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Best Reverse Image Search Engine (5+ Websites Compared)

The Internet is really very useful way to share knowledge and to learn. Nowadays, we can learn anything from the internet using videos, articles and even some websites provide online study service. Internet connects millions of computers creating a chain to distribute the never-ending number os images, videos, and files. But, the bad part of the internet is that everything on the internet is being distributed by people without the permission of the real owner. Considering that you’ve captured some great pics this weekend and then published those on the internet. You definitely not want that those pics will be published by others without your permission. but, as usual, most of the people will distribute those pics. Now, the worst part is that some websites might use your pics to earn revenue. You can’t find out manually on how many sources your pic is available. So, it seems to be difficult to know how many duplicated of your picture is available on the internet. But, there are many best reverse image search engine out there which are always available to help you out finding the duplicate of your original pics.

We’ve done a little study on top reverse image search engines like Google, Bing, TinyEye, Berify, Yandex, Imageraider, Karmadecay, Baidu. Our results will amaze you as big search giants like Google and Bing can’t even compete for some of the reverse image search engines in the list. We’ve then listed the best reverse image search engine according to their power of finding the duplicated of the images on the web.

The use of images without the permission of its real owner is illegal but most people use pics for their personal use without asking the real owner. So, you can use any of these best reverse image search engine and can find the websites where your image is being used without your permission. Now, it will be easy to counter a legal notice against those websites.

Our Study Of Some Reverse Image Search Engines To Find Best Reverse Image Search Engine

Before ranking the reverse image search engines, we’ve done a little study on them. We’ve used 5 images which fall in different category like art, nature, logo, design, portrait and uploaded them on all the services to know how legitimately results are shown by these engines. We’ve also considered the user interface, features of these services.

We’ve Searched A Logo To Find Exact Same Duplicate Match

First of all, we’ve decided to search for a logo on all these reverse image search engines. The logo was related to Banshee Bikes. We just click on upload button and browse that random logo from our computer. After uploading the logo to all the engines, we were amazed by the results. Below is the brief description about the performance of all the engines. Here’s chart of the search results shown:

search results by reverse image search

#1 Berify The Best Reverse Search Engine

Berify is the winner of the first round. It shows us 112 results and the best part is that all the searched images are totally similar to the same that we’ve uploaded. There were indeed some added objects in the pics but the main logo was found on all the searched images.

After Signing up to the Berify for a free account, we were taken to the Dashboard. Using the dashboard upload the new pictures to do the reverse search and can manage the uploaded images.

Best Reverse Image Search Engine

After uploading the logo, Berify wasn’t showing any result at all. But, once we’ve refreshed the page the processing of image was started and once processing was done, there were 112 similar matched images found by the Berify. The source of the image and download button are then visible so that user can quickly visit the page where the duplicate of the image is available and can download the duplicate.

Berify is indeed best reverse image search engine available right now. Even big search giants like Google and Bing were not even close to Berify results.

#2 Google Reverse Image Search (Missing Some Features)

We all know that Google is search engine Giant. As expected that Google was able to fetch around 190 matched images. Rest of the images were only related to the Banshee Bikes. The bad part of the game is that there’s no special user interface or dashboard so that it becomes easy to find the source URL of the pages where the image is duplicated. Users will have to upload the image again and again as we can’t save the image on their servers. That’s why Berify wins the game here.

The user interface of the search page is normal and usual as it looks. There’s no need to pay and sign-up to use the service. Just visit their reverse image search page, upload your picture and you’ll get the results within seconds.

#3 TinEye Gets The Third Position

This is our second winner. There were 54 results shown by the TinEye and all of them were exactly the same matches and source to the image is also available. The user interface of this engine is regular with no dashboard like Berify. There’s also no need to Sign Up to use their service. just visit their website, upload your image and get the search results. The search results are shown very quickly. But, in Berify you’ll have to wait to get the search results.

The user interface of TinEye is not too good and not too bad. It’s just the usual interface, reverse searched images are similar to the image that was uploaded. This service is completely free but ads will be shown. Overall, this is one of the best reverse search engine you can use right now.

#4 Bing Image Search Ends Up With 5 Results

Bing is one of the biggest search engine giant. Microsoft owns and maintains the Bing and they do have reverse image search feature. The user interface is normal as usual and there’s no need to sing up to use this feature. Just visit their search page and click on the Image icon, browse your picture and upload it. You’ll then get the search results within few seconds.

But, Bing was only able to give 5 search results. Like Google, there was information available about the image and more images which weren’t similar to the uploaded image but relates to Banshee.

#5 Yandex Reverse Image Search Only Shows 5 Matches

Yandex is also one of the good Search engine and support reverse image search. The results shown by the Yandex was also little satisfying as this service was able to fetch 5 similar duplicated of the image and there were other search results which relate to the Banshee. In fact, some results were not related to Banshee but have the same figure like the logo that we’ve uploaded.

The user interface of the Yandex is similar to the search engines like Google and Bing. There’s no need to sign up top use the service and it’s completely free.

#6 Baidu (Chinese Search Engine) Similar To Bing

Baidu defeats Google in China search engine market. This is one of the most powerful and widely used search engine worldwide. This search engine Giant also supports reverse image search. We’ve uploaded the logo to Baidu and search results were shown quickly. but, there were only around 5 search results shown. There was little more information about the uploaded image like the Banshee bikes information.

Many search results which are also listed doesn’t relate to the uploaded image. Matched colors, shapes etc. images are shown in the results. Baidu reverse image search is completely free and can be used without sign up.

#7. ImageRaider (Something Is Wrong With Them)

There were no search results available for the logo we’ve uploaded on ImageRaider.

#8. Karmadecay (They End Up With Error)

This service was also not able to find any matched image.

Now, it’s clear that Berify, Google, Yandex are the winner here and rest of the reverse image search engine ends up with little search results. But, when we again searched for more pictures, what we found is that Bing and Baidu’s number of search results were increased. Google is always on the top with the highest number of search results.

Berify’s working was out of understanding as we uploaded the same picture to their server and both the times we get the different number of search results. We hope that they’ll fix this issue soon. Below is another graph chart of the search results.

search result 2

We know that you now know which reverse image search engine is the best reverse image search engine. Comment down below and share your views with us. Share this article with your friends and let them know which reverse image service is best in the market.

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