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How To Count Characters In Word, Count Words and Characters

MS Word is probably the best document in the market as it provides all the solutions for creating the documents. The main reason behind using Word is that it’s simple, easy to use, have a lot of features and many other things. Back in 2007 the Word was already full of features and competing with all the competitors in the market. Now, right now in 2017 Word is still able to gain the unstoppable popularity because of changes in the software with the needs of people. The Ther user interface of Word 2017 and the latest MS Word version is basically the same. Adding numbering in the pages, designed pages etc. and a number of things can be easily done using Word. When we start writing an article or essay anywhere, one thing is always in our mind. How many words to write or how many characters there should be in the article. Length of the essay and article is the key to gain the intentions of the listeners/readers. So, you probably want to know to words or characters you’ve written in the MS Word document. In this article, we’ve shown how to count characters in Word.

In heck the word count or the character count. Like if you’ve written [ x y z ] in wor, it’ll be counted as 3 characters and 3 words. But, if you’ve written [ xyz] in word then Word will count it as 3 characters and one word. MS Word by default shows the number of Words in the document which are listed on the bottom left side on the screen. But, users can get the detailed reports like the number of characters, paragraphs etc. So, read this full article and know how to count characters in Word and how to count words in MS Word document.

How To Count Characters In Word Document

  1. Open a document in MS Word.
  2. Now, on the bottom left side of the screen, you’ll get the number of word in your article.count characters in word
  3. Now, click on the number of words and a new box will appear where the number of characters is displayed.count words in word document

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