Best URL Shortening Websites To Shorten URL’s 2017

Best URL Shortening Websites To Shorten URL’s
Best URL Shortening Websites To Shorten URL’s

Best URL Shortening Websites

The best way to share long URL on any website is by shortening them by using any URL shortener services. Sometimes you need to share any long URL on social media or on any website then URL shortening services will help you a lot. If your URL is too long or you don’t want to show the actual landing page address, you can use URL shortening services.

You can also make money by shortening your URL’s on some of the URL shortener services. They pay on per 1000 clicks or similar like that. So, here is a list of some best URL shortening websites. These are totally free services but may include paid PRO features.

Benefits Of Using URL Shortening Service

  1. You can shorten your long URL easily.
  2. Hide your actual landing page.
  3. Can track how many people clicked on yourURL and can trace their country.
  4. People feels better to click on short URL’s

List Of Best URL Shortening Services To Shorten URL’s is top on our list because of its simplicity and features. also provides details like geolocation from where users clicked URL, their OS, browser used and much more. Google discovered this URL shortening service called google shortener, there are no paid features included in this service. It’s the best way to shorten your URL and also your trust factor of shortened URL also become high because people feels safe to click URL which is shortened by service.

There is no way to make money by using this URL shortening service provided by Google. Google doesn’t promote any business or shows ads on this service.

Best URL Shortener Websites
Best URL Shortener Websites

Example Of URL You Will Get After Shortening Long URL: –

Features Of :-

  1. Pro tracking features for tracking clicks made by users.
  2. Direct landing or shortened URL.
  3. No Paid service included.


2. is also a very smart way to shorten and share your URL’s. Using you can also track your shortened URL’s but there is also a paid service which enables you to create more short URL’s. The best thing about is that you can shorten your URL without creating any account, but if you need to track your clicks on shortened URL you have to create an account. So it’s better to work with a registered account on

Best URL Shortener Websites
Best URL Shortener Websites

Example Of URL Shortened By :-

Features Of :-

  1. Track your clicks and locations from where users are landed on your page.
  2. You can shorten your URL without creating an account.
  3. also provides API.


3. have many pro features which are very useful for any development work. It has PRO plan using which you can shorten URL’s with your custom domain name. also provides advanced analytics like tracking IP location of the user who clicked on your URL and much more. also generates shortcodes for your URL if you need.

Example Of URL Shortened :-

Benefits Of –

  1. Provides advanced tracking features like IP address.
  2. Provides features in PRO plan for developing work.
  3. You can also use QR code for sharing or printing purpose.


4. Tinyurl

Best URL Shortener Websites
Best URL Shortener Websites

Tiny URL is the simplest website which can be used to shorten URL’s without signing up on the website. There are no features like tracking or something like that. It’s just a service to make your URL shorten. Tinyurl is the fastest way to shrink URL’s.

Example Of Url Shortened By Tinyurl :-

Benefits Of Using Tinyurl :- 

  1. No need to sign up.
  2. Instant service to shorten URL’s.

5. is a good way to make money through the URl’s you shortened on this website. This service shortens your URL, puts ads on the first page when the user clicks on the shortened URL and then ads will be shown and after 5 sec. User can visit your landing page. It’s frustrating for users but sweet enough for you if wants to make money using shorten URL’s.

Best URL Shortener Websites
Best URL Shortener Websites

Example Of URL Shortened By :-

Benefits Of Using :-

  1. You can earn money using
  2. Works in most of the countries.


So, these are the best URL shortening services you can choose for shortening your URL’s. You can choose any service according to your need and you can easily short url.

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