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Best Pedometer Apps For Your Smartphone (Android, Windows, iOS)

In this era of smartphones, people need almost everything on their phone. People are buying smartphones which have tons of features like smart camera, light sensors, magnetometer, GPS, Accelerometer, pedometer etc. In busy schedule and a lot of office work, people have less time to take care of their health. So, they need to take care of things like calories they have taken, steps they have taken in a whole day. The mobile smartphone makers started rolling out mobile phones having inbuilt sensors which can act like a pedometer and calculates all the steps you’ve taken in a whole day. Most of the smartphones also don’t have pedometer sensor or a sensor which works as a pedometer. So, we have the list of best pedometer apps for your smartphones. Android, Windows Phone, and iOS have many apps which can calculate the number of steps you’ve taken in a day.

If we talk about pedometer device it is build to calculate the steps. All you need to do is put this device in your pocket and it’ll start doing his job. Usually, athletes, sportsmen, etc. uses this special device to calculate their daily steps taken. People who are far away from sports or physical fitness don’t even know about this device. Who cares how many steps you’ve taken in a day. But, it’s very good device for your health measures. It can aware you about your laziness. Most of the users don’t want to put this device in their pocket as they already have a smartphone in their pocket. So, why don’t use your smartphone as pedometer? Most of the users don’t even know that their smartphone can calculate steps they’ve taken in a day. There are many apps which can calculate the estimated steps taken using GPS.

Hence, there’s not need to buy an extra pedometer device. Your smartphone is enough for this work. All you need to do is just install any best pedometer apps for smartphone and start calculating daily steps taken by you. However, you can buy any fitness band also which can calculate tons of things. But, if you just need a pedometer features on your phone read about best pedometer apps below.

 List Of Best Pedometer Apps:

1. Fitbit

Fitbit is an amazing app available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. We personally use this app on our Windows Phone and this is just amazing. We used this app on Lumia 640 XL which have Sensor Core and it calculates every single step taken by the user. Its accuracy is 99% which is amazing. It also has community features where you can compete with your friends and can chat with them. They have achievement levels and once you’ve completed those levels you’ll be rewarded by badges. You can take care of your health and can have a very strong workout by competing with your friends and completing those achievements.

best pedometer apps

Fitbit Interface

If we talk about its user interface, it’s very simple. You can modify its dashboard. Also, you can enter your weight like physical data there and Fitbit will give you required recommendations according to your health. To use Fitbit, you’ve to sign up using an Email and then all your data will be synced with their servers. If you always kept the smartphone in your pocket while walking or traveling, you can have lifetime steps taken data in your Fitbit app.

Fitbit also sells fitness bands and you can also buy them. To start using Fitbit without their fitness band, you need to Click on Set Device and then select Mobile Tracker. You’re done and you have the best pedometer app on your smartphone. If you think of buying their fitness band, then you can calculate many things like heartbeat rate, water drunk etc.

Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

Store Links: Android, Windows Phone, iOS

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2. Pedometer

Thins is another amazing app we found for Android Device. This is the simplest and very effective best pedometer app for Android smartphone. There’s no need to set up any account or perform other settings to let it work for you. Just download this amazing pedometer app from play store and start using this app. What we found amazing about this app is that steps calculated by this app are very accurate. Accuracy reaches about 98% with GPS On and 95% when GPS Off when we tested this app on our Sony Xperia L Android smartphone. If we take a look at our Android smartphone specification, it doesn’t have any special sensor. It has only Accelerometer, proximity, compass and this app works perfectly. If you turned on your GPS then accuracy will be very better.

best pedometer app for android


If we talk about its user interface, it’s very simple and user-friendly. It doesn’t have features like Fitbit but you get ver simple pedometer app. You can adjust many things from the settings menu like accuracy level and auto start mode. When you first downloaded this app you need to open and click on Start to start using this application. In the settings menu, there’s an option for the auto start. If you stop this app before sleeping, it will automatically start at the time duration you’ve set. It has of your weekly, monthly stats and there’s an option for Backup also where you can connect your Google account.

With all these features this is the best pedometer app for android. But, you’ll get ads inside this app which might be frustrating. This is the simplest pedometer app available for free on play store. Hence, this is probably one of the best pedometer apps for Android.

