Who Is Calling Me? Find Who Called You With These Tricks

Who Is Calling Me? Find Who Called You With These Tricks

According to surveys, there are about 8 billion active mobile phones across the world. This means there are billions of active human users using mobile devices in their daily use. This is great as now humans have instant access to contact someone. We can now call emergency services in few seconds, can talk with relatives and loved ones who are thousands of kilometers far away from us. This is the revolution in communication and a very big invention that human beings are able to discover. Technology has its pros and cons. Due to the massive number of mobile phone users, people are spamming others. Some are making calls to disturb others. If you have received a call from a number you don’t know and want to know who is calling me then this article will help you.

Spammers kept looking for the way to spam their victims. They spam people by physical contact, by phone calls and through the internet. However, there are many people who don’t have access to the internet so spammers kept finding phone numbers of those people who can be spammed easily. Also, there are many people who disturb other people by making calls from numbers you don’t know. So, what you can do if a spammer calls you or you’re getting numerous unwanted calls from a phone number?

You have many choices. You can block that number, can log FIR against that number and so on. But, you always wanted to know that who is calling me. Who’s that person who is disturbing you? In fact, spammers hide their all details but there are few chances that your college mate or schoolmate or a person who knows you, but you don’t know him is making unwanted calls to you. There are many ways to find the very basic details about the phone number. You can even find the picture and name of the phone number’s owner. So, read this full article to know how to find who’s calling me. You can easily find out who called you with these tricks.

Find Country, State, and Location Of Phone Number

These are very basic information you can get about any phone number. There are many free services which will help you in finding these details of any phone number easily. You can get the Country, State/Province and possible location of any phone number.

There are many services but we’ll show you the best service which can track phone number from all around the world. You can find the basic information of phone any phone number and it doesn’t matter from which country that phone number belongs to. Also, this service also told you on which year that particular phone number is activated.

You can use their international phone number tracker to track international phone numbers to easily find the answer of who is calling me. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Visit the Phone Number Tracker service from here.

who is calling me

Mobile Tracer

Step 2. Now, enter the phone number you want to trace and click Trace.

Step 3. You’ll get the basic details of the phone number like Country, State etc.

find details of person who is calling you

Traced Details

You have easily found the basic information of the person who is calling you.

But, moving beyond these details, means what if you already knew all these very basic details about the person. You probably want to know the name and would like to look the pic of that person. Well, this is also possible in most of the cases. Many users have registered their phone number on social websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on. There’s service which syncs all the contacts from all around the social media websites and other sources and gives you satisfying results.

Using TrueCaller

The name of service is Truecaller. You can download their official app from your mobile phone’s play store. You can even visit their website to track the deep details of the phone number and know the answer of who is calling me.

But keep in mind that if you allowed Truecaller to access you phone contacts, your all contacts will be synced with their servers and anyone can find details about those phone numbers then. This is how TrueCaller works.

Step 1. Download their app or visit their official website here.

Step2. Enter the phone number you want to track.

track international phone number


Step 3. Log in with any of the social media and get the result. If there are pictures available in their servers you’ll be able to look that picture for free.

Also, they have a very good database and they kept details about all phone numbers that are marked as spammed. If you install their app, it will show you a real-time result of the unknown number who is calling you. You can also report spam numbers to them and they will take care of it.

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