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How To Do Footnotes In Word Document

Writing a document isn’t only limited to writing some texts and heading into it. Nowadays if you want to write a piece of paper to gain more and more readers to it then you probably need to make it more beautiful and catchy to eyes. These days graphs, labels etc are being used to make the document more beautiful and Microsoft Word is used for this purpose. The reason behind millions of people are using Word is its simplicity. We can do almost anything using Word like making a business card, making brochures in Word etc.
Similarly, we can insert footnotes into the page in any word document. The reason behind using footnotes is simple, it’s giving a quick review or opinion or the information about something. It’s something like the result of everything you’ve written above on the page. It gives intentions to users and most people only read the endnotes to know what’s written above. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to do footnotes in Word document.

We can even change the footnote properties. By default when we insert a footnote into the Word document, it starts from a numbering and default position which is the bottom of the page. But, if we want to change these default settings, we can easily do that by changing some settings in the Microsoft Word. We can even add the endnote in Word. The difference between the footnote and endnote is that once we add the footnote, it always inserted into the end of the page. But, if we insert the endnote, it’ll be inserted right after the last paragraph/line you’ve written on the document page. Read this whole article to know how to do footnotes in Word and how to do endnote in Word document.

How To Do Footnotes In Word

  1. Open the Word Document.
  2. Click on References tab and then choose Insert footnotes in word
  3. Now, once you’ve clicked on Insert Footnote, a footnote will be instantly added to the word page.
  4. Add the text you want to add. Change the font size, color etc. according to your needs.
  5. To change the settings, click on Footnote and Endnote settings.
  6. A dialogue box will appear, change the settings according to your needs.endnote in word
  7. Save the document by pressing to do footnote in word

This is the way you do footnote in Word document. If you want to add more than one footnote, there’ an option in the tool menu. Click on Add Footnote and than another note on the footer will be inserted and you can add more text to it.

How To Insert Endnote In Word Document

  1. Create a New Document.
  2. Click on References tab.
  3. Now, choose Insert Endnote option.change footnote settings
  4. After this, an endnote will be inserted into the document.
  5. Enter the text according to your needs.
  6. Press Ctrl+S to save the document.

This is the process to insert endnote into the document page. Both the process to do footnotes in Word and endnote in Word. is very simple and quick. This can be done by selecting some options from the screen and your job is done.

We now hope that you’re able to do footnotes in Word. But if you’re still having the problem or have some questions regarding do footnotes in Word, then comment down below and we’ll try to help you out.

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