How To Block Ads On YouTube Videos and Sidebar (youtube without ads)

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Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. People used to search their queries right after google on youtube. Billions of views are happening everyday on youtube. People do not use social media, but they definitely do have youtube. Most of the people started their career from youtube by becoming a famous youtube and earning massive income. On the other side, there are people who are a just viewer and just wanna to get their solution from youtube or be entertain by youtube. The only irritating part while watching videos on youtube is the youtube ads which irritate us very well. Because sometimes you will get unskippable ads which can’t be skipped and you have to watch the entire ad until it finishes, and without watching that ad you can not watch the further video. There are other types of ads appear during video watching such as cards ad, sidebar ads and skippable ads. If you are looking for blocking or remove ads on Youtube Videos then you should try the below methods to do so:

Using Extension to block Youtube ads:

The Most usable feature on chrome which makes it more reliable and allows us to add additional features to our chrome browser is, using the extension. By adding an extension we can complete our task and it depends upon that particular extension and what is it used for. Every extension has its own different features to serve. Similarly, there are also many extensions for ad blocking which is used for Blocking ads on youtube as well as other websites.

  • Go to this link to Click Get Adblock Now button.
  • On the extension, page click on Add extension button to add an extension on your browser.
  • After successfully adding the Adblock extension you are done.

You will not see ads on youtube now. All the ads will be automatically removed by Adblock. It will increase your video streaming speed by not loading the advertisement to save your internet data and make the video watching much smoother.

Using Developer Console to Remove youtube ads

Yes, You can remove ads from youtube using developer console, you don’t need to edit code just simply put the code in developer console as we will going to tell you on below steps:

  • Go to Youtube and open any video.
  • Now open developer console using short key( Ctrl+Shift+j) for chrome and Opera and Ctrl+Shift+K for Firefox.
  • Simply copy the below code and paste in the developer console.

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;";window.location.reload();

  • Press enter and it will automatically refresh the window and then you are done.

Now you can enjoy the ads Free experience and youtube. It will apply for entire youtube