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Best Operating System For Gaming

Playing games on PC/Laptop is very exciting and interesting. If you’re reading this article then you’re probably a gaming fan. Nowadays PC and Laptops are very powerful and you can play almost every game on them. There’s no need to buy separate Xbox or Play Console from any other company. Laptops ad PC’s can be used to play all kind of games. PC’s can be modified easily and you can change graphic card, RAM and many other things in PC very easily. If the game isn’t performing well on your laptop/PC then you might upgrade your system’s specifications. but, what about the operating system you’re using. Operating System is also responsible for the performance of the game. If your OS is not compatible with the game it might not perform well. hence, in this article, we’ve shown you the best operating system for gaming.

There are three major operating systems in the market which are used by millions of users. Those OS are Windows, MAC, and Linux. People prefer Windows because of its features and easy to use interface. MAC Osx is designed for Mac Book and perform well only on Mac Books. Linux OS is open source and has the unlimited number of possible things which can be done using Linux. But, which one is better for gaming? Windows, MAC, or Linux?Different OS has a different kind of capabilities and specifications.

If we talk about Windows OS, it’s used by million of users worldwide. If you’re a normal user, means don’t do ethical like stuff then this OS is best for everything. On another hand, MAC Osx is designed for MAC Books and other Apple products. Linux is used for the ethical purpose and where flexibility in OS is needed to perform some operations. Below is the best operating system for gaming you should use.

Best Operating System For Gaming

These are the best operating system for gaming you should use to play heavy games. We’ll be talking about the best OS which works very well in maintaining the RAM and graphics performance. Read the full article to know which is best OS for gaming on PC/Laptop and Mobile Phones.

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Windows Is Best OS For Gaming On PC

Windows OS is probably the best OS you can use to play heavy games. Microsoft has developed such a product in past few years which is highly customizable, available for all and works on any PC/Laptop. If your PC/Laptop has the good technical specification and running Windows then you’ll get very good results. Millions of os users are using Microsoft Windows for official, home and for many other purposes. One of the biggest things is that almost every user who loved to play the game on PC’s and Laptops use any Windows build to play heavy games easily.

Also, Windows has many Games that none other OS has. If you’re running MAC or Linux you’ll have the high shortage of games. Game developers preferred Windows OS because most of the users are using Windows. Even there are many tricks using which you can play console games like Xbox games, Sony Play Station games on Windows OS. Hence, playing games on a Windows PC/Laptop is a good idea.

But, there are many Windows OS build like Windows 10, Windows 8.1,8.0 and Windows 7 etc. You might be confused between the majority of mainly Windows 10, 8, and 7 that which one you should use for gaming. below we’ve ranked them and you can have a good idea which one you should use to play games.

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1. Windows 10

This operating system is best for gaming. Windows 10 is the latest build from Microsoft and Microsoft probably have put something inside Windows 10 that gamers loved to use this OS. The main reason that Windows 10 is best for gaming is that it has better RAM management than any other build. There’s only one drawback that Windows 10 isn’t that much stable as the previous build are. But it’s probably the best gaming OS for PC.

best gaming operating system

Windows 10

Windows 10 is flagship OS from Microsoft and they tried to improve the gaming experience on this OS which is resulted in efficient RAM management and many other things. Microsoft has released Direct X 12 to improve the performance of games. This makes your gaming graphics very great. Direct X 12 works very fine with The biggest 10. The biggest thing is that you’ll receive regular updates on your Windows 10 PC which results in better gaming experience with each update.

2. Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most loved OS by millions of users worldwide. There are many reasons behind this and the biggest reason is that it’s very easy to use and the interface looks very nice and great. Many users still prefer Windows 7 because of its performance. if we talk about gaming, Windows 7 probably also the best gaming operating system. It supports Direct X which ensures that your games will run with more power.

best operating system for gaming

Windows 7

However, Windows 10 has taken the space of Windows 7 but there are still many users who don’t want to update to Windows 10 because they still love Windows 7. But, Microsoft will drop support for Windows 7 by 2020 and you’ll have to upgrade to latest build to stay safe from threats.

Windows 7 has better performance and management of memory than Windows Vista. If you’re Windows 7 lover then you can use this OS on your PC to run games. You’ll probably be happy using this OS for heavy gaming. Windows 7 will provide you very good and enhanced performance. Using Windows 7 you can update your hardware to latest because almost every hardware supports Windows 7.Hence, Windows 7 is also a best operating system for gaming.

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3. Windows 8

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 users were expecting more but Windows 8 wasn’t able to complete the expectations of most of the users. Basically, Windows 8 looks and works great on touch devices because its start menu was designed for touch devices. PC/Laptop users who don’t have touch screen were not using and updating to this OS. That’s why Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 within few months then Windows 10 was introduced.

best os for gaming

Windows 8

but, if we talk about the performance of Windows 8 about gaming, it’s very good. RAM and graphics management is very amazing in this OS. Windows 8 provides the great experience in gaming. It supports Direct X latest version which makes sure that Direct X will power your gaming experience. Windows 8 will still be receiving all types of games and you can play all games on this OS. Almost every game developer company publish games which are compatible with Windows 8 which is amazing. This will be continued for several years till Microsoft ends their official support to Windows 8.

But, as we mention above that Windows 10 is the King for PC gaming. So, Windows 8 can’t compete Windows 10 but still, it can provide you good gaming experience. If you’re running system with high technical specifications then Windows 8 will provide you very good gaming performance.

4. macOS

There are many macOS users worldwide running their Mac Books or any Apple product running on macOS. But, macOS can compete Windows OS in gaming. The biggest thing is that most of the Apple products running macOS can’t be upgraded. Apple has updated their products with good graphics and make their macOS better for gaming. But, due to its market share (around 10-15%), most of the games aren’t published for macOS.

best os for heavy gaming


If you’re using MAC then you probably have the shortage of games and performance is far lower compared to Windows OS. Also, most of the game developers don’t want to invest their money in developing games for macOS. This is because they are sure that macOS has low market share.

But, if you’re macOS user then you can enjoy some of the popular games. games developed for macOS is stable and modified to run on MAC products. Hence, this is one of the best gaming operating systems.

5. Linux OS

This is the OS that we don’t recommend you to play games. This OS is open source and has many tools which can do amazing things. But, when we talk about gaming, this OS can’t deliver you performance. It’s developed for developers, hackers, companies to run and test their systems. Linux can’t provide you good gaming experience.

top gaming best os

Linux OS

Also, Linux has the huge shortage of games. You can hardly find some of the greatest games for Linux and when you play them on Linux, you probably be disappointed. This is because most of the game developers don’t want to develop Linux version of games. This is because Linux has the shortage of users and who uses Linux aren’t gamers. They’re developer and hackers hence Linux has the shortage of games and games which are developed for Linux aren’t well stabilized. Linux can give you freedom of doing anything but can’t give you gaming experience.

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