How to Capture Online Videos Without Downloading

movavi screen recorder

Watching videos online becomes part of our day to day internet life, either in education part or fun. The one who is seeking for some information on the internet and ends up finding those long notes written on a website is such an irritated part. Going on that way for finding or gathering information takes forever, especially when you have to finally read and understand those hundreds of paragraph. However, if you try finding online videos for the same info then it’s going to work like a charm. Not only those videos will save your time and effort but also, you can understand it in a better and easier way as compared to the reading the same.

There are various platforms from where you can watch those online videos, such as from youtube, which is one of the biggest platforms for watching videos online, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and plenty of websites.

Watching any particular online video again for your purpose is not a tedious task, but in order to watch them again, you must have an internet connection. There may be situations when not every time and every place the internet can be available. In such cases, you must have those videos saved on your system for later watching.

In order to download those videos on your windows system, you must have a download option on that platform where the online video is available so you can download the video right away and take benefit from the video even if you are not having an Internet connection. Unfortunately, most of the times you are not going to have that download option, in such case you will be stuck thinking that how you can capture those videos without downloading, so below is the explanation.

How to Capture Online Videos Without Downloading:

When it comes to capturing online video then the concept here is to record your windows screen, which means the to get our capturing work done, we need to find a software which can do this task. There are plenty of screen recording software available for windows but one which works best is Screen Recorder Studio by Movavi.

movavi screen recorder recording

So, here are a few steps which you can use in order to capture/record screen of your windows system:

  1. Install Movavi’s Video Screen Capture software on your Windows System.
  2. Once installed, run the software and click Record Screen.
  3. Now set the size in which you want to record, so its necessary to select the area of the frame where the online video is playing. You can also go through other options such as you want to record audio along with the video or schedule the screen recording.movavi screen recorder video settings
  4. After doing all the settings as per your needs, you need to click the Rec button in order to start recording. Once it’s started recording you can pause or stop the recording anytime, either manually or using short keys F9(Pause) and F10(Stop).movavi screen recorder rec button
  5. Once you stop the recording of your online video, it will show you a preview window of the recorded/captured screen, which you can edit right away to remove any unnecessary part and save afterward.


Capturing your windows screen is not a tedious task but doing it with the right software is necessary. There are plenty of other software which can give you a completely free service but they don’t have enough functions to fulfill your current or future needs, so it’s better to be familiar with the best one in the first place.