10+ Best Free Facebook Auto Commenter Websites [2018-2019]

10+ Best Free Facebook Auto Commenter Websites [2018-2019]

It’s hard to gain intention of people online and it hurts right! Use auto commenter and show your friends that you’re famous on Facebook!

Facebook is used by millions of people daily for various purposes. Some use Facebook for fun and to stay connected with Friends and family members. While others are using this platform to grow their business.

Everyone on Facebook is generating a lot of free content e.g Photos, Videos, Status and much more. If you’re a new user and posted something then even if you’ve 100+ friends, on average you’ll get around 20-30 like and hardly 5-10 comments until you’re using auto commenter services.

But, if you’re a girl then you’ll gain a lot of intention of other Facebook users more quickly. If you know what I mean 😉 . But, users who aren’t able to get likes and comments on Facebook should use the auto commenter.

Most people think that using such services, the likes and comments they receive, aren’t the real ones. But, that’s not right. All the comments and likes are done by those users automatically, who’ve used that service before.

This simply means that your account will also be used to like photos and to comment on other’s photos. Hence, it’s kind of privacy issue but people who want a lot of comments should use such services at their own risk.

The best part is that all these services are free to use. But, you should be using good websites which works in real. Most of the websites are just fraud. But, we have a list of websites which will help you a lot.

The bonus of this article is that we’ve also shown step by step procedure to get Facebook auto comments. So be prepared to gain huge intention of the unknown number of people on Facebook!


Super Important Thing To Know: How It Works Technically?

Before proceeding, you should be aware of the process, which these websites are using to deliver 1000+ comments automatically to your post on Facebook.

As we know Facebook offers a large community of developers to develop Facebook Apps. Such types of apps have limited access to your accounts if you’ve allowed those apps to access your account.

Like when you’re creating an account on any website using the Facebook, an app will ask you to give permissions to your account. Such apps will fetch your general details like Name, Email, DOB etc. But first, you need to approve such apps from accessing your account. Just like that, whenever you’re using any auto commenting service, a Facebook app will ask you to access your Facebook account.

Once you’ve allowed that app, the developers of that app can use it to like other people’s pictures etc. This totally matters on how much access that app has to your account. Hence, this might be a privacy risk for you. So, use this at your own risk just for fun!

Free Websites To Use For Auto Commenter Service

The interesting thing about all these websites is that you can use these to gain a lot of likes as well. All these works perfectly to get auto comments on Facebook post/video/photos. Cheers!

Website NameFree/PaidLink
Hublaa Liker V3Freehttps://hublaa.me/
Machine LikerFreehttp://machineliker.com/
Free LikerFreehttps://www.freeliker.net/

Bonus Part: Step By Step Procedure To Use These Services

We know that you’re the newbie to such services and it’s obvious that it’s confusing to use such services. You should know the complete procedure and we’ve shown it down below.

We’re using Hublaa Liker V3 here, but you can use any of the services listed above. The procedure is similar for almost all these services.

Step 1: Open Browser Javascript Supported Browser

It’s recommended that browser you’re using supports javascript. You can use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser like browsers. We’re using this service on the mobile device. Hence, it doesn’t mean whether you’re on the mobile device or desktop PC.

Step 2. Click On Get Started Button

Now, on the homepage of the website, you should see Get Started button on mobile devices. Skip if you’re seeing a form asking login details.auto commenter

Step 3. Enter Login Details In The Form

In this step, you need to enter your Facebook login details e.g number or E-Mail and password (case sensitive).auto comments

When you enter the login details, your account might be temporarily locked and you need to verify that the login was done by you. For this, log in to your Facebook account using Facebook app or browser and follow on-screen procedure. Then go back o the auto commenter service and enter the login details again.

Step 4. Complete The Captcha If Prompted

Most websites are using Captcha to verify if you’re not a bot. It’s done to stop bots from generating fake traffic and slowing down their website.enter the secutiry code

Step 5. Select Auto Comments Service Option

Such websites offer a lot of free Facebook service and you need to select the required one e.g comments. Click on it, mainly this option should be appeared after logging into the website. Or you should check Menu if it’s not appeared after logging in.select auto comments

Step 6. Select Photo/Video/Status As Per Needs

You’ll get options whether you want to receive comments on Photo, Video or Status. Click on the required option. All your uploaded media should appear there.

Or if you want to get free comments on the post which isn’t uploaded by you, Click Menu>Custom Post ID (you need to enter the post ID there)if need custom id

Step 7. Enter Number Of Comments Needed

Most of these services ask you the number of comments you want to receive. e.g if you want to limit them. The maximum number of comments varies from 50-100 comments.

Step 8. Enter The Comment You Want

This is the magical step as you can tell these services what you want in the comments. e.g you can enter “Nice Post”, “You’re so beautiful”.

We recommend you to specify all the comments there to make it look natural.

Step 9. Click On OK/Done

Finally, start receiving comments directly to your post on Facebook. Make sure you don’t close browser/tab until the procedure is done.

Step 10. Check Your Photo/Status/Video

Now, after all these steps, check if you’ve received auto comments on your post or not. If no, then consider to try another service and try your luck again.

That’s it, now your friend will jealous after knowing that your photos/vides gets a lot of comments on Facebook.




Some questions and Answers For Curious Minds

Most of you still have questions in your mind about such types of services. We’ve tried to list and answer such questions down below. In fact, if you’ve any question which isn’t listed here, then comment down below.

Such Services Are Legal To Use?

Yes, (we’re not promoting such services) but Facebook hasn’t officially taken any hard step towards such websites. Even these websites are working only because Facebook developers of such websites has created apps on Facebook developers platform.

Though Facebook considers people not to use such websites for privacy reasons. Now, it’s up to you whether using or not using such services.

How Much Comments I Can Get

It varies from service to service. Some services allow 50-100 comments while some of them only allow 10-50 comments t once. But, after waiting for 15 minutes you can reuse the service to get comment again on the same post.

Should I Change My Password After Using Such Services?

Yes, it’s recommended to change your password. You should even remove the app which is added automatically to your account after you use such websites.

My Account Will Be Used Fo Like/Comment On Other’s Post

Definitely, we’ve also discussed above. But, if you’ve changed your password and removed the App which is added to your account after using such websites. Then you account is safe and won’t be used.


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