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How To Do A Mail Merge In Word

In this world of technology, we are using E-Mails to communicate with each other. Back in 19th century, everyone was using Postal Mails to communicate with people who are far away from them. But, with the rise in the use of technology and internet almost every person is preferring to use E-Mails instead of Postal mails these days. But, there’s still the huge importance of Postal Mails these days and still, billions of people are using it. Both E-Mal and Postal Mails has their importance which can’t e compared with each other. While writing a Mail in Word you might have thought that what if we want to write same Mail to multiple persons with different contact information? Like if you want to send the invitation using Mail to a number of persons then you probably not want to change the general information like the Name of the person, address etc. again and again. In Word, this problem is solved and we can do a mail merge in Word.┬áIn this article, we’ll be showing you how to do a mail merge in Word easily.

The main idea behind Mail Merge is saving the important time. If we don’t use the Mail Merge feature then we’ll have to write the name and address etc. of the person manually in every single mail and it’ll be very time-consuming. In Word, we can set the mail merge fields like address, first name, last name and many other types of information as per needs. You might think that it’s the complicated process to do a mail merge in Word, but every single step is very simple. We’ve explained the process down below in this article with screenshots so that you can follow the process easily. You should also check out the process of making business cards in Word to design your custom business cards.

How To Do A Mail Merge In Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.
  2. Now, write your Mail inside the document and then leave the fields you want to merge later. e.g name, address etc.
  3. Once you’ve created your document, click on Mailings to do mail merge in word
  4. Select Start Mail Merge and choose Normal Word a mail merge in word
  5. Then click on Select Recipient and choose Type a New List.create a new mailing list
  6. After this, a new dialogue box will appear and you need to type the fields you want to merge. e.g First Name, Last Name, Address etc.add the merging information
  7. To add a new item to the Address list, click on Customize Columns and then select Add, type the name of the column and click OK.
  8. Once you’ve entered all the required fields, press OK and inside the document click on the blank field which you’ve left blank in Step 2.
  9. Then under the Mailing tab, choose Insert Merge Field. Choose the information you want in that field.add the information blocks
  10. Follow the same process for all the field which you’ve left blank in Step 2.
  11. After this, click on Finish Merge. New documents will be created now automatically with name and address.

This is the process to do a mail merge in Word. The process is very simple and easy. You can insert as many fields as you want to merge and can create multiple Mails with the same information but different name, address etc.

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