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How To Delete System 32 (Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Other)

Windows System32 is the heart of Windows machine. This folder contains all the important data and files needed to run Windows. System 32 is located on the drive where your Windows OS is installed. Its path is  C:\Windows\System32\. This folder contains all the configuration files and system drivers also. But, many users want to delete system 32. It’s a fun fact because deleting this folder will result in the death of your Windows Machine.

The amazing part of system 32 is that its self-healing. Means if you delete any important file from system 32, Windows will quickly create a copy of that file. This folder also has System libraries like DirectX and Windows utilities etc.

What Happen If You Delete System32 Folder

Programs that run on Windows OS are operated and handled through the files contained in system32 folder. So that programs can run without having any problem. Nothing will work once you’ve deleted system 32 folder.

Also, there was a meme that went viral about system 32 that delete this folder to stop Microsoft from tracking your activity. People started searching for delete system 32 bat to delete it through a batch file. But, we’ve shown you above what system 32 actually does in Windows OS. So, it’s recommended not to modify or delete unless you know what you’re doing. You can read on Reddit about this delete system 32 meme.

There’re a lot of users who wants to delete this folder for experimental purpose or for any other reason.

Delete System32 Windows 10, 8 or Any Windows Build

Caution: Deleting System 32 folder will result in total damage to your Windows OS.

There’re several methods of deleting System 32 folder. You can also do this using notepad and CMD. Also, Linux can be used to delete this folder. Below are all methods you can use:

Methods To Delete This Folder

There are basically 3 easy ways to delete system folder in Windows OS. We’ll be showing you the easiest top 3 ways to do this.

Method 1: Using RUN Command

This method will work for Windows XP, Windows 7 and above.

  1. Press Win+R. A dialog box will appear.
  2. “cmd /c rd /s /q %windr%\system32” copy and paste this code without quotes and hit enter.delete system 32 windows xp
  3. A command prompt will appear but it says Access Denied.delete system 32 windows xp cmd
  4. But for Windows XP users, this command has done its most of the work. If they restart PC it will not turn on.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt

If command given above is not working for you, try this method. This will work for any Windows OS. Delete system 32 on Windows 10 or any other Windows build.

You need administrative privileges to do this. Make sure you’re logged into AAdministrator account or have the Administrator password.

  1. Go to search and search for CMD, right click and select run as administrator.First of all, you need to get ownership of System 32 folder. Type “
  2. First of all, you need to get ownership of System 32 folder. Type “takeown /f C:\Windows\System32” in CMD and hit enter.
  3. Then you need to give yourself rights to delete the folder. Type “Icacls C:\Windows\System32 ” and hit enter. This will give you rights to delete any content inside System 32 folder.
  4. Close the command prompt.

Do it manually now. Close all the applications that are running on your Windows OS. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to delete some of the contents inside system 32 folder.

  1. Locate to system 32 location which is C:\Windows\System32
  2. Press Ctrl+A and hit Delete.
  3. Wait for some time. Windows will calculate all the files. When it asks for confirmation of deleting the files, click Yes.
  4. Restart your PC. It will not restart. You’re done.

You can damage any PC at home or college using this process. We recommend you that never do this without having a proper concern with the owner of the PC. The owner of PC will loose all the important files and data. Only new installation of Windows can fix this now.

Method 3: Using Kali Linux

Here comes the turn of Linux. Linux can be used to do many such things that normal users don’t know about. You can boot into Linux by installing Linux on USB.

This process is quite simple and very easy to perform. Below are the steps you should perform to delete system 32 using Linux.


  1. Boot into Linux which is installed on USB.delete system 32 kali linux
  2. Find the location where system 32 files are kept. Generally, you find the drive where Windows is installed and you can easily then locate the system 32 folder. In Kali Linux click on Other Location option on the bottom left side or click on Computer if using Ubuntu or any other Linux build. Options may vary.kali linux to delete system 32
  3. Find the System 32 located inside Windows folder.delete system 32 files complete4. Delete the entire folder or few files inside system 32. You’re done now. Just turn off Linux and try booting into Windows OS. You’ll not be able to boot.

These are the methods which will work to delete system32 folder. You should not harm any user by misusing these methods.


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