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Best MultiPlayer PC Games

Gaming has changed in past few years. Users are fed up with fighting with computer controlled enemies. Now, developers are working hard and hard to provide amazing gaming interface to users. Multiplayer gaming is one of the best examples that gaming has moved to another level in past few years. Multiplayer games are the best games where you can fight with other players. This makes your gaming experience great as you’re fighting or competing with the user who doesn’t even know you. Multiplayer games are the best way to test and improve your gaming skills. There are many best multiplayer games where you can create a team of some players and then compete with other teams.

The best thing about multiplayer is that it grows your gaming experience and level of gaming. Fighting with bots might be easier or difficult because those are controlled by game’s AI itself. but, in multiplayer gaming, you’re competing with actual players. You can learn from other players about their gaming strategy and much more. With these all thing and pros about multiplayer games you might be thinking which game you should play on your PC. There are many multiplayer games for PC but few of them are just awesome and crazy.

Below is the list of some of the best multiplayer games for PC. Millions of users are playing these games. Hence, there’s no lack of users on these games. All players on these games are highly professional and hence, it’s very exciting to play with those players. You should really download and use games we’ve listed below. But, before proceeding make sure your hardware’s technical specification is good enough so that these games can run and perform well on your PC. Read the list best multiplayer games for PC.

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Best Multiplayer Games For PC

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This is one of the best multiplayer game you should really play. There are many interesting things about this game. Bluehole developed this game for Windows OS and Xbox One. Hence, you should use Windows OS on your PC to play this game. In this game, once you’re connected, about 100 players parachute into an island and players has to kill each other. There are many types of guns, vehicles etc. which can be used to kill or to save yourself from other players. Only one player who’ll survive till the end will win the match.

This game was released in March 2017. This game is based on battle royal-style game mods. Windows PC users, Xbox One users and Play Station 4 users can play this game. This game is only published for these platforms. Once you entered into the game, you’ll have nothing. You’ll be dropped from a parachute and then you need to find weapons, vehicles and other items which are distributed. Then players can either stay hidden or can find their enemies by going through the map. Gameplay is very exciting. If you collabs with another player then you can kill other players by teamwork. Watch the gameplay of this game which is amazing.

Official Website: PUBG

2. Unreal Tournament

This game is developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. This is the first person shooter game ever developed. This games was released on 1999 but still rocking among PCs. This happens because players don’t want to leave this game because of all the fun. The PC version of this also supports offline multiplayer on LAN network. This means, if you and your friends want to shoot each other’s heads in this game offline, you can surely do this easily.

This game can deliver you the fun time with your friends and in multiplayer. But, if you’re thinking of graphics performance then this game can’t compete with the graphics of latest multiplayer games. Gamers who aren’t graphics freaks and want to enjoy fun moments by playing games should really check this game.

This game has amazing weapons and maps. You can use any weapon which suits your gameplay and start shooting your friends. Many interesting things are waiting for you in the game.

Official Website: Unreal Tournament

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3. GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

This game is probably the best game you can play on your PC with other online players. If you’ve ever played GTA game before, remember how much excitement you’ve got during the gameplay. Now, think that what if you can play that game with other players. Means all the people in the game are controlled by humans itself. It’s totally crazy and full of excitement. GTA is developed by Rockstar Games. There are many versions of GTA but GTA V is probably the best one.

If we talk about the graphics of this game then it’s one of the best game with graphics. Its graphics are absolutely sharp and looks great. There are many graphics demonstration videos available on the internet which shows how great Rockstar has developed the graphics of GTA V. If we talk about the gameplay of GTA game then it’s probably the best ever game for PC. There are many things you can do in GTA. You can run a car, can drive a bike, train, helicopter and much more. Its AI is very intelligent.

But, you probably want to know about the Multiplayer features. This game is built in such a way for multiplayer that it seems to be that you’re in the real world and controlling a creature. There are many active users on GTA V game. You can fight, shoot, and can do all the amazing crazy things with other users.

Official Website: GTA V

4. Overwatch

This game is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and one of the best multiplayer game for PC. This was released on 2016 and people loved this game. Overwatch is the team-based multiplayer game where you’ll have to compete with other teams. There are many interesting things about this game. One of interesting thing is its maps. There are many types of maps where you can play with your friends.

Your character depends on your gaming level. More level you’ll achieve, the more powerful character you’ll get to play with other teams. This game has many types of gameplay modes and you can enjoy those modes. There are many roles in this game and users are divided according to roles. Every player has to complete his role to stay alive in this game. Many interesting things are waiting for you in this game.
Official Website: Overwatch

5. Rocket Leauge

This is another amazing game loved by millions of users worldwide. It’s basically car soccer league in which your team has to compete with another team. This is the amazing correlation between cars and soccer. Hence, this interesting concept helped this game to boost its sales and millions of users started playing this game.

This game is developed and published by Psyonix. When you enter the game you’re given a boosted car. All you need to do is just hit the ball with the car and make goals. The team who’ll score more will win the game. One match is about 5 minutes long. There are many game modes and game pay types in this game. You should really check this game which is one of the best multiplayer game for PC.

Official Website: Rocket Leauge

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