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Convert Pages To Word [Online, Offline]

Pages files are generated by Word Processor which is developed by Apple Inc. Word processor is the answer to Microsoft’s Word but only available for Apple users. It’s not available for Windows OS. Apple users basically use Word Processor to create documents and send it to other users. If you’ve received the document with .page extension then it might be a big headache for you in opening that file. There’s no software/tool which can be used to convert pages to word on Windows. Word processor supports different document formats but in default, documents are exported with .pages extension.

Apple has developed their word processor very nicely. You’ll get many features which looks pretty much good. But, as a Windows users, you won’t be able to open .pages files as Windows don’t have any software to do this job for you. The only way left is to convert pages to word. This process is quite simple if you follow my steps given below.

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If someone sends you an email with attachments, you probably are excited to open those attachments. But when you open the attachment file and the file is with .pages extension, you won’t be able to open that file. This might get you in trouble if you’re in hurry and if you demand documents back from the sender in word format, it will take a lot of time. So, follow the steps given below.

convert pages to word

Pages Documents

Convert Pages To Word Using iCloud

iCloud is our best way to do this conversion job. Apple provides online facility to their users for creating documents online and to do other job using iCloud service. You can edit and create your documents in real-time on iCloud.

You just need to act smarter with this service to convert .pages to word on this website. Below are the steps:

Step 1. First, visit iCloud and create your Apple ID for free with your email address.

how to convert .pages to word online

Create Apple ID

Step 2. Once you’ve successfully created your account, login into Apple ID. You’ll get the following interface there. Click on pages option.

how to convert pages to word no software


Step 3. Then you’ll be promoted to pages where you can create and maintain your pages. You need to upload your pages here. Click on Gear Icon>Upload Document. Browse your .pages file and upload it.

pages to word online

Upload Page File

Step 4. Once your page document is uploaded you’ll find that document listed there. You can open that document there if you’re in hurry.

Step 5. To convert pages to word Right Click>Download and select file format to Word. Now, your page document will be downloaded in Word format.

download pages to word converted

Download Page In Word Format

You can open this Word document with Microsoft Word. This is the easiest way you can use to convert pages file.

This method is very easier to follow and you can convert unlimited pages to word online using this official website of iCloud by Apple.

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Convert Pages To Word Offline

Well. I’m not sure this gonna work in your case but this method worked for many users. In this method, we’re going to extract the files which are presented inside .pages file.

You don’t need any software or tool for doing this method. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First of all download the .pages file that you’ve received from E-Mail or any source and save it to your computer.

Step 2. Now, right click and change its file name extension to .zip. If you haven’t turned on file name extension then click on View>File Name Extension. (Windows 8 and above)

rename pages files to word


Step 3. Then open the extracted files and you’ll get Quick Look folder. Inside this, you’ll get .pdf file. Open this PDF and all the textual words will be inside PDF file. Images can also be found in extracted files.

convert your pages documents to word offline

Open QuickLook

Step 4.  Create a new Word document, paste all the content according to your needs and save your Word document.

convert pages to pdf

Open PDF

You’ve successfully converted pages to word offline with this method.

These are the possible way to convert pages to word. If you’re having any problem comment down below. We’ll surely hel you in converting your pages to your required file format. Apple has done a great job by developing word processor but it’s not available for Windows and this is the reason that tons of users are having the problem in opening pages files. But, use these methods to convert .pages to .docx in windows.

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