15+ Bluestacks Alternative (Apps like Bluestacks)

When it comes to using an Emulator to emulates environment of Android then the very first thing that you will be hearing from other geeks is Bluestacks. It helps you access all Android applications through your PC. Bluestacks is one of the top best emulators for android since its launched and becomes most popular one. Bluestacks can run almost every Android application in it. But there maybe times when you have wondered that if you could use some alternatives to bluestacks because you probably have a lower requirement than Bluestacks app player requires or you probably want to try something new. Well yes, there are other apps like Bluestacks which you can check in below list of Bluestacks alternatives.

1. Remix OS Player

remix os android emulator

Remix OS Player is one of the best bluestacks alternative which you will find on the Internet. Along with using all the general apllications of Android, RemixOS Player is so capable that it lets you play all the android games that has even low requirements or if its a heavy game. Even this Emulator is really made for gamers who are actually into playing awesome and try new games with tedious controls. It lets you Map unlimited buttons you need, so you can be more friendly with your keybord while playing your favorite games.

The multi-tasking ability in this game lets you play more than one game simultaneously. Another best thing about RemixOS is that it keeps you up to date with the latest version of android so you can enjoy new features of any game with the newest/latest version going on that time. After all these amazing features and more, it is totally free to download and use.

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2. YouWave Android Emulator


YouWave gives you ability to download thousands of apps from the play store so you can use them while you don’t have an Android device. This is a High performance and very responsive Emulator which you can use. It Run on almost every version of ur Windows PC (Windows 10/8/7, Windows Vista, Windows XP). This Emulator also gives you SD card functionality which enables game saving. You can also play multiplayer online games. This emulator can cost you a little bit if you wanted to use the latest android version, however, with android version 4.0.4 (ICS) this emulator is free.

The minimum system requirements you should be having in order to use YouWave Androd Emulator is:

  • Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
  • 2.0GB DRAM, 500MB disk space
  • Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP)

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3. Nox App Player

nox app player

Here comes another Android emulator for Games, so you can actually enjoy awesome android games and have a great gameplay with a new interface. As its official site says its a perfect Android emulator to play mobile games on PC and they really mean it. Nox App Player gives you one of the smoothest and fastest experiences that you can ever had. This Emulator comes with leading technology based off Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1, compatible with X86/AMD. Along with that it is very stable, fast and reliable. It has very high Compatibility so you can play every game and try new apps as per your needs. You have multiple features here, it Supports keyboard, gamepad, script recording and multiple instances as well.

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4. KoPlayer


This is another best alternative to Bluestacks due to its free availability and awesome interface. This Emulator can help you Run all your Android apps on your Windows PC. It has very simple and easy interface and since this Emulator is totally free so you don’t need to worry about features because you will get full access to the entire KoPlayer. In order to install new apps or try new games you need to install them through Google play store as you always do, and since the play store on your Android device needs a google account to run, so here you also need one too and if you already have one, then log-in through that account to start installing apps & games and you are ready to go.

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5. Leapdroid


If you want android applications to run on your Windows PC then Leapdroid is one of the best software for you. One of the best features of this emulator is that it lets you create multiple emulator profiles so you can load/play same games while logged-in from two different accounts. You can use touch gestures on Leapdroid which are mapped to keys on the keyboard: for instance, swiping right becomes pressing the right arrow key and similarly swiping left will become left key. One of the sad part about this emulator is that it is no longer be updated due to it has started working with google, but you still have the old version which is .fantastic enough to fullfill all your need of using an Android emulator or even more than that.

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6. MEmu


One of the superb Bluestacks alternative which we will consider you is known as Memu because it has very advanced processing and another part is that it’s very updated. It lets you play all the popular mobile games on your PC. Along with the decent interface to play android apps and games on your Windows PC it also lets you have full control on them through the mouse or your keyboard. You can also use multiple accounts to play the game or play multiple games on the same account simultaneously.

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7. Droid 4X

Droid 4X is one of the free Android Emulator which you should use. This Emulator is pretty popular in front of those who love playing three-dimensional games offered by Android. The latest version of this Emulator is so much improved and good enough to use a heavy application/game without having that much effect on the operating system. Droid4X is available for Windows and Mac versions, and the iOS version is still under development. At last, it’s a very simple to use and a perfect bluestacks alternative for everyone.

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8. ARC Welder

ARC Welder lets you run all the standard application directly on your Windows PC by using APK files. This is not a software application same as Blustacks which you should install and use but this is an extension which you can use for free. All you need to do is add the extension on your browser and it lets you test/run all the starndard apllication on android.

This Extenstion can be a good fit especially while you working on the internet using your browser and don’t want to switch screens coz this alternative is available in form of an extension. It might not be a good fit to play games or using some heavy applications but for all the standard applications, it probably makes the process much convinient and quick.

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9. Windroy

Windroy Emulator runs on the concepts of YouWave and Bluestacks and provides you the platform where you can run and use Android applications as the way you do on your Android device. It makes the process easy so you can access any specific or desired application you want. This Emulator can be used on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and Windows Vista. It currently uses Android 4.0.4 but soon expected to be updated for the latest version of Android.

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10. Andy Android Emulator

Andy OS android emulator offers you a full Android interface so you can use it as the way you use your other Android devices. You can use your phone as a remote control as well. With all basic and advanced features as Android, it also supports push notifications. Andy OS is highly customizable. You can sync with your mobile device to get your all your associated account data. You can even install custom ROMs or change to a different launcher, as you want.

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11. Genymotion

Genymotion is the perfect choice for Android geeks because it has really advanced features. It has the ability to emulates many of the popular Android devices, which includes popular models such as the Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy family of products as well. For the control of your emulated device, the keyboard and the mouse will be detected automatically. You can run/use as many apps you want. It works fine with all the version of windows, which must be having a processor of Intel Pentium 4 or later version of that with atleast 1GB free space on computer/PC along with 2GB RAM.

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If you are looking for other apps like bluestacks then AMIDuOS can be a stop for you. It is one of the fastest emulators for Android. When it comes to features then AMIDuOS is nothing less than a full Android experience that you can’t forget. With the latest Android version, you can always enjoy installing and trying new apps. It performs very fast with no limits. This is Emulator is so much compatible that it can run almost every application available in Android market.


13. Android-x86

This software is developed by Android-x86 and the name specifies, you just need a 32bit x86 processor, it doesn’t have such high requirements to run. You can install and enjoy all the standard Android applications and it’s free to use. The team behind Android-x86 keeps on working for improving it to coming android updates. You can also avail almost all basic and advanced features of an Android device with this Software.

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14. Shashlik

The main goal of this app is to provide an easy to use interface for a standard Linux desktop where we can run our Android application. Since its Linux based, so you may need to go through some commands but it is very powerful and deeply customizable as well. If you were looking for some bluestacks alternative which can run for Linux then this can be a rigth choice for you.

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15. Console OS

It is an OS based on Android 4.4 KitKat which has been optimized to run on computers with recent Intel Core or Atom processors. It lets you install Android as a standalone OS or configure it as a dual-boot option to run alongside Windows. It has Free versions as well as pro versions which clearly means you will get the difference in its features but it all your choice whether you wanted to be limited with the free version or get all features with the pro version. It works perfectly for tablets and for gamers too.

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16. iPadian

Unlike above Emulators, iPadian is a simulator but you can still use it as Blustacks alternative. It gives you an impression of using the iOS, so that you can see and feel the difference between Android and the iOS. iPadian does not create a local version of the iOS on your device. All it does is to make you have a feel of using an actual iOS device however you will not get access to its actual features like apple app store.

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