially available Java IDE with cross-platform support. It’s developed by Genuitec and released with a stable build on 2015.

MyEclipse comes with Blue and Spring edition having different features included in them. You can find more on their website.

MyEclipse Java IDE

MyEclipse provides everything for the developer to develop enterprise level programs.

Features of MyEclipse Java IDE:
  • Built-in libraries and wizards for Java programs development.
  • Database tools to provide more features withing the IDE.
  • In-built server connectors and included built-in TomCat server.
  • Supports Maven project management.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: MyEclipse

11. JBuilder IDE

JBuilder is the basic IDE for compiling your Java codes to learn Java language. This Java IDE is developed by CodeGear and released in 1997.

JBuilder Java IDE

If you’re a beginner in Java language you should use this IDE to check your creativity and codes.

Platform : Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Page: JBuilder


These top 10 Java IDE will sure help you in choosing your best Java IDE. We’ve mentioned all the highlights of these Java IDEs and for further deep info about these ides you and check out their official sites given along with each of them.

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