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EaseUS Data Recovery License and Serial Key

The digital world is a fluid place where the formation and loss of information take place at a rapid pace. The various ways to collect, gather or store information or data is rapidly growing and there are numerous ways to store them efficiently.

There is actually numerous growth rate across the globe regarding the data storage and its analysis to be utilized for numerous purposes. But simultaneously there is a growing risk of data theft or piracy and the most common fear is the loss of data due to human error or carelessness. easeus license code

At this juncture, it is of pertinent importance to recover this data as it may lead to further reparations if not found. This data recovery is one of fastest means to provide data restoration and thus prevent all forms of information spillage or leaks in the market and the world.


Data Recovery and its meaning

Data Recovery generally refers to the method of gaining back the lost data which is necessary to be retrieved and thus its appropriate restoration in the memory of the computer is necessary for smooth functioning of the algorithm or the software which the user is working on. There are various means by which this kind of data loss can take place as:

  • Inaccessible file
  • Lost File
  • Corrupted file
  • Damaged or any kind of formatted data from secondary storage.


Types of Removable media or files

There are many data recovery software in the market which accentuates the process and gives options to the customer to choose according to the operating system they are using and also according to the field strength of the lost data. Few of such alternatives available in the market are:

  1. CD Recovery Toolbox– This is generally used to recover lost files from CD or External hard drives and this is the easiest and cheapest form of data recovery tool that can be used as it is free and simple to use.
  2. Pandora Recovery– The biggest advantage of this software is that it can help you to recover files in any format and also gives them access to recover reformatted files as well.
  3. EaseUS Recovery– It is also a free software which helps you to recover any media or video or other formats of storage files and thus provide a better form recovery option to the user.

Thus it is the best form of recovery tool is the EaseUS data recovery software but it is advisable to access it by using a license code and thereby prolong the usage as and when required by using an EaseUS license code.


What is EaseUS Data Recovery?

easeus data recovery

This software was developed to work on a Wizard (software) platform and thereby it is used for data recovery of numerous formats of files in the forms of audio, video, damaged files or corrupted files as well. It also works well for hard disk damaged files and formatted files.

This software is free but it gives data recovery of files only up to a limit of 2 GB. After that this software has to be installed and a minimal cost has to be paid in order to get a licensed product and thereby can be used in any devices like a computer or a mobile phone as well.

Thus this done by obtaining the software and thereby getting an EaseUS license code for the downloaded software and then use it for restoring and recovering the data which have been lost due to some unforeseen circumstances or due to human error.


EaseUS data recovery key

The EaseUS data recovery key works in the forms of various types of license keys which are available to the consumer only after downloading and installing the software and thereby giving the option of the file to be recovered in the system and waiting till the file is recovered from the lost data. There are various versions of these licensed serial keys which are available and they are as follows:

  1. Wizard 11.0 serial key
  2. Wizard 11.8 serial key
  3. Wizard 11.9 Serial  key
  4. Wizard 12.0 Serial key
  5. Wizard 12.6 Serial key.

Thus these kinds of data recovery are done with the help of EaseUS data recovery serial key which gives the user access to wide formats of data to be recovered.


EaseUS data recovery Wizard License code

This software was developed in order to be working on operating systems like Windows and Mac and it is easier to work by using a Wizard platform. This platform provides protection and offers four various modes of operation to the software. These modes of operation are as follows:

  1. Deleted File Recovery
  2. Partition Recovery
  3. Complete Recovery
  4. Additional Recovery

Thus each of these modes of working is unique in their own ways and provide a better and added efficiency with each kind of files and lost data.

1. Deleted file Recovery

This feature enables the user to access the accidentally deleted files which have been present in the recycle bin and thereby these files are restored due to the advantage of in-depth storage search and thus there is no need to back up these types of files and data.

2. Partition Recovery

This kind of recovery takes place due to the loss of data during the partitioning in the partial or complete way of your external hard disk and some data losses during that mode.  These kinds of data losses can also occur during the rebooting or reinstalling or upgradation of any software which can lead to the partial loss of data and thus this mode is activated to sort out that data loss.

3. Complete recovery

This type of recovery takes place when there is the total loss of files even from the recycle bin and then this mode is activated in order to provide complete restoration of the lost data which after the restoration is advisable to back up in order to avoid further such losses in near future. This kind of recovery gives a complete sweep to the entire system and scans all the files which have been lost irrespective of the mechanism by which it was lost and thus gives the user multiple options to choose the file to be retrieved.

4. Additional Recovery

This kind of recovery takes place for the files that have been lost during any kinds of the malware attack or hard disk crashes or any other kinds of accidental damage whether physical or software crashes which leads to data losses. Thus it provides a complete package and hardly there are few files which this software is unable to retrieve or recover.


  1. It can recover multiple types of files.
  2. It shows the preview of the lost and scanned files.
  3. It can even recover lost emails.
  4. It is quick and fast in delivering
  5. It can recover any files irrespective of the condition in which it was lost.


  1. It can only scan the entire folder and not the individual files.
  2. It does not work properly on Android platform.


How to use EaseUS data recovery 12?

  1. First, download and install the software.
  2. Then Launch the software in your device and then choose from any of the three modes given.
  3. If not sure which mode to choose specifically, then you can choose all the modes.
  4. The choose the file which you want to recover.
  5. The software scans the file and then shows it as a preview.
  6. This may take a couple of minutes so meanwhile, you can just sit and relax.
  7. After scanning, it will show the probable destinations of the files and this will be shown in green color and then this will be shown as partitions.
  8. Now go through each of the partitions to note the destination of the file which you want to recover.
  9. Once you have found the file then you have to click on the Restore button.
  10. Then once the file has been restored then you have to save the file in another destination or folder in order to avoid further loss of the files.


The various supported hardware devices are:

  1. Zip drive
  2. Microcard
  3. Compact Flash Card
  4. Security Digital Card
  5. iPod

The various system requirements of this software are as follows:

  1. Supporting operating system- Windows and Mac
  2. Minimum RAM requirement- 128MB
  3. Minimum Available Space- 50 MB
  4. Accessed media device- mouse, keyboard, optical mouse.



Thus any modes of data recovery are of utmost importance and thus it can be easily used and accentuated to retrieve lost data and thereby provide protection to the user in cases of accidental crashes or hard disk damage due to malware. Thus EaseUS license code not only retrieves the data but also provide restoration to another location in order to avoid further data losses of the similar kind.


Thus this software all forms of loss of manual data or software data which can even be lost due to human error and may be helpful to restore such data which gives efficient running of the device without having the need to pile up or segregate the folders to avoid confusion.

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