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How To Do A Block Quote In Word Document

While writing an article or a documentary, most of the people would like to enter the quotes to share their personal thoughts. In fact, quote box is used to give a quick thought on the article or the thing the person is trying to talk about n the quote. These days social media is full or quotes written by famous and successful people. In fact, if a success person wants to share his long-term struggle story, he’ll be using a short quote containing whole the story. this is the importance and use of the quote. While writing documentary or an article in Word we can insert a quote box but we need to follow some steps for that. In fact, there’s no special option in Word document which can be used to do a block quote in Word document. We need to use the indents and some text tools in Word so that a normal text can be turned into the quoted text. In this article, we’ve shown how to do a block quote in Word.

Quoting of text these days is very important to highlight anything inside a long article. So, it’s not only limited to sharing thoughts only. Like in a long computer code, we can quote any code if it’s written in the word document. In a finance sheet chart created inside the word document, we can do a block quote in Word.

Microsoft Word doesn’t have text quotation feature which is a drawback of this software. There might e some reasons behind that MS Word doesn’t have text block quotation feature. But, we can still do a block quote in Word by using some other features of Word. We’ve explained every single step in detail down below in this article so that you can easily do a block quote in Word document to highlight your thoughts/data in a unique way.¬†Word isn’t limited to creating normal articles and comments. Beyond that, Microsoft Word has many features which give it a name “complete solution to office problems”. We can create flyers in Word, business cards in Word and much more.

How To Do A Block Quote In Word Document

  1. Create a new document by pressing Ctrl+N or open the existing document.
  2. Now, create the blank lines below and above the paragraph/line, you want to quote.
  3. Now, we’ll be highlighting the text to give it a unique look. To do this, select the text you want to do a block quote in Word.
  4. Then from the Home tab, click on the Text Highlight Color to highlight the text. You can select color according to your to do block quote in word
  5. After this, click on Text Effects and choose the effect you want to block quote in word
  6. Now, both the text highlight color and text effects will be applied.
  7. We need to give the quote spacing to the selected text for now. So, Right-Click>Paragraph. Make sure you’ve selected the a block quote in word
  8. A new dialogue box will appear.
  9. Set the Left value to 1 in the indentation section.change paragraph indents
  10. Click OK to apply the settings and to close the dialog box.

Using this way you can do a block quote in Word. You can try more things like the text box, to do a block quote in Word. Follow the steps given below to use a text box as quote box in Word document.

Do A Block Quote In Word Using Text Box

  1. Open the document in Word.
  2. Now, click on the Insert tab.
  3. Choose Textbox option.
  4. Choose the text box type.
  5. Drag and draw textbox inside the document.
  6. Select the Shape effects etc from the toolbar menu to give visual effects to your quote box.text box quote word
  7. Press Ctrl+S to save your document.

Using the methods above you can insert a quote box into the Word document using the Textbox tool. There’s no need to select use the indents settings or the need to set the alignments. Just draw the text box anywhere on the screen and your work is done.

We now hope that you’re able to do block quotes in Word document. The process very simple and we’ve shown you two methods to do this. You can use your creativity to design the quote box by selecting different text designs, styles, colors etc. But, if you’re still having the problem then comment down below. We’ll try to help you in every possible way.

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