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Fix: Flash Not Working In Chrome

Chrome Flash player is used to display contents like videos, games etc. This is still required on most of the websites to display contents. By default, flash player isn’t allowed to run automatically on websites. The user will get a popup to give permission for the web page to run flash. Users can then decide whether the flash player should work or not on that particular web page. Flash isn’t allowed on all websites by default because of security reasons. If it’s allowed on every website, some of the un-trusted websites might cause harm to the user by exploiting their system. We’ve already done an article before about how users can enable flash in Chrome. But, most of the time users encounter problems using flash player. One of the most common problems is “flash not working in Chrome“.

This problem arises due to many reasons like maybe flash player isn’t updated or it’s not enabled. Another reason is that maybe the flash player is blocked on the website where you’re trying to use it. In this article, we’ll discuss all the reasons and their solutions. Users aren’t able to play videos or run games using Chrome browser on some websites due to the flash player problem. Websites who haven’t updated to HTML5 are mostly flash related players and things to show and update content dynamically.

It’s very easy to solve flash not working in Chrome problem as you can quickly solve this. Site information tab is the quickest way to fix this. You can even check Chrome Settings and find if there’s any fix you can perform to fix this without re-installing Chrome.

Flash Not Working In Chrome Fixes

Below are the steps we’ll be performing in order to fix this error in Chrome.

  1. Check if Flash is enabled or not.
  2. Make sure website isn’t blocked for accessing flash.
  3. Check site information.
  4. Update Adobe Flash Player.
  5. Clear Browser Cache.

These steps can be followed by you to fix the problem. If the problem isn’t solved by these fixes, you’ll have to open the web site in another browser or reinstall Chrome. Maybe there’s the problem on the website itself. So, better opening the website in another web browsers.

Check If Flash Is Enabled

We’ve already done a post here and described in detail in enabling Flash in Chrome. You can check this article for detailed instructions. But, we’ll show you quick steps to check if flash is enabled or not. If it’s not enabled you’ll probably get flash not working problem.

  1. Open your Chrome browser and paste chrome://settings/content/flash in the URL bar and hit enter.
  2. Now, make sure option saying Allow Sites To Run Flash is enabled.flash not working chrome
  3. Disable the Ask First option and reload the website where flash isn’t working.
  4. If flash is working your problem is solved. Go back to Flash settings and enable the Ask First option. Then Allow the website to access Flash Player.

If you’re still getting an error, then make sure website isn’t added to block list in flash settings. If so, then that website will not be able to access flash player and you won’t get a popup to allow the website to run flash.

Make Sure Website Isn’t Added To Block List From Accessing Flash

  1. Open flash settings in your Chrome browser by pasting chrome://settings/content/flash in the URL bar.
  2. Now, in the Block list, check if the website, where you’re trying to run flash, isn’t added. If it’s added, remove it from the list.flash is not working in chrome browser
  3. Reload the web page and it should ask you to access Flash player.

If your flash player isn’t still working, you should check Site Information tab. From there, flash settings can be changed and users can allow/disable flash on that particular website.

Check Site Information

  1. Open the website where flash is not working in Chrome.
  2. Now, click on website information tab.
  3. Look for Flash option, click on it and select Always Allow On This Site.flash error in chrome
  4. Reload the web page and check if flash is working on that web page or not.

From Site information tab, users can allow or block permissions to the website. This easiest way to manage what website are allowed to access and what components a website shouldn’t have access to. It allows users to manage permissions for any particular website easily. Maybe your problem isn’t solved because the flash player website requires is updated one and your flash player is outdated. So, you’ll have to update your flash player. This might solve your problem if flash not working in Chrome problem arises due to an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player in Chrome.

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Update Flash Player In Chrome

  1. Open Chrome browser and paste chrome://components in the URL bar.
  2. Now, all the components available in Chrome will appear. Find Adobe Flash Player component.
  3. Check its status, if it’s Up-To-Date then it means the flash player is updated and should work on all websites.
  4. Alternatively, click on Check For Updates and if updates are available you should update it.fix flash not working in chrome
  5. Reload the website where you flash player wasn’t working.

You can also clear the Chrome’s cached data if the problem is still eating your time. clearing cache will delete all the data related to the website where flash isn’t working. It’ll also delete all the data related to other web sites.

Clear Browser Cached Data and Cookies

  1. In URL bar paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and hit enter.
  2. Check the option for Cached Data and Cookies. (Make sure you’ve unchecked all other options otherwise all Chrome data will be erased.)
  3. Click on Clear Browsing Data and wait till data is deleted.adobe flash player not working in chrome
  4. Reload the web page where Flash wasn’t working and check if flash is working properly or not.

We hope your problem of flash not working in Chrome is fixed. All the solutions given above are the fixes for your problem. Make sure you’ve checked the same website on other browsers. If the website isn’t working on those browsers too then there might be possibilities that website has some problems.

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If you’re sure that website is working fine and Chrome has some problems and even by following the methods given above, your problem isn’t solved. Then you should reinstall Google Chrome. You can either comment down below and describe us your problem. We’ll try to help you out with your problem.


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