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How To Enable Javascript In Firefox

Javascript is now used in web pages for displaying real time updates or 2D and 3D objects. If a developer wanted to show time watch on the web page, he’ll have to use javascript. Hence, Javascript is used for dynamic updates. Javascript is also used to make web video and audio players. There are many other things that developers are doing using javascript in web pages. Javascript supported browsers can be used to load any page throughout the web as there are three main things in a web page which are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If your browser doesn’t have Javascript enabled or don’t support javascript, then you won’t be able to browse some websites. In Firefox, if your Javascript is disabled you’ll have to enable it back again to browse properly. In this article, we’ve shown you how to enable javascript in Firefox.

Firefox is the only best open source browser used by millions of people worldwide. This browser is totally free and comes with many amazing features. Chrome is one of the biggest competitors to Firefox. Firefox browser is recommended by many developers and experts. It runs smoothly and everything is open source. With all these features, Firefox is one of the greatest web browser ever built.

Many users in Firefox complaints that they don’t have javascript enabled and this results in an error in loading pages or some elements on the web page aren’t working. To fix this problem users will have to enable Javascript in Firefox. To do this, there are few tweaks that users need to follow. It’s very simple process. Follow the guide given below.

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Enable Javascript In Firefox

To do this, you need to open configuration page on Firefox. From the configuration page, it’s possible to enable javascript. There are some other methods like some add-ons which can manage javascript according to web pages. This means that you can enable or disable javascript separately on different pages.

Using Configuration Settings Page

  1. Put about:config in your URL bar and hit enter. This will redirect you to the configuration page.enable javascript in firefox
  2. Now, in the search box, put javascript and hit enter. You’ll get the bunch of to enable javascript in firefox
  3. Look for javacript.enabled and Right Click>Toggle.firefox enable javascript
  4. Once you’ll toggle the javascript.enabled, under value will change to true. THis means Javascript is now enabled successfully. To Disable it, again toggle and it’ll be disabled.javascript settings firefox

This inbuilt setting will be applied on all the web pages. This means Javascript is now enabled on all the websites. But, if you want to enable it on several websites, you’ll have to use No Script Addon. This addon will solve all your problems related to Javascript in Firefox.

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Using No Script Add-ons

This add-on is very useful for Firefox users. No-Script add-on can enable and disable Javascript on websites and most amazing thing is that you can decide which website can run Javascript elements and which website don’t.

No-Script add-on is totally free and can be download from official Firefox’s add-on store.

  1. Download the add-on from here and add it to script extension firefox
  2. After adding it to Firefox, restart Firefox in order to use this add-on.noscript enable disable javascript
  3. Now, open any website where you want to enable/disable Javascript. Click on No-Script Add-on and select Allow to enable Javascript for that particular website.enable or disable java in firefox
  4. To disable it, click on No-Script addon and select Forbid. Now, Javascript is disabled on that particular website.enable script in firefox

This Add-on is really very useful to manage javascript access to different websites. If you want to use javascript on several websites, but want to disable it on some other website, this Add-on will solve your problem.

With the methods given above, you can enable and disable javascript in Firefox. However, in Chrome, users can manage Javascript access to different websites without using any third party add-on. This is a drawback to Firefox but we hope that Firefox will soon fix this and users can also manage Javascript easily.

If you’re facing any problem then comment down below and we’ll try to solve your problem. Also, share your views about Firefox with us.

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