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How To Find WiFi Password On Windows 10

Many users want to find the WiFi password of their WiFi network they’re using or used before. Maybe they’ve forgotten their password but WiFi is logged in on their Windows 10. If it’s the case with you then it’s very easy to find WiFi password on Windows 10. Not only Windows 10 but you can also find WiFi password on Windows 8, 7 as well. Once you’ve logged into any WiFi network, you can look at its password anytime. You should have administrator account access for this. If you don’t have admin account access or admin account password, you might not be able to do this. Due to security reasons, only administrator accounts can know the saved WiFi network’s password. So, make sure you have admin account access and then follow the methods given below.

Sometimes, we are using a WiFi network on Windows 10 and we forgot its password. If we want to login to the same WiFi network on another device like mobile phone, you’ll have to enter WiFi password. Rather than resetting or asking for the password, you can find on your own. It’s very easy and there are no advanced tweaks for this.

Find WiFi Password On Windows 10

In Windows 10, we need to open Network and Sharing center to know saved WiFi network password.

  1. Right-Click on WiFi icon and select Network and Sharing Center.find wifi password on windows 10
  2. Now, you’ll be able to know your active network SSID. Select that network by clicking on it.know your wifi password
  3. Then you’ll be able to see all the information related to that particular network. Click on properties to know its to find wifi password on windows 10
  4. Then go to Security tab and check the Show Character box and you’ll be able to read the network’s password in plain 10 wifi password find

To Find WiFi Network Password in Windows 8

It’s easier to know the WiFi password on Windows 8. There’s no need to follow the longs steps like Windows 10.

  1. Click on WiFi icon in the taskbar.
  2. Right-Click on the network you’re using or the network which is in range.know wifi password windows 8
  3. Select view connection properties to know all the connection related details.
  4. Click on Security tab and check the show characters box and you’ll get your password written in the box in plain text.check wifi password windows 8

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

  1. Press Win+R and type control panel, then hit enter.
  2. Find network and sharing center option and open it.
  3. Under active connection, select your WiFi network and click on properties.
  4. Click on the Security tab and select Show Characters option.

Know WiFi Password Of Networks Not In Range

Sometimes, we want to know the WiFi password of the network which isn’t in range. If you’ve ever used that network and know its SSID (Name Of WiFi Network) it’s very easy to find its password. It can be done through CMD.

  1. Open CMD as administrator and type netsh wlan show profile and press enter.
  2. Then type netsh wlan show profile “NETWORK NAME” key=clear and press enter.

You’ll get your password. If this doesn’t work, comment down below.

Connect To WiFi Network Without Password

You can even use WiFi network without entering your WiFi password. But in this case, you’ll have to use your router. Hence, if you’re thinking of using neighbor’s WiFi network without password it’s not possible. There’s a WPS button on the router and by pressing that button you can use that WiFi network. Password of the network will be automatically delivered to your Windows 10.

  1. Select your WiFi network by clicking on the WiFi icon on the taskbar.
  2. When you’re asked for the WiFi password, press the WPS button on your router and wait till Windows 10 will automatically log you into the WiFi network.
  3. Now follow the instruction to find WiFi password in Windows 10 which is given above.

By using these steps you can know your WiFi password without resetting the router WiFi password. It’s very useful in many cases is password is forgotten but router comes with WPS feature enabled.

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