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How to Convert M4b To MP3

Most of the users don’t know about M4b file. It’s audio file format used on iTunes store. These are used on iTunes store to store audio books. M4b is similar to M4a and these both formats are identical to each other. When you buy a song from iTunes store it’s saved in M4a format. Audiobooks from iTunes stores use M4b format to save the last location where you’ve stopped to listen to the audio book. Hence, M4b are recommended over MP3 because MP3 can’t save the last location of the music file when it was paused by the user. With these features, M4b is very useful in audiobooks. But, M4b can’t be played by all media players. If you don’t want to listen to M4b file on Apple devices then you can convert M4b to MP3. Many online and offline M4b to MP3 converters are available.

When you don’t have a compatible media player which can play M4b media file you should convert M4b to MP3. Conversion can’t be done from M4b to MP3 by just changing the file extension from .M4b to .MP3. You’ll have to use online M4b to MP3 converters or offline tools. The conversion will be done in small amount of time and depends on the size of your M4b file. This means your audiobooks can be played on any device because the MP3 format is supported by almost every media player.

Methods given below will guide you to convert M4b to MP3 using some offline methods and online websites. These all methods work fine and absolutely are free. YOu don’t have to pay to convert your M4b file to MP3. Even you have the choice to convert your M4b to any other audio format.

Convert M4b To MP3

There are many methods which can do this conversion for free. Below are the best ways that you would love to use. We’ve shown how to convert M4b to MP3 online and also by offline ways.

Convert M4b to MP3 Online

In this method, we’ll be converting M4b files to MP3 using an online converter. This converter is known as CloudCOnvert. This free service is used to convert media files to different formats. Almost every media file format is supported by this converter. There’s no need to download any tool or software. Just visit their official website and start the conversion.

The amazing thing about this service is that users can put the URL to M4b file. The service will itself fetch the file and gives you converted MP3 file. Even users can select M4b files from Dropbox or Google Drive if they’ve stored them on these two cloud storage services.

Step 1. Visit the official website of ConvertCloud.

Step 2. Then select the file from your local storage, or enter URL to file, or select from Google Drive or Dropbox if they are stored on these cloud storage websites.

Step 3. Once the file is successfully browsed select the format to which M4b file will be converted. So, select M4b to MP3 and click on convert.

convert m4b to mp3

Convert M4b To MP3 Online

Step 4. Wait for some time till the file is converted. You can either save them to DropBox or Google Drive if you don’t want to download the converted file.

This is the way you can use to convert your M4b To MP3 online without downloading any software or tool. However, if you don’t want to use this service then you can use methods given below. But, software/tools are needed to e download and we’ll guide you through the best tools/software to do this conversion.

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Convert M4b To MP3 Using Software

Many tools are available which are very useful to do this conversion. The tool we’ll be showing you is totally free and very light so that it becomes easy to convert you M4b files.

Step 1. first, download the tool from here.

Step 2. Open the tool and select Add Files to add your M4b files. Drag and drop feature is also available

free convert m4b to mp3

M4b Converter Tool

Step 3. Then click on convert and all you M4b files will be converted to MP3 within few moments.

Using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is very popular open source media player. This media player is used to play all types of media files. But, do you know this player is capable f converting M4b to MP3? There’s an inbuilt tool which can do this conversion job. If you have the VLC media player installed then there’s no need to download any kind of plugin or extra tool for the VLC media player. This converter comes preloaded with every latest VLC media player. Follow the steps given below:

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Step 1. First, open your VLC media player. If you don’t have VL:C installed then download it from here.

Step 2. Then, Press Ctrl+R and browse your M4b file and click the drop-down icon at bottom of the windows and select Convert/Save.

convert m4b to mp3 offline

Select Files

Step 3. Browse the destination folder where converted file will be saved and select MP3 from settings. Click on Convert and your M4b will be converted to MP3.

vlc media player conver m4b to mp3

Convert Files

Once your files are converted open the destination folder and play your MP3 files which are converted from M4b files. This is another best way you can use to convert M4b files to MP3 files. If you’re still having a problem converting your files or if you need help then feel free to comment below.

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