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How To Delete Skype Chat On Windows 10/Mobile

It’s nowadays very easy to chat using the internet and a chat application or service. Skype is very popular service to start the conversation with anyone throughout the world. Te only we need is the username of the person with whom we want the top chat. The major thing about using Skype is that it’s free and stable service. We can easily do video chat with anyone, can send text and so on. It’s very easy to use the Skype service but sometimes we can’t find some options which are hidden from the user. Like many users don’t know how to delete Skype chat. There might be many reasons for deleting the Skype chat. one of the biggest reason is that we no longer want to display some text messages/images in the conversation. Hence we want to delete them from the Chat. In Skype, users can delete a single message or the entire chat. It’s their choice whether to delete the sent message or to delete individual skype messages. in this article, we’ll guide you on how to delete Skype conversation Windows 10.

In the Skype, there’s the option to clear all the Skype chat history or to delete a single message. The process is same for the Skype desktop app or the mobile app. Below is the detailed guide.

Steps To Delete Skype Chat Permanently On Windows 10/Desktop App

In the Desktop app, users can clear all the chat history or can delete a single message.

To Delete A Single Skype Message:

  1. Open the Skype app.
  2. Now, long tab on the message if using touch laptop or Right-Click on any message and select Delete.
  3. You’re done. It’s that much simple task.

Now, to Delete Entire Skype Conversation Of An Single Contact

Note: You can’t delete single conversation in the Skype app for Windows OS. It can only be done using Skype on Android, Windows Phone, iOS or WEB. So, you should login to your Skype account on these platforms. Also, if your Skype is login on multiple devices like Device 1, Device 2 and you’ve deleted the Conversation from Device 1. It’ll still remain on the Device 2. You need to delete it from the Device 2 separately.

  1. Long tap/Right-Click on any conversation.
  2. Select Delete Conversation and your chat for an individual contact will be deleted.

To Delete Entire Skype Conversation (Of All Contacts)

If you’ve decided to clear entire chat history, you can easily do this in Skype desktop app and all other devices as well. Below are the simple steps to do that.

For Desktop App:

  1. Open the Skype app and click on Tools to delete skype chat
  2. Now, select Option from the tooltip to delete skype chat
  3. Click on IM&SMS Settings on the left side menu.
  4. Select Show Advanced Options.advanced options skype chat
  5. Now, click Keep History for the drop-down menu and select forever. Then hit clear history button and wait till all the messages are deleted.clear the whole skype chat

You’re done no as all the chat history is cleared.


Clear Skype Chat History From Mobile Devices

In the mobile devices, there’s no option to clear the Skype chat and you need to clear the Skype data in order to delete the Chats too. This is very easy and quick process. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open mobile settings and navigate to Apps>Skype.
  2. Once you’re in the Skype app under Settings, you should get Clear data option. Click on it.
  3. Accept the warning and wait till the data is cleared.
  4. Now, open the Skype app again and then log in with your account again.
  5. There should be no chat history now there.

We now hope that you’ve successfully cleared the Skype chat. We’ve explained every single step so that there will be no error while going through the procedure. We hope you liked our article. Comment down below if you’ve any questions, suggestion or having the problem in clearing the Skype chat. We’ll reply you soon with a solution.

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