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Is the best way to get information for free. An internet connection can let you access all the information which is available on the internet. This means you can browse the entire world while sitting in your room. But, while browsing the internet we might get in trouble like virus attacks, internet connection problem etc. Google Chrome is used by more than half of the internet user according to the browser market share stats. In Chrome many users are getting the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem. This problem is caused by many possible reasons and before proceeding to the methods to fix this problem, we need to ensure that your entire device is offline of Chrome is having this problem. Sometimes users have changed their internet connection settings and chrome settings which causes this problem. Also, it might possible that your router/modem isn’t working properly. There are many possibilities behind this problem and we’ll discuss every single reason so that ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem is solved.

This error is mainly shown when your internet is actually disconnected and there’s no internet connectivity.┬áBut, there’s also the possibility that something is wrong with the internet settings or the configurations. We’ve shown all the possible fixes in this article and we recommend you to follow these methods in the way they are arranged. This will help you in fixing your problem more easily.

Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Problem With Google Chrome

Check If Your Device and Router Is Online Or Not

The first thing you need to check is that whether your device is online or offline. If your device is offline, you’ll surely get this error as there’s no internet connection available on your device. Maybe your router is offline or turned off.

In order to check whether your device is turned on or not, you should follow the steps given below:

  1. Press Win+R and type CMD, hit enter.
  2. Now, in CMD type: ping google.comping request success

If your ping request was success, then this means your device is online and there’s something wrong with the Google Chrome. Skip to the Chrome related methods to fix the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem which is down below.

If your ping request was unsuccessful, maybe your router is turned off or you haven’t connected to the internet. Check if you’re connected to the internet or not. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re connected to a connection, make sure that the connection to which you’re connected is online or not. You should try connecting another device to the router/modem. If another device is able to access the internet this means there’s something wrong with your device where you’re getting err internet disconnected problem.

But, if your another device is also not able to connect to the router, you should then restart your router. Now, check if you’re able to go online or not. In fact, you should reset the router and see if you’re able to access the internet or not.

Users whose router is online but the device is offline due to any problem should follow the next steps.


Now, users who have device offline problem should change few settings in the Windows device. There’s the possibility that due to any virus attack, your internet settings are changed and you’re not able to access the internet. Hence, you need to manually change all the device related settings. Firstly, we’ll be flushing the DNS settings using CMD and then change the IP/TCP settings.

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2. Type the following command to flush DNS:
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /renew

Now, once you’ve executed the command given above. Change the IP/TCP settings.

  1. Open CMD as administrator again.
  2. Execute the command one by one:
    netsh int ip set dns
    netsh winsock reset
  3. Now, restart your device and check if your connectivity related problem is solved or not.

We now hope that your problem is solved. But, if you’re still having the problem then this means that there’s something wrong with the proxy settings. If you’ve applied the proxy settings and forgot about it, you won’t be able to access the internet if the proxy server is down.

Check Internet Proxy Settings

  1. Open Control Panel and search for internet connections.
  2. Select the Internet Options and then click on Connections internet disconnected problem
  3. Click on LAN Settings and make sure you’ve set the Automatically Detect option there.fix err internet disconnected

Now, this should solve your problem. If your problem is still not solved, you can try our extra tips given below:

Tip 1: Disable Antivirus program if active. SOmetimes antivirus programs prevent the device from connecting to the internet. This is done by some antivirus programs for security purpose.

Tip 2: Disable all the firewalls if installed on your system. Also, you should exit the VPN if you’re using VPN connections. Sometimes, VPN servers are down and users get the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem.

Tip 3: Check WIndows host file. SOmetimes due to any virus attack, the host’s file is changed and some values are set due to which Windows isn’t able to connect to the internet. So, you should make sure your HOSTS file isn’t infected. Open the drive where Windows OS is installed and then navigate to Windows\System 32\ Drivers\etc\ and then click on hosts file Right-Click>Open With>Notepad and then make sure your host file looks like the image given below.

Clear Chrome’s Browsing Data

Users whose WIndows device is online but Chrome is giving an ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem. If this is the case with you, then we recommend you to clear the Chrome’s browsing data. Maybe this will help you in solving your problem.

  1. Open Chrome and press Ctrl+H.
  2. Click on Clear Browsing data.
  3. Select Cached data and Cookies.ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
  4. Click on CLear Data and wait till the data is cleared.

Once all the data is cleared, try opening any website and check if your problem is solved or not.

Reset Google Chrome

If clearing the Chrome browsing data didn’t help you. You should reset Chrome. This will change all the Chrome related settings to default and if there’s any mess with the Chrome settings which causes an ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem then it will be automatically closed.

But, keep in mind that all your Chrome data will be deleted. YOu should create a backup before proceeding.

  1. Click on Chrome Menu and select Settings.
  2. Toggle the settings menu and select Advanced>Reset.
  3. Click on the Reset button and then on the popup dialog, select Reset.
  4. Wait till Chrome reset all its configuration to defaults.
  5. Once the reset is complete, try opening any website. Your problem should be fixed now.

We hope that using the methods given above, your problem is solved. but, users who still have the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED problem should comment down below. We’ll try to reply you with another possible fix, but make sure you’ve explained what steps you’ve taken to solve this problem and what’s the problem you’re still gettings

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