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Best Linux Distros of 2018 [Beginners To Developers]

Just like Windows 10, MAC Os X Linux is also an operating system but its an open source OS. Because its open source software anyone can make several changes or can change many things according to needs. Hackers are using Linux based OS to do their job because they can customize Linux OS according to their needs.

Big tech giants like Microsoft and Apple’s OS are not open sources hence these companies itself manages all the codes, features and interface but Linux works differently. Developers from all around the world can modify Linux to a different look with different capabilities called as Linux distros.

Hence, most of the web servers, ISS(International Space Station), Amazon’s servers etc. are running on Linux OS. Any company/organization/developer can independently modify Linux for their own needs. There’re a lot of top Best Linux distros which works well for different purposes. Each Linux distro is modified in different ways for the different purpose. These distros contain all tools and features for the work they are designed for.

Each distro is designed or popular for some specific tasks. So, to know more about these distributions let’s start right away:

List Of Best Linux Distros

There’re a lot of Linux distros available and millions of users are using them so it’s difficult to talk about best Linux distros. But we’ll be showing you best-rising distros with the good rating. Remember each distro has its own working hence you should choose a Linux distro from the list given below according to features they provide to users.

1. Linux Mint 

Linux Mint Distro is one of the best rising Linux Distro. The purpose of Linux Mint is to provide elegant, modern and comfortable OS. It’s also best if you need a user-friendly interface and includes all the powerful tools using which you can do such great things.

Mint is most popular in desktop Linux distribution because its has user friendly interface and used by millions of people worldwide.

Linux Mint

Linux was not meant for normal users who needs good explanations about things in the user interface. But Linux mint provides a rich experience in user interface also. Below are the mind blowing features of Linux mint:

  1. It has full multimedia support and easy to use interface.
  2. Rich navigation and average users can use this Linux distro with no difficulty.
  3. Supports almost all the inbuilt animation effects that Windows provides on wallpapers etc.
  4. The interface is really cool and you will friendly even if you’re  using Windows OS from a long time.
  5. It has the stability of Debian hence no matters about crashing or lagging. It will work really fine for you.

Official Website to download: Linux Mint

2. Parrot OS 

You might have heard about parrot OS if you’ve ever used any version of Linux. Parrot OS is a very popular top Linux distro used by millions of users. Parrot OS has some of the coolest features and tools. It’s basically designed for sysadmins to manage their system.

Parrot OS is also the choice of hackers because it has many preloaded programs which are useful for penetration testing and to do their job nicely.

Caine also contributes in developing of parrot OS,  one of the most important GNU/Linux distributions in the Digital Forensics world.

parrot os

Parrot OS provides best forensic environment ever seen in Linux distro. This parrot Linux distro is full of tools which are useful in forensic research and penetration testing. Most famous frameworks are available in parrot Linux distro, the top class analysis, evidence management and reporting software etc. are also available.

Cryptography softwares are also available which are very useful to protect your confidential data.

Below are Some of the Greatest Features of Parrot OS:

  1. All security analysis softwares are available on a single platform.
  2. Cloud Pentesting feature is also available but you’ll have to buy Cloud server from them.
  3. Enhanced privacy so that there will be no trace left.
  4. Hackers can easily program their programs within the OS. Parrot OS comes with several IDE’s, compilers etc.
  5. Runs on minimum 500 MB RAM very easily with at least 1GHz dual core CPU.

Official website to download: Parrot OS Linux Distro

3. Knoppix Linux Distro

When we talk about live Linux CD we should know that Knoppix is the best Linux Distro for live CD purpose. You can easily boot into Linux system using this CD based distro. Users love Knoppix because they can use and try Linux tools without harming their preloaded OS.

You can load Knoppix on CD, DVD or USB flash drive and then boot directly from your drive to start using Linux. It’s a light-weight distro with some of the useful tools preloaded in it. Knoppix is famous for data rescuing if your PC’s OS is corrupted or not booting.

Knoppix Linux Distro

However, you can also install this best Linux distro on your hard drive and start using it. If you have a very old system who lags in Windows OS you can install this OS on that system. It really works well on systems having low performance and processing capabilities.

Features Of Knoppix Distro:

  1. Lightweight and works on almost every system having low specifications.
  2.  Rescue your important data if your Windows OS is corrupted.
  3. Supports many useful tools and also comes preloaded with it.

Official webisite to download : knoppix linux distro

4. Kali Linux 

Here comes the name of famous Linux Distro for penetration testers. Kali Linux is very popular distro having all essentials about hacking and penetration testing. Personally, we’re using Kali Linux to do our penetration job for personal purpose and to test the security of devices.

Kal Linux is fully loaded with all the tools which are capable of doing many things. It’s not a lightweight Linux distro but this also works as live Linux distro.

Kali Linux Distro

Below is the feature list of Kali Linux Distro:

  1. You can live boot this OS with ease.
  2. Comes preloaded with 500+ pen testing tools.
  3. Extremely optimized for performance and user interface is also good.
  4. You can use thousands of third party tools available on the internet to make your pen testing job done using various tools.
  5. Runs well on at least 1GB of RAM and 1GHz dual core CPU.

Official website to download : kali linux

5. BackBox Linux Distro

This Linux top distro is Ubuntu-based OS that is used for security assessment and pen testing. It has a wide range of security analysis tools. This Linux distro works much faster than Kali Linux and its applications are updated regularly.

BackBox also has a cloud pen testing facility available and you can also enjoy that thing by paying them for it.

Some features of BackBox Linux distro:

  1. Fast and loaded with all top tools required for pen testing.
  2. Complete desktop environment and rich user interface.
  3. Better optimized tools and updates are provided regularly.BackBox distro

Official website to download : BackBox Linux Distro

These are the top best Linux distros which are popular and used by millions of users worldwide. We’ve included all lighweight and top pen testing Linux distros here which are receiving good feedbacks.

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