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Best PTC Sites To Make money online

PTC websites are those websites who pay for clicking on ads. PTC means (Pay To Click) and as its name describes how it works. Many people are using PTC websites to make some extra amount of money. Many good PTC sites pay very genuinely and a good amount of money if you spend time using them.

PTC sites are also the major reason for scam and fraud as there are many fake PTC websites and people invests their time and money on them for attractive offers. But this doesn’t mean that all PTC websites are fake as there are many illegal similar websites.

So we are here to tell you Best PTC Sites To Make Money Online. Below is the list of so you can join any service from the list given to make money online.

Best PTC Sites:


Clixsense PTC site

Clicksense is best PTC website to make some bucks. PTC pays for ad clicks and refferal programme also. You can also win offers daily to make extra money using ClickSense.

ClickSense surveys pays more than ads clicking so you should try surveys. This service is very trusted and running from past 9 years. Users from USA, Australia and Canada etc. can make 1 dollar per day and using refferal, surveys users from these countries can make upto 20 dollars per week.

PayPal is accepted by ClickSense and you can receive your payments fastly. Minimum threshold is 8 dollars and thats very small amount in order to receive payments.


2. Neobux

neobux Paid to click service

NeoBux is similar like CLickSense but in order to use NeoBux to make money, you need to take care of their referral programmes and surveys. NeoBux provides very low cost per clicks and averagely they show total 30 ads per day. If you click on all ads daily you can’t still be able to make 1 dollar in a month.

THis doesn’t mean you can’t earn using NeoBux but you need to take advantage of refferal programme and surveys to make money on NeoBux. NeoBux is running from last 7-8 years and is one of the most trusted PTC websites to make money.

Cashout threshold for NeoBux is 2-10 dollars and that’s a very low amount. You can check out your earnings as soon as possible due to its low cashout threshold.

NeoBux pays around 0.001 per click on ads provided by them but you can make more by completing tasks. Tasks aren’t available every time but if you receives tasks quickly complete them to make more money.


3. DonkeyMails


DonkeyMails pays CPC around 0.0001-0.01 and that’s a good CPC rate for ads clicking. If you’re getting CPC around 0.01 it will be very sweeter for you. DonkeyMails gives you 100 ads per day for clicking and if you’re making 100 clicks a day with 0.01 CPC you can make 1 dollar per day easily.

DoneyMails is running since 10 years and is a trusted PTC network. Payments will be done quickly when you reach threshold cashout level.

The minimum threshold for cashout is 0.01 – 1 dollar and average daily income is around 0.04 dollars. DonkeyMails supports unlimited referrals and if you have done large number referrals then you can make more money using DonkeyMails.

4. BuxP

BUXP PTC website

It is one of the best PTC sites where you can make some money. BuxP is a stable PTC website and running from previous 7 years. BuxP provides many programmes like viewing ads on YouTube, Vimeo etc. using which you can make a good amount of money.

BuxP has a good refferal programme also from where you can make extras amount of dollars using BuxP.

BuxPalso has an unlimited referrals programme and that means you can refer all your friends and family members to make crazy easy money using this PTC website.

Minimum cashout threshold on BuxP is 7 dollars and average daily income is around 0.3 dollars if you give BuxP more time.

5. Scarlet-Clicks

ScarletClicks ptc

Scarelet-Clicks is also a good PTC website where you can make some money. Scarelet-CLicks also pays for refferals, and completing their surveys or tasks. This service is running from previous 7 years and never had any kind of payment issue.

You can upgrade your membership to make more from Scarelet-Clicks. Minimum cashout for Scarelet-Clicks is 0.5-2 dollars and dails ads provided for clicking is around 20.

CPC of Scarelet-Clicks is very low and it’s around 0.0005-0.1 and its hard to get good CPC. Hence to make more from this PTC website you need to give more attention to refferals programmes.


6. InnoCurrent


InnoCurrent is also best PTC site in order to make money. InnoCurrent provides a very large amount for referrals as compared to other PTC websites.

Average daily income on InnoCurrent is around 0.2 dollars which is a very good amount.

InnoCurrent is online for last 5 years and the cashout threshold for InnoCurrent is 5 dollars. Your payments may take some time to receive as InnoCurrent pay you later as compared to other PTC websites.

CPC rate on this PTC website is 0.0001-0.015 which is also a very low CPC rate hence you should take advantages of referral programmes and other offers by InnoCurrent to make more bucks online.

7. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel pays for completing surveys, completing surveys and by playing games online. PrizeRebel can give you large amount of prizes according to the offers that you are completing.

You can also make money here by choosing lucky numbers and all stuff like that.

PrizeRebel pays accordingly coins you have earned. If you have 100 coins you can make a cashout using PayPal easily.



PTC sites may become a sweet source of income for those who have a lot of free time in their daily life. If you invest around 1 hour in any PTC website it can make you around 20-50 dollars a month which is a good amount of extra earnings.

It is all about time investment. No need of skills only you should take care of clicks, referrals, and offers. There are also many tricks which can make you large amount using PTC websites.

Your PTC income will only be sweet if you’re giving regular time to PTC websites. All PTC website supports PayPal hence it becomes easier for you to receive small amount of money without having any trouble.

Alternatively you can upgrade your membership level to premium and it will help you to make extra money of PTC websites but don’t invest in un-trusted PTC websites as it may lead to fraud.

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