Best Live TV Apps For Android and iOS

Live TV apps made your entertainment time portable. It gives you the ability to watch your favorite TV channel or TV shows anytime anywhere So, you no longer need to sit in one place to watch TV. Especially when we are talking about Android because it has higher availability due to its price and features. Watching serials, movies, sports and other categorized can not possible from your side due to you are not home in front of TV or traveling to somewhere. For that time you might be missing some of your daily shows or sports match which is running live that time. To solve this problem you can directly watch TV on your android device using some of the best Live TV apps.


Hulu app is one of the very popular streaming services which basically provides TV shows and Movies. It almost like Netflix but more options to watch Live TV. You can watch almost all popular TV shows here. It also has TV channel for everyone from kids to adult. You can stream  Cartoon Network, FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, FX much more. It has 50+ live and on-demand channels including sports, so if you love any kind of sport so you will love this app. Streaming on Hulu is quick and easy. Also, it is smart enough to give you suggestion, explore your experience, and make it reliable and easy by tracking your watching activity and gives you more and better content than before every time you use this app. Its plan starts from $7.99/month but to enjoy full features and Live TV channels you need to buy the $39.99/month plan on which you will get 7days trial as well.

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Sling is a US based site Live TV streaming service. Start picking up from your favorite genres such as sports, comedy, kids, movies etc. 100 TV channel available to watch and enjoy anywhere. Choose from its orange and blue service. Sling orange service provides 30 channels including Disney, ESPN, History, A&E, TNT, CNN and others for $20/month whereas it’s blue service gives 40+ channels for $25/month. Along with Android and iOS it sling’s service is available for TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices.

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With over 69+ Free TV channels for your mobile device, it is really worth checking app. You just need to choose from any channel to enjoy watching and there is no need to pay. However, you may see some ads while watching on TVPlayer and that all worth free service and to keep up it and running. Also in order to remove those ads and if you want to enjoy more premium TV channels you can buy it’s $5.99/month plan. With that paid plan you will also get 1-month free trial.

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This is one of the best international, On-Demand and Live TV app. All the popular TV channels are in your fingerpoints such as MTV, FOX, CNN, NBC, VH1, TLC and much more. The number of TV channels depends on its plan, there is four plan available. The 1st plan give you 60+ channels, 2nd has 80+, 3rd has 100+ and the 4th one has highest 120+ channels. Mostly all general and popular channels are available on each plan but other additional can be view through different plans. You can sign up and take 7days free trial with Directtv now.

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Youtube TV

This one is really good service of youtube. Youtube is very popular site and trustworthy with many experts team behind. On youtube TV you can watch Live sports, shows, and news online. It has Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and other popular cable tv networks. Its plan starts from $35/month. This service of youtube is only available in US.

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Playstation Vue

Targetting sports fans is one of the areas where streaming services are willing to stand. Sports fans always need all the matches live. Or even you are a mature person, then you must be looking for live news to get the latest update of your area, state or country. PlayStation Vues app has this all for you. You can choose from sports channels, news or other entertainment channels. To watch any live episode or channel you can save that on your personal cloud DVR. You can stream up-to 5 devices at once.

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Sports streaming is the bone of live streaming services and here is the specialized one for you. On 365score you can watch Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and other Sports scores, news, tournament bracket, highlights. For sports, it is all in one app with good enough features.

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YipTV is one of the popular Live tv services which comes with 60+ channels in english and Spanish. This app has covered a lot of spanish audience. It is available for both Android and iOS. Provides $49.99 per year plan which is cheaper as compare to others. So start enjoying all the english and spanish tv channels on your device. YipTV is available for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Smart TV, Laptop, and Desktop.

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Tubi TV

Another online tv watching site. This site almost looks similar to Netflix with many categorized options. It has over 42 category options including TV shows categories as well. The best part is that unlike most of the streaming services Tubi tv is totally free and it won’t charge you anything for using it. To start stream Live tv with Tubi tv all you need is a robust internet connection.

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Channels provide live TV anywhere. However, this app is not available for android and if you are an android user then you should check other apps on the list. Channels app is available for iPhone & iPad. You can enjoy all TV channels in full HD with some really good Accessibility.

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USTV Now is one of the very popular TV streaming platform in USA. So, if you are looking for streaming american channels then USTV Now can be your best choice. It has more than 800+ channels which you can stream for free.

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