Top 27 Best Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Sports Online

Sports Streaming sites allow you to watch matches of a variety of categories. These sites gives you the freedom to not sitting in front of TV to watch your favorite player playing Live or any broadcast of the specific match. If want to get rid of sitting in one place to watch matches then you probably need some Best Sports Streaming websites. There maybe chances when a live match is happening but your operator does not provide you that specific channel in which the match is going on. And even not every category of sports can be available in one channel this can be frustrating to choose between them. Sports Streaming sites provide you the live stream of almost all matches that you like to see. Availability on the internet makes it so much portable so that you can use in on your mobile, tablet, laptop etc. The only necessity is an internet connection.

The Internet is a complete sea so you can be lost finding best sports streaming sites, also it can take you to some streaming site which can only provide you advertisements and loads of malware that is very harmful to your device.

So Here is a list of some of the best sports streaming sites which includes some live sports streaming site, with the Alexa rank to provide you better site info.



espn sports

Alexa Rank: 128

Espn is titled as The Worldwide Leader in sports and the site worth saying this. You can check live scores, watch your favorite sports online such as Cricket, Football, Tennis, Golf, Hockey and much more. If there is any Live game is running on any category of games then this site shows you that particular Live game right away on that specific category, Not only this, you will have highlights and even many interesting articles about different matches that are going to be in future or which has happened before.

ESPN has such attractive interface which is faster to access as well. Along with every category of the sports page, you will have a leaderboard on that page header which gives you update every second of scores of that particular sport.

Visit ESPN


2. Hotstar

hotstar sports

Alexa Rank: 265

Hotstar is another very popular streaming site as the Alexa ranking shows. It is basically an Indian based site but it doesn’t matter at all when it comes to watching sports online. Just go to its sports section where you can watch cricket, Football, Hockey, tennis etc. You can give comments to any sports highlight and it all comes in HD so will never miss your HD TV while watching on Hotstar. Along with sports, you can also watch TV shows, Movies, and News as well. Before start watching on Hotstart just create an account to watch and enjoy.

Visit Hotstar


3. CBS Sports

Alexa Rank: 1.1k

CBS Sports is an amazing Sports streaming site which keeps you up to date with different your favourite sport. Check its leaderboard for live and latest scores. You can watch the stream, read sports news or even listen to live radio it’s all upon you. If you want to watch in video then go to its watch section.

Visit CBS Sports


4. NBC Sports

nbc sports

Alexa Rank: 2k

On its home page, you will see left widget Watch Now bar in which this site provides you the title of streams so you can select and watch anytime. Otherwise, go to its watch section from above secondary menu. On its watch page, you can even filter result as Sport category, Networks and zip code as well to find a channel for you to watch stream. Or you can check full events reply and highlights also. For quick scores check its leaderboard that is officially placed on header on most sports streaming sites.

Visit NBC Sports


si sports

Alexa Rank: 2.1k

Watch highlights of games, check scores or read expert reviews on previous and upcoming matches, watch podcasts. This site shows you with trend and variety of sports news also. You can have this all by this website or se its app which is available for iOS and Android. Only thing you need is an account so signup and login to start wi


6. Stream2watch

stream 2 watch

Alexa Rank: 7.1k

Stream2watch is the free live sports streaming site. If you want to watch live sports online for free then this site is your direct access. Select from its four categories in which the sports are also included and under sports category you will find different variety of sports. Search any term in its search engine or just click on Live Now button that will show you a complete list of different games that are running live and those which are going to happen in a specific time as shown in front of each of them and can be watched in HD. Most of the sites provide HD streams in premium service or paid but this site is totally free.

Visit Stream2watch


7. VIPBox


Alexa Rank: 10k

VIPBox is one of the free and best sport streaming site which you can use to watch streams of lot of games. You can search any game, filter results to sport category to the level of games. This site provides streams for all around the world. You can go to Live now to watch live streams. You can select from 7 languages to make it more accessible on your language.

Visit VIPBox


8. Ronaldo7


Alexa Rank: 11k

Are you a soccer lover! and Cristiano Ronaldo is your favorite then this site is Definitely for you. Watch soccer stream live, check the upcoming soccer games. You can check the every single goal done by cristiano Ronaldo in this site. Read every News about him and check out photo gallery. Only one thing to say about this site, you must his fan if you are visiting this site because this site is considered to be as the Best Sports streaming sites for providing Cristiano Ronaldo games.

Visit Ronaldo7

9. U-verse

u verse

Alexa Rank: 21k

U-verse is a very popular live stream website which provides free love streams of your TV. It has over 205 Tv Channel in which 28 are sports channels. Those 28 has almost every popular sports channel such as ESPN, BTN, FS1, FS2. NBCN etc. You can choose from those available sports channels to start watching streaming.

