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Solve Err_Cache_Miss Error in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome a lot of features and extensions which make our work easier. Using Google Chrome, browsing becomes awesome and easy. The user interface of Google Chrome is very simple and interactive. Also, if there is something wrong with the internet connection or the browser, Chrome will display the error code so that users can use that error code to search for their problem and get a working solution. Many users in Chrome are getting the ERR_CACHE_MISS error in Chrome. Basically, this error is shown when the user is logged into any website and haven’t refreshed the page for a long time. But, sometimes this error is being displayed on all the websites and we can’t figure out what’s the actual reason behind this problem. If you too have the ERR_CACHE_MISS error in Chrome, you can easily solve it using the methods given below. This problem is related to the Chrome browser itself hence there’s no need to change the computer’s internet settings etc.

Sometimes by this problem is solved by clearing cached data. But, there might be any other problem with your Chrome browser as some virus attacks hurt Chrome browser. Due to a large number of Chrome users, a lot of viruses and adware are built to har users and show ads. Maybe your Chrome browser is attacked by a virus and this is the reason behind your problem. Also, in Chrome, we use many extensions related to work etc. But, these extensions might become a headache for us sometimes. Buggy extensions always hurt users in many ways and maybe due to any extension you’re getting ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome.

We’ve given all the possible fix to this problem. We recommend you to follow these methods as the way they are arranged. This will help you in fixing your problem more easily.

Methods To Fix Fix: ERR_CACHE_MISS In Chrome

Reload The Website You’re Using

This error is shown on the websites where users log in to access their account. Some websites use website cookies to track the user activity. If you don’t reload the website page for a long time, you’ll probably get the error. So, the first thing you need to do is try reloading the website.

Also, you should reload the web page in the incognito tab. Press Ctrl+Shift+N and a new Chrome window will appear which is Chrome incognito tab. In fact, you can click on Chrome Menu>New Incognito Window.

Then enter the website’s URL and check if the web page loads successfully or not. if the website loads without ERR_CACHE_MISS then your problem is related wi9th your cached data in Chrome. Below is the method to clean the cached data so that you can access your website in the normal window.

Clear Cached Data In Chrome

Now, in this method, we’ll be clearing the Chrome cached data. When you browse any website, its JSS, CSS like content is stored locally on your computer’s storage location. This is done by browsers to load the website quickly. But, sometimes this might result in the serious problem with the websites too. hence you can clear the cached data and this will solve all the problem related to website loading in Chrome.

  1. Press Ctrl+H and then a new tab will appear.
  2. Click on Clear Browsing Data.ERR_CACHE_MISS
  3. Select Cached and Cookies and then click on Clear Data.err cache miss chrome
  4. Wait till the data is deleted.
  5. Once the data is cleared, reload the website. it should load without any problem.

If this website didn’t help then there’s the possibility that any of the extension is not working properly. You should disable all the extensions and check if your problem is solved or not. Below is the detailed explanation.

Disable Extensions To Solve ERR_CACHE_MISS

Now, let’s disable all the extensions that are currently active in your browser. once you’ve added an extension in Chrome, it regularly kept running in the background. You can use Chrome Task Manager to see all the extensions which are active and running. Extensions do have much control on Chrome browser. Buggy extensions might cause problems. So, you should disable all the extension and see if your problem is solved or not.

  1. Click on Chrome Menu>More Tools>Extensions.
  2. Uncheck the Enabled check box on all the to fix CACHE_MISS in chrome
  3. Exit your Chrome browser and relaunch it.

Try visiting the website where you were getting the error. We hope you no longer get the err cache miss error in Chrome.

Now, it’s time to find which extension was causing the problem. Try enabling all the extension one by one and delete that extension, enabling which, you’ll again get the ERR_CACHE_MISS error on Chrome.

Disable Cache System

Users who still have the problem in visiting the website should try disabling the caching system. in chrome, we can easily disable the cached system.

  1. Visit the website where you’re getting err cache miss error.
  2. Then on the error page, press Ctrl+Shift+I or Right-Click>Inspect Elements.
  3. Now, press F1 key on your keyboard.
  4. Scroll down and find Disable cache (while DevTools is open) under Network chrome error
  5. Refresh the web page and check if your problem is solved or not.

Don’t this method will disable the caching system for that website and Chrome will not create cached data. This might help you in fixing this problem and many users will find this method useful.

Reset Your Browser

Resetting the browser might help you to fix your problem of ERR_CACHE_MISS. Performing a Chrome Reset will remove all the data from your chrome and chrome will reset it to the defaults. This will remove all your information from Chrome like Password, Autofill Data etc. Hence, you should export Chrome data in order to prevent data loss.

  1. Click on Chrome Menu>Settings.
  2. Toggle the settings menu and select Advanced>Reset.
  3. Now, click on the Reset button and then on the popup dialogue, click on Reset button.
  4. Wait till the reset is complete. It’ll take time according to the amount of data your Google Chrome has saved.
  5. Try visiting the same website and check if your problem is solved or not.

Tip:┬áStill in error? You should update your Chrome to the latest versions. Maybe the website you’re trying to access no longer supports the version of Chrome you’re using. Hence, you should update your Chrome to the latest version.

We now hope that your problem is solved. If your problem isn’t solved then you should comment down below and explain your problem and steps you’ve tried to fix your problem. We’ll reply you soon with a possible fix to your ERR_CACHE_MISS problem.

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