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How To Clone a Phone Using an Easy Method

Clone your phone with another phone with these easy steps. Buying a new mobile device is an awesome moment but when you think about your data in the old device, you’ll be hurt. All your apps, photos, contacts, all that stuff is left behind on old device. Moving that old data will take a lot of time. Also, left you might get frustrated. Sometimes all your data is not copied or left behind. Clone a phone with methods shown in this article.

Many users need to clone their phone with their laptop or computer device to create a backup of all data in case they lost it. This can also be done very easily using some cloning apps or without apps also.

Most users need to transfer Contacts and Photos to their new device. These two things are very important for all users. If you switched from Android to iPhone or to Windows phone or vice versa. Then transferring data between different operating systems becomes very difficult in some cases.

In this article, we’ll guide you through all the steps to clone a phone. You can clone it with any other device like Android-Laptop-iPhone-Windows.

Clone an Android Phone To Another Android Phone

Android is the widely used operating system for mobile phones. This operating system has a lot of apps in the store. There are a bunch of free apps also which helps in cloning data from one Android mobile to another.

The interesting part is that you can even clone Call Logs, MMS, SMS, and System Settings also. This is great as there will be nothing left behind on your all device and all your phone’s important settings will be available on the new device.

There’s an app called CLONEit which transfer almost everything you’ve on your old device. It clones your contacts, SMS, MMS, call logs, applications, APP data, pictures, videos, music, calendar, system settings (Wi-Fi account passwords, browser bookmarks), etc. Below are the steps to get started:

  1. First of all download and install an app from play store “CLONEit“. Make sure this app is installed on both the devices (Old and New one)
  2. Open the app on both phones. In old phone select “Sender”.
    click sender to clone data

    Click On Sender


  3. Now select the data you need to clone to a new Android mobile phone. Select apps, app data, call logs, messages and all the things you need to receive on the new phone.Select Data and Apps


  4. Now, click on start. Make sure the same app is installed and launched on the new Android device. Click on Receiver.Click On Receiver On New Device

    On your old device, you’ll get your new Android device listed there. Click on the device and transfer should begin from old to new.

  5. Wait till all the data is transferred.Wait For Transfer


You’re done now, enjoy all your app data and settings on the new device. It’s easy and quick process.

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Clone Android With iPhone/iPad

Apple iPhones are full of limitations. There are many things you’ll miss in iPhones if you were Android user. Transferring data, downloading files like tasks on iPhones are not even possible easily. But, if you decided to switch from Android to iPhone and wants to transfer all Android data to iPhone then below is the easiest way to do that.

There’s an application developed by Apple Inc. named as Move to iOS which will help you in moving your data from Android to iOS. Because this app is developed by Apple it will work fine for you. You don’t need to install any app on iPhone as it has an inbuilt feature which is used to move data from Android.

Move to iOS app can clone your Calenders, Contacts, Photos and Videos, Web Bookmarks, and Mail Accounts. Below are the steps to clone android data to iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download and install Move to iOS app on the Android device.
  2. Select Apps and Data on iOS and select “Move Data From Androidmove data from android to ios


  3. On Android device open the app and on iPhone click Continue till you got a security code. iOS device will create a personal hotspot. On Android device enter that code to continue.enter code to clone data to ios


  4. Select the data you need to transfer/clone to iOS.
    select data to clone to iphone

    Select Data


  5. Wait till the transfer of data is completed. It should take few moments and depends on the quantity of data you’re transferring.
    move clone data ios android

    Wait For Transfer


Now, enjoy your Android data on new iPhone or iPad. The process is very simple to follow. All your old data is now transferred to new Apple device.

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Clone Android With Windows Phone

Microsoft is still working on their Windows Phones to provide most of the features and applications to their users. However, these phones aren’t able to get the intention of most of the users. But many users are attracted to Windows 10 Mobile due to its features and Windows 10 interface and features.

If you were an Android user and wants to transfer your Android data to Windows Phone then below are the steps for doing that. You need to install and app called “Switch To Windows Phone” on both Android and Windows device to get started. Using this application you can clone your Contacts, Videos, Text Messages, Photos etc.

Also, clone your Android data to One drive and download it on Windows Phone later. Below are the steps to clone data from Android to Windows Phone using WiFi share method.

  1. Download and install Switch To Windows Phone app on both Android and Windows Phone. For Android Click Here. For Windows Phone search on Store.
  2. Open the app on both the devices and on Android device keep clicking on “Next” till you got the screen like the image given below.
    clone data to Windows Phone

    Connect To The WiFi On Windows Phone


  3. Open WiFi settings on Android device and connect to the same wifi network and password listed on Android App. Then open the “Switch To Windows Phone” app on Windows phone and keep clicking Next.
  4. Select the data you need to transfer from Android to Windows Phone.
    select the data to clone to windows phone

    Select Data

  5. Wait till the transfer is completed.
    successfully cloned data



You’re done now. All your important data is now transferred to Windows Phone.

To clone data to the laptop you can use SHAREit app or manually copy-paste all your data. This is the easiest and normal way to do that.


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