Platforms: Android

Store Link: Android

3. Pedometer ++

If we talk about the iOS devices, this is the simplest and best pedometer app for iOS devices. Apple iPhone users can install this app for free from the store. This app is very normal and useful. All you need to do is install this app and let it calculate all the steps you’ve taken in the whole day. Apple phones do have an inbuilt sensor which works as a mobile tracker and also as and pedometer. This sensor is very accurate and can calculate the steps take by users by high accuracy. The accuracy of the app is about 99% which is similar to Fitbit app but this is due to the fact that iPhones have inbuilt tracker sensor.

best pedometer app for iphone

Pedometer ++

If we talk about the user interface, it’s very simple. You have graphs on home screen showing the data about steps taken by you in daily and monthly basis. Amazing thins is that it can show stats on your notification bar and it makes this app very handy as there’s no need to open the application to look at the calculations.

Apple iPhones also has inbuilt stats analyzer which can show you many possible values but using Pedometer ++ to calculate steps takes in best idea. You can get this app for free and there’s no need to buy extra fitness band.

Platforms: iOS

Store Link: iOS

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4. Step Counter – Pedometer Free

This is another best pedometer app for Android which has a very good rating on play store. This pedometer app claims that it’s the battery saver pedometer app which works on internal sensors that a mobile device have. This is amazing but when we tested this app accuracy becomes less than 70% with GPS turned off. But, when we turned on GGPS accuracy was around 90% which is great. We tested this with Sony Xperia L which doesn’t have any inbuilt pedometer or any sensor which can calculate steps taken. So, mobile smartphones having no special inbuilt sensor should have GPS turned on to let this app work for calculating steps taken accurately.

pedometer app without gps android

Step Counter

If we talk about the user interface, it’s great and simple. All features are available for free and the user interface is beautiful. You can customize the color and other things in this app. When you downloaded this app, you’ll have to start its steps calculator first. Then the app will work itself and you can lock your phone or switch to other apps. There’s a widget for home screen also which shows you the live stats about the steps calculated by the app. This app is downloaded many times and users give it many 5-star ratings. Hence this is one of the best pedometer apps available for free.

There are many badges available in the app which can be earned by you once you’ve completed the walking achievements. This is similar to Fitbit badges. All the features are for free and you can download and use this app for free.

Platforms: Android

Store Link: Android

5. Steps Pedometer & Steps Counter Track Walk

This app is amazing and easy to use for Windows Phone users. It can show you the stats like Steps take and calories burnt by taking those steps etc. It has maps feature which acts as GPD tracker. It shows all the maps and the directions to which you’ve walked with your phone in your pocket. hence, this app not only calculates the steps you’ve taken but also the maps and calories you’ve burnt. This is amazing and also, you can set the custom daily steps achievements. Just scroll the meter and set the required achievement and once you’ve completed the achievement you’ll get a notification. This is the great thing as you can strictly monitor your daily walks.

best pedometer app for windows phone

Steps Pedometer

The user interface is very normal and gives old look but is very simple to use. You can add new user easily and then enter the weight of the user and just lock your phone and put in your pocket. You’re done, now when you open the app you’ll get all the steps taken by you. The accuracy is 99% and depends on you’re using GPS or mobile tracker for tracking purpose.

Platforms: Windows Phone

Store Link: Windows Phone

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6. Stepz Pedometer & Steps Calculator

Stepz is the another best top rated and full of features pedometer app for iPhone users. This app calculates the data using your iPhone’s internal sensor and also supported for data syncing with Apple Watch. If you’ve tried Fitbit then you might find a lot of similarities in bothe these apps. Stepz also has a community feature where you can monitor the daily progress of your friends. Just like many another best pedometer apps it also has achievements feature and you can complete achievements by walking more and more steps.

no gps pedometer app


The user interface of this app is very similar to Fitbit and easy to use. It can show the live steps taken on your notification bar and you can look at your daily progress without opening the app. This is an amazing feature this app has. It shows values y hourly and daily stats also. You can look your history of steps taken in past few days or months or years in the history section. This app can sync your data with their servers once you’re logged in which is a great thing.

There are many other features like export your data to a CSV file, distance calculations, calculated burned calories etc. You can enjoy this app for free.

Platforms: iOS

Store Link: iOS

These are some of the best pedometer apps you can download and use for free. These apps are tested and reviewed by us and works well. We’ve tried to show you everything related to these apps. If you think you’re going to download any of these apps or have a suggestion for us leave a comment below.

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