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FIx: api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll Missing

Windows users can have an error saying api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll is missing. This .dll file is required to launch several important programs and even control panel like items in Windows 7 or above. If you’re getting same .dll file missing problem you might e in big trouble. It’s the system file and required by most of the programs to run properly. This happens due to a virus or if you’re playing with some system files without having proper knowledge about them. Sometimes we delete a .dll from our system by mistake and this results in serious problems to our Windows OS. If you’ve tried system repair or system restore and still getting the error, you’ll have to something we’re going to show in this article. There are several fixes to this problem as Windows has the capability to repair itself in many ways.

Most of the times, users are playing with the system 32 folders on their computer via some programs or manually to know more about Windows. But by mistake, they delete some files like .dll files which are necessary to run the Windows OS properly. There are many services which can help you in downloading DLL files but adding those DLL files or registering them using system registry might not fix your problem. You’ll have to follow the necessary steps we’ll be showing you in this article.

First of all, we want to assure you that using installing and using some corrupt or illegal programs, cracks etc. might harm your Windows OS. Your .dll files are deleted by those programs and cracks. Indirectly they’ll harm your system. So, it’s recommended not to use programs which are not downloaded from untrusted sources and websites. Follow the methods given below to solve your problem.

Fix: api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll Missing  Problem

Fixes given below to solve your problem of api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll are tested and works well for most of the users. We’ve shown you the step by step procedure with pictures in order to make the process very simple. We’ve tried to give you the best for this problem. Make sure you’ve followed the steps like the way we’ve shown. You should have administrator account access in to proceed. If you’re not using administrator account right now, then switch to the administrator account in your Windows.

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Method 1. Perform System Files Repair Using System File Checker Tool

System file repair tool comes with Windows and can be accessed through CMD(Command Prompt). There’s no need to download this tool as it’s available with every Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. It’s known as SCF scan utility. What it actually does is, it scans all the system files like .dll files which are corrupt or deleted from the system. It has the capability to restore the corrupted and missing system files. So first of all, you should perform the SFC scan on your system Follow the steps given below to fix api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll missing problem using SFC scan.

Step 1. First, launch CMD as administrator on your Windows.

Step 2. Then type the command given below and hit enter.

sfc /scannow

Now, wait for some time till the process is complete. It might take time.fix api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll missing

Step 3. After the process is complete, check what the scan results. If it says Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations then it means there’s no problem with your system files. So, proceed to Method 2. to fix api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll missing problem.


If it returns Windows resource protection could not start the repair service then check the solution for this which is also available on our website.


If it returns Successfully Repaired then it means you’ve fixed your problem. Check whether the problem is fixed or not by opening some programs which were giving the api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll missing error.

Hope this method worked in your case. Most of the times, this problem is fixed by the method given below because the .dll file is missing or corrupted and sfc /scannow fixes this problem. If this method isn’t helpful in your case, proceed to the Method 2. given below.

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Method 2. Create A New User Account

This method might help you is fixing your problem. The problem of missing .dll files might due to some user files located in any folder. if you create a new Windows User account, the problem might be fixed. This is the best method to check whether user files are corrupted or contains any unexpected file that causes this problem. Follow the steps given below to create a new user account.

Step 1. Open Control Panel, press Win+R and type “control panel” and hit enter.

Step 2. In control panel, find the Users Accounts option and click on that option.fix api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll Missing problem windows

Step 3. Click on Manage another account.api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll Missing

Step 4. Then click on Add New User. if you’ve more than 2 user account, you can skip and login to that user accounts if you were not using that account.

solution for the problem .dll missing

Step 4. Enter the details of new user you’re going to create and create new user account.Enter the details of new user you’re going to create and create new user account.

Now, login to your user account. Sign Out from your user account and log in to the newly created user account. Try launching the programs that were returning the error saying api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll Missing. If programs run successfully, you need to delete all our user files or perform Antivirus Scan on your User folder using any Antivirus Program. This might fix your problem easily.

These are the possible fixes that you should try to fix api-ms-win-service-core-L1-1-0.dll missing problem in your Windows OS. This method works with Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 7. If you’re still getting the same problem, comment down below. We’ll try to help you out with possible ways.

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