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How To Edit Text In Paint

Microsoft paint is one of the very lightweight and handy software that comes preloaded with Windows OS. This software is great for painting lovers and users can draw beautiful paintings, objects and much more. Children love using paint as it’s very easy to use its tools and user interface is very simple. But, paint can do many photo editing things like cropping, transparent background and so on. You can add text on images and can also edit text in paint if they already exist in pictures.

Paint can do many interesting things with pictures if you’re using this software smartly. Due to its very light weight and easy to use interface anyone can use paint to do some basic editings in pictures. There’s no need to buy professional and typical tools like Adobe Photoshop etc. as learning these software takes time.

Using paint you can edit easily add text on images and can also edit existing text. Paint has some very basic tools that can be used to edit text on images. Follow the guideline given below.

Steps To Edit Text In Paint

Editing text in images is very simple if you’re working with new file you’re creating on paint. All you need to do is select the text tool and follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Create or open a picture and select the text tool from the tool box.

edit text in paint

Select Text Tool

Step 2. Click anywhere on the picture to type your text. You can also drag and drop it anywhere on the picture.

how to edit text in paint

Edit Text

Step 3. After typing your text click anywhere on the picture. But aware that you’ve typed the text you need on the image.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Z to remove the changes if something went wrong.

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But, what if you have an image that has text on it and you wants to edit those text. Paint will help you in this matter but keep in mind it’s not that much professional. If your background is white then it’s very good. Working with multiple background colors and editing text using paint is not a good idea. Use any other professional tool in this case. But, if you need to delete any section of text on image and want to replace with yours then paint will help you.

Step 1. Open the paint and open your image on which you need to edit text.

Step 2. Select the selection tool from the toolbox. Choose free selection form. This allows you to choose the custom area. You can also choose rectangular if you need.

select selection tool and draw over text

Select Selection Tool

Step 3. Draw around the text borders and then Right Click>Delete or press DEL button on the keyboard to delete the text.

edit your text and type reguired text

Draw Around The Text

Step 4. Select the text tool again from the toolbox and write the text you need to replace with. You can now edit text in paint. Drag the text box to reposition on the image.

paint edit text step by step

Type The Text

Step 5. Click anywhere on the image and save it.

You’re done now. You have successfully edited text from images using paint. However, as we mentioned above that paint is not for high-level photo editing. But, for same color background on the whole picture, paint can perform well than other tools as it’s easy to use it. If you’re facing problem then comment below to let us know about your problem and give us your suggestions.


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