2 Ways To Download Torrent Without Getting Caught

Torrenting is the most popular on the internet. It is a trend-term when you talk about downloading a file. The reason of becoming Torrent as a trend term because it allows you to download copyrighted content that you can not download directly. However, downloading a copyrighted content is not an issue but making those copyrighted content downloadable for all without costing any money and without taking permission from the copyright owner is Violation. The Company/organization or copyright owner can claim and sue you for making their paid or private service or material available for all. This is what torrenting does. Or in simple words, Torrenting is when you download a torrent file.

What are the Benefits of Using torrent!!

The main benefit or advantage of using torrent is that the data or file it provides it totally based on peer to peer, mean no server in between. Also, the torrent files are totally resumable and you don’t have to download from scratch if suddenly your computer/pc or system shut down.

Data sent by a torrent file is broken down first into little parts, so the speed of downloading a torrent file keeps always high no matter how big the file is. The speed of downloading is good with slow internet speed also.

how to Use Torrent without getting caught

Not getting caught and use torrent is really a topic of wonder. Also, there are several methods that you can use for saving yourself from being caught from downloading copyrighted/illegal stuff. But we are only focusing on how you can save yourself from being caught when downloading Torrent and there are two major and methods that we will tell you.

By Using A Proxy Server

A lot of people nowadays familiar with this term “Proxy”. But if you don’t know then let us tell you a short explanation about it.

The proxy provides you the way to hide your system when downloading a torrent. The task of a proxy server is to hide your computer system’s id by providing its own IP when downloading a torrent. There are a lot of proxy website which provides you this kind of service. We are mentioning few of them which works best according to review and ratings.

1. BTguard

Bitguard gives you anonymous IP address which means you are not at your own IP when sending a request to download a torrent file. Also, the data when downloading will be encrypted completely so no one will be able to know what you are downloading. BTguard provides 256-bit AES encryption. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux OS as well. Its plan starts from $6.95 per month. This is very trustworthy service and completely worth paying money.

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2. TorrentPrivacy

TorrentPrivacy is another best service saves you by creating a tunnel between your computer and the remote server. In this service, your data will be encrypted and your connection will be safe and anonymous. Torrentprivacy is providing this service since 7 years with excellence. It’s servers located in different countries around the world. Also, you will get full support with their service if you have any question and query regarding your account or their service.

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3. Private Internet Access

This is very popular and amazing site which provides you encrypted data transmission and hides your IP by providing you an anonymous IP. This is compatible with almost all version of every Operating Systems such as Windows(10, 8,7), Mac( 10.12, 10.11, 10.10 etc), Unix/Linux, Android. Plans are quite in the budget and not too expensive. Starts $6.95 per month and if you purchase it for a year then it costs you $3.33 a month.

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By Using VPN

VPN that is simply known as Virtual Private Network is a private server that you use. The data is very secured and highly encrypted when it while using a VPN service. Basically, your IP address is replaced with one from your VPN provider. There are many benefits to using a VPN service.

You maybe working at your office where all of the social sites are blocked such as facebook, twitter or maybe you live in a country where a site like Netflix and Hulu are blocked then VPN is the right solution for you. VPN bypass the firewall between your ISP and your system by going through those sites and your ISP don’t know what’s going on because of all of your data in encrypted and for your ISP you are doing nothing. Also, VPN services are very fast in term of downloading the file as compare to proxy servers. There maybe a chance when your proxy server will take an hour to download a file but VPN will take 4 to 5 minutes for that same.

A VPN can be available as free and paid also. But the paid ones are highly recommended because there you will use VPN separately but in free service, you will use as shared and there is no guarantee of your security because of it is free.

1. ExpressVPN

This is Easy-to-use VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. ExpressVPN is highly secured with over 140+ VPN location. It has various plans for its VPN service that you can choose from.

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2. TunnelBear

Very simple and easy to use VPN and explores the way of privacy and gives you unlimited anonymous ability to browse and explore the internet

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3. NordVPN

NordVPN provides very advance VPN service. With over 1000+ servers in 60+ countries. It gives you double data encryption so there will be no more chances to decrypt the data anyhow. Super fast servers with lightning speed.

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The main concept behind Download Torrent Without Getting Caught is to hide your information and the information is totally based on your IP address. All you have to do is Hide your IP address so no one will know what you are downloading or what you are accessing. All you will get is Freedom to the internet to do anything or access everything you want. The above methods are the only way to Hide your IP, however, if you use Linux then you can do this task manually through terminal and that requires quite good knowledge about it but the above-listed services are totally GUI based easy to use and no special skills are required to access those services however if you still don’t understand how to use then there is 24/7 support available because you are paying for it.