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How To Charge a Laptop Without a Charger

In this world of technology, almost everyone has a laptop which they use for their official work or any other work. As laptops need more power to work and its battery drains very quickly. You’ll hardly get 4-5hours of battery backup if using a laptop in full performance mode. This is very irritating as you’ll have to charge your battery again and again after 4-5 hours. It’s OK if you’re in office or home. But, what if you’re traveling or out of your home. There’s no AC power supply in many public places or any charging points where you can charge your laptop battery. This is a serious problem and you might think to charge a laptop without a charger. This is possible in many ways.

Laptops need about 10-12V as input for charging. When you connect your laptop charger to AC then adapter on charger converts the voltage to 12V which is then supplied to the battery to charge. You can read the output of your laptop charging adapter.

We are not talking about any magic here which will charge your laptop without a charger. But, we’ll talk about some of the legit ways which might help in your case.If you’re a hardcore mobile user, then you should have a power bank which charges your battery when you’re traveling and out of battery. Similarly, there’re many power banks for laptops which will help you in to charge a laptop without a charger.

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Method 1. Charge a Laptop Without a Charger -Power Banks

Powers banks are the best way to charge your laptops anywhere. This is very simple, all you need to do is just buy a power bank with at least 40,000-50,000 MAH capacity. Get a data cable which can be used to charge your laptop battery. You can buy power banks on any E-Commerce website. Many types of power banks are available on e-commerce websites but make sure you’re buying a good quality power bank. Otherwise, you might not be satisfied with the power bank. There’re many fake power banks available in the market which doesn’t work at all.

charge a laptop without a charger

Laptop Power Banks

Make sure power bank you’re buying is above 30,000mah (40,000-50,000mah recommended). Also, if you can find certified power banks from your laptop manufacturer then it will be very good thing.

Method 2. Universal Power Adapter

Most of the users are frustrated due to their laptop chargers. Sometimes charged stops working, or your charger is damaged. Also, many users work with multiple laptops having different charging port sizes. Due to this, when they are traveling or going on the weekend, they need to pack both the Chargers. This makes your luggage heavy. To avoid this you can buy any universal power adapter which works with many laptops.

universal adapter charge any laptop

Power Adapter

A universal power adapter is also another best way to do this. These adapters have a charging pin for almost every company’s laptop. You can buy a universal adapter from any online store.Make sure that adapter you’re buying has the charging pin which works with your laptop.

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Method 3. Use Car Charger

If you are traveling lover and kept traveling by your car then you should buy a car charger. Cars have 12V output module which can be used to assemble a speaker or stereo etc in your car. You can use any cable which supports your charging slot and with your car output slot. Make sure your car does have a 12V output module.

car charging module charge laptop without charger

Car Charging Module


These types of charging modules are multipurpose and work for many purposes like. You can use this to charge a laptop without a charger, can charge your phone and other electrical instruments easily.



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