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Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Windows 10 Solved

The blue screen is known as the death screen in Windows. From Windows 8, Windows encounters any problem, the blue screen will appear with a death message written. Most of the time, death messages are displayed will be fixed by Windows on its own. These problems are caused by any third party application or user is pushing Windows to its limits. But, if you’re getting the death screen again and again with the same death message, this means your OS is suffering from any serious issue. One of the most common error in Windows 10 is FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE . Many users are getting this message again and again and their computer restarts. This message is shown during the boot time and windows regular restarts. For some users, this message appears during the regular work on Windows and suddenly death screen appears with Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page message.

Most of the users upgrade their Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and on every oot, they get this error. If it’s the same case with you, then don’t think about moving back to Windows 8.1. There are many possible fixes to this problem that we’re discussing in this article.

Sometimes, Windows system files are damaged or corrupt or missing and this is the reason behind this problem in most of the cases. In fact, many times outdated drivers are the reason behind this problem too. Also, maybe your Windows 10 is effected by the virus which causes serious damage to your system files. There are many possible reasons behind this problem.

Many services are also the reason behind this problem. We’ll be listing all the possible fixes for this problem below. Read the whole article and know the step by step procedure to fix this problem. There’s also a tool which can figure out the reason behind the blue screen message. It’ll figure out all the programs, services etc. which is causing faulty hardware corrupted page error.

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Solve: Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page

We’ve shown 5 fixes to this problem. Follow the guide step by step. but, make sure you’re able to boot into Windows 10. If you’re not even able to boot into Windows, then try booting into safe mode. If you don’t know how to do this below are the steps:

  1. Power on your PC/Laptop and when Windows logo appears, cut off the power. (For PC: Switch off the power supply. For Laptops: Remove the battery or long press power button.
  2. Turn on/off Windows 10 3-4 times until you get “Preparing Automatic Repair” written on the screen.
  3. Now after Diagnosing is finished, you’ll get Two options, Restart or Advanced Options. Click on Advanced Options.boot windows 10 to safe mode
  4. Click on Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Startup Settings>Click Restart.
  5. Now, Windows 10 will again restart. Press num 4 key on your keyboard rapidly and Windows will be booted into safe mode.

Once you’re booted into safe mode, you can proceed further. Users who can normally boot into Windows 10 aren’t recommended to boot into safe mode. Now, follow the methods given below to fix faulty hardware corrupted page error.

Use WhoCrashed Tool To Figure Out Quickly Why This Error Happens

When Windows 10 is crashed, it created a dump file and stored it for further users. WhoCrashed tool can figure out which drivers/services are causing the crash errors in Windows 10. It’ll analyze the entire dump logs and then show you the possible fixes. We’ve shown you this method because the problem and their fixes gave below may not the reason behind your error too.

So, let WhoCrashed find all the possible reason and fix of faulty hardware corrupted page problem in Windows 10.

  1. Download the tool from here.
  2. Run the tool and click on Analyze.Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page
  3. Now the tool will start exploring dump logs to know all the blue screen death crashes in Windows 10.windows 10 Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page error
  4. After the analyze is complete, you’ll get all the crashes and the program which caused the crash.Faulty_Hardware_Corrupted_Page
  5. Scroll down al the bottom and you’ll find the conclusion about those errors.
  6. If the crash is caused by any 3rd party program, consider uninstalling it.

This way, you can find out which program/service is causing the faulty hardware corrupted page error in Windows 10. Comment down below if you aren’t able to understand the results provided by the WhoCrashed tool.

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Disable Fast Startup To Fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page

You should disable the fast startup in Windows 10 to fix this problem. many times fast startup is the reason behind all the booting time errors. It quickly loads the Windows and hence after disabling the fast startup your booting time will be slow but you won’t get any blue screen error for which fast startup is the reason.

  1. Open Control Panel in Windows 10.
  2. Select Power options.
  3. Click Choose What the power button does option on left side of the screen.Corrupted Page bsd
  4. Select the option Change Settings that are currently unavailable. (Administrative Privileges Required)faulty hardware lue screen of death
  5. Uncheck the box of Turn On Fast Startup. Now, restart your Windows 10.disable fast startup

You shouldn’t get the error again if it’s caused by the fast startup. If it didn’t help, follow the another method given below.

Run System File Checker Scan

Windows has the ability to scan and find all the missing system files. Sometimes, users are using malicious tools and those tools are harming Windows system files. Those files are corrupted and some are even deleted to harm user.

So Microsoft has built an SFC scan utility which can help users to get rid of all these problems. It can be run using CMD.

  1. Press Win+R and type CMD, hit enter.
  2. Type sfc /scannow and hit enter.
  3. The scan will start. Wait till the scan is complete. You can also fix device descriptor request failed error is it’s listed during the scan.
  4. Once the scan is complete, check the logs if there were any corrupted or missing system files. If the scan has fixed some files Restart your Windows 10.

But, if there’s no file repaired or replaced by the scan, follow the next method given below.

Run Windows Memory Diagnostics

Windows Memory Diagnostics is an amazing free inbuilt tool to scan the memory-related problems in Windows. If you’re getting faulty hardware corrupted page error due to the memory-related problem then this will be fixed after you scan the memory using this tool.

Sometimes memory related problems aren’t fixed automatically and users need to run the scan manually. So, follow the steps given below to use this tool.

  1. Click on Start Button and search for mdsched.exe or press Win+R and type mdsched.exe and hit enter.
  2. You can either Restart the computer right now by clicking the first option, or click 2nd option if you want to run the scan next time you boot.
  3. Once you restart your Windows 10/boot again into Windows 10, the scan will start.
  4. Press F1 and select the type of scan you want to run. Press F10 to apply the settings you’ve selected and the scan will continue.run memory scan to fix faulty hardware
  5. After the scan is complete, the computer will automatically restart.blue screen faulty hardware page
  6. Reports of the scan will be shown once you’re booted successfully.

We hope after running the memory diagnose scan, your problem is solved. But, if still getting the error you should try the next method.

Update Drivers and Check If All Drivers Are Working

This is the last fix you can do. You should check if all the drivers are updated. Make sure all the drivers are working or not. Sometimes drivers stopped working and many errors are caused by that driver. Also, maybe the driver you’re using is outdated and isn’t compatible with the Windows 10. So, consider updating all the drivers.

Update Drivers:

  1. Go to manufacturer’s official website to download the drivers. You can search for it on search engines like “Acer drivers download”.
  2. Put the model number, or serial number or the information they’re asking for.
  3. Now, download the drivers which are updated than the version you have.
  4. Install the driver on your system and restart your computer.

Check If Drivers Are Working Properly Or Not

Maybe the driver you’re using has stopped responding. To quickly know about this follow the steps given below:

  1. Press Win+R and type control panel.
  2. Select device manager and check if there’s a driver with yellow mark.
  3. Right-click on that driver and you can either update it or disable it.
  4. Restart your PC and you should not get faulty hardware corrupted page error now.

We hope your problem is now fixed. These are the possible fixes you can apply to solve your problem. If you’re still getting the error, comment down below and describe your problem you’re still facing and solutions you’ve applied.

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