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Best Android Weather Apps To Check Weather

Weather apps are just awesome and very useful for us. They can tell us very close possibility of weather. You can have information like will it rain today, or will it rain tomorrow. These apps are doing an amazing job. Prediction of weather is approximately the same. But, you know that earth’s weather kept changing instantly. But, weather apps can provide you very rich information about weather. There are many weather apps available on play store. But, you probably need an app which has many features and provides you good information. This article will be showing you the best android weather app to check the weather.

These apps are ranked according to the user interface, features, and many other facts. We’ve tried all these apps. You can any of them, all these apps are amazing and probably best android weather app. We’ve tried to give you every important information about these apps. Weather data actually work on state and national basis. Many states have their own weather data collection devices. Many apps are synced through that data. Most of the countries provide weather data using satellite and it’s the main source of weather data for most of the apps. Download one of the best android weather app from below by reading their specifications and features etc.

Best Weather Android App

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is another amazing best weather app and has amazing features. It can provide you the minute by the minute weather forecast. It has decent kind of feature which can tell you when rain will start and when rain will stop. This feature makes your experience much better. But, prediction of weather is not easy using modern technology too. AccuWeather can provide you the hourly forecast very accurately which is 99% accurate.

best android apps for checking weather


The weather forecast is very amazing, you’ll get wide information about Rain, Snow, Windo Pressure, Thunder Storm probability. It also supports alert push notification for the United States. The United States has very well established weather forecast system. AccuWeather can push alert notification and you can have time to find a safe place.

Using this app, users can also watch some of the weather news and videos. You’re always alerted and updated with weather situations if using AccuWeather app. Weather situation in this app is updated regularly in every 15 minutes which is great. Download this app, this is probably one of the best android weather apps for checking the weather on your smartphone.

Play Store Link: AccuWeather

2. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather is one of the most downloaded and best weather app for Android. This amazing weather app can tell you the weather forecast which is 99% accurate. This is unbelievable but true. Yahoo weather’s database for weather forecast is synced through many satellite’ servers and other weather servers. This weather app has a very amazing user interface and looks great. Its hourly weather forecast is very accurate. You can even predict the weather after 5 days which is amazing. As we all now that weather changes very fastly and hence it’s tough to provide very accurate information of weather.

best weather apps for android

Yahoo Weather

But, Yahoo weather provides a very accurate hourly weather forecast. You can turn on your location so that Yahoo can provide the weather forecast for the location you’re currently living or traveling. The interface becomes very nice looking when the weather forecast is shown on the stunning images from your current location.

You can have weather information like wind speed, pressure, rain etc. There’s satellite option from where you can access the maps and weather which is displayed on the maps. This is amazing as you can look at the weather forecast graphically on maps.

Play Store Link: Yahoo Weather

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3. MSN Weather

MSN Weather is designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. This app looks very simple but is very cool and user-friendly. This app doesn’t look professional in Android devices. But, if we talk about Windows devices, this app looks amazing. But, for Android devices, the user interface is very simple. If you need weather app with a simple interface and good information about weather, then MSN weather is best for you. MSN weather’s weather data information is 99% accurate. It can tell you hourly stats about the weather. You can even check weather report of next seven days easily.

best simple weather apps for android

MSN Weather

This app can detect your current location and provides you weather data report according to your location. It has maps feature where users can check many kinds of weather data. There’s satellite view with real-time clouds information over the globe. This is not very enhanced but it looks amazing and informative.

MSN weather can serve you the notification alerts about bad weather. This is great as you can find a safe place before any thunderstorm or heavy rain. Download and use this best weather app for Android and stay updated with weather reports.

Play Store Link: MSN Weather

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4. ASUS Weather

ASUS weather is developed by ASUS Corp. who is also leading company in Mobile Phones and Laptops. This app provides more enhanced data and real fell temperature like data. Users can download and use this app for free. This app has widget feature which is very useful to show real-time weather forecast on your screen.

weather apps for android

ASUS Weather

This app provides daily temperature prediction, high and low temperature like data for free. Users can get data like humidity temperature, sunset and sunrise time and so on. Most amazing this is that this app has ZEN user interface which looks pretty.

Also, ASUS weather app provides hourly weather data and PSI data which is great. Like all other apps, it has automatic location detection and other key features which make it best weather app for Android. Download this app today and ay tune with weather forecast anytime.

Play Store Link: ASUS Weather

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5. Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast is another amazing best weather app for Android smartphones. This app provides nice looking and enhanced interface. The best thing about this app is that it shows current weather condition in animated was. Hence, while looking through the weather, you will get all those amazing animations which look great. It can show the weather information on the lock screen but you need to change settings for that.

best free weather apps for android

Weather Forecast

The way this app show weather report is simple and nice looking. It’s very easy to read all the reports in one go. Users can have weather data reports for next 7-10 days. This makes your weather prediction very strong.

Location detection is supported by this app. Just turn on your GPS and get the fresh weather information about your current location. There are many other features that you might love to use using this app. Download this best weather app for Android and get fresh updates about the weather.

Play Store Link: Weather Forcast


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