Visit U-verse

10. ScoresInLive


Alexa Rank: 25k

If you are really interested in watching live scores and results then this site is for you. It has really simple interface to make your page loading faster. This site is extremely fast in term of live score update to check the game status, it is real live scores TV. You can simplify, order by or filter the result.

Visit SoresInLive

11. FirstRowSports

first row sports

Alexa Rank: 27k

As this site name says “First Row Sports”, this gives you stream on categories of sports from the first row. With each stream on every category, you will see links to available streams. Not each and every stream has more than one links but on most of them, you will get more than one links.

Visit FirstRowSports



fox sports

Alexa Rank: 28k

This site provides you sports stream according to its edition that’s basically means the region in which you want to see the stream.

Fox sports is a very reliable site which has sport news, Live TV. In this, you can watch sports like football, Tennis Golf, Volleyball, Boxing and many others. You can check its TV guide to find out more live stream listing of current day or each day of that week all you need to do is select the region.

Visit FOX Sports

13. FromHot

fromhot sports streaming

Alexa Rank: 30k

This is another free live sports streaming site. FromHot is similar as sportlemons in interface. Same as sportlemons you will have a list of sports on his home page. In order to watch any specific sports select that category.

Visit FromHot


Alexa Rank: 35k

With a very attractive interface, this site has almost every category of sport. You can see all the live sports running in its top right corner. Check out whats hot, latest sports videos and interviews. You can choose between English and German to access the site features. Search any sport through its search box. Create an account to access more features of it.


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15. VIPLeague

Alexa Rank: 41k

Simply visit the site, select from various sports icons or click live now to get live sports, you can check upcoming events by clicking on the upcoming events. You can search any game. Filter your searched result of any sports category page. Check the schedule of other coming days with any particular sport. Overall the site is great but the bad thing is its pop-up ads that can irritate you a little bit but its worth it.

Visit VIPLeague


16. StreamHunter

Alexa Rank: 49k

Streamhunter has categories in its header menu so you have to select one of those or whatever category you want to choose or suits your choice. On the next page you will see streams on that day listed on the page, it totally depends if there is no stream for that day on a particular sport category then you will not going to see any listing there and if there has some then probably you will see a complete listing of that day’s streams.

Visit StreamHunter



Alexa Rank: 51k

This is one of the best sports streaming sites in Russia. Obviously, this site provides streams in the Russian language so you must use a translator to translate this site or skip this site and move on to check other sites from the list. You can check out scores, watch live TV and Videos of previous games. You can choose from a variety of games to start streaming.

Visit Site

18. Streamwoop

Alexa Rank: 97k

Very glaring interface with trending games, Sports replys, and highlights, Live competitions, or Go to Watch Live Sports Online. Start watching trending Live games anytime through its home page listing. Or you can choose any category of game to see those games Live, or those which are going to happen in next day or in hours/minutes.This site is also famous for baseball leagues like Major League Baseball, Regional Baseball Leagues or College Baseball League. You can create an account to take advantage of its more features.

Visit Streamwoop



Alexa Rank: 98k

Bossscast provides free sports streams. It has over 130 channels in which you can watch sports watch live or broadcast sports. This site has a chat box along with each channel in which you can chat with other website members regarding the game. You must have an account to use chat box. This site has channels like ESPN, BT Sports, Euro Sport, Fox sports etc. Not only sports streams, this site also provides you Live shows and movies as well.



20. All Sports Free

Alexa Rank: 235k

This is one of the Fine sports streaming sites. Here you will get All sports streams live and Free. This site has Free Football streams, live tennis, basketball streams, Golf streams and many others. Not too much to stream but enough much to watch live sports streams.

Visit All Sports Free


21. Batmanstream

Alexa Rank: 308k

Select from Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, and Moto and you will get the listing of the live stream for that day. You can change the GMT from the GMT box and the stream time of matches will change accordingly. Select the stream and you will have one or more than one link to start the stream.

Visit Batmanstream


Alexa Rank: 490k

Very quick and easy to open site with the maximum simple interface. In the home page, you will have a list of different sports streams which is going to happen with the timing along with team names. If you want to see if there any stream going on a specific sports category then you can switch from its main header menu to any category in which you want to see a stream.

More Sites:

23. Alexa Rank: 84k

24. Alexa Rank: 6

25.  Alexa Rank: 483k

26. Alexa Rank: 31k

27. 46k

Hope you enjoyed the list of Best Sports streaming sites. Feel free to give your feedback on above sports websites in the comments.