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10 Games Like Skyrim Which Are Ranked Higher By Gamers: 2018

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the winner of more than 200 awards which is an iconic thing about this game. You probably enjoyed the open world gameplay with adventurous missions and all stuff like that. This game is totally addictive but you probably get bored of this game after thousands of gameplay and looking for a game similar to Skyrim. Ths role-playing video game filled with action gameplay was developed by Bethesda Game Studio and was published by Bethesda Softworks. Skyrim is one of the game in the series of “The Elder Scrolls” and this series was started back in 1996. FIrst edition of Skyrim was launched in 2011 which was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and in 2012, Skyrim – Dawnguard, Skyrim – Hearthfire, Skyrim – Dragonborn was launched with other add-ons was published which makes gamers to play this game with more interest. There’s a lot more to talk about this game but you’re probably finding the games like Skyrim.

It’s obvious that different games find different things interesting in Skyrim. Hence, it’s difficult to figure out which game can surely match your interests which you’re receiving in this game. Hence, all the games listed down are based on user feedback and reviews of some games which gives you averagely same gameplay like Skyrim.

In any game, the gamer is mainly focused on Story Of Game, Gameplay, Graphics, Features like things. A game delivering all these things in a well-managed way is able to win the hearts of gamers. Skyrim was able to do something similar like that and hence it reached the heights of gameplay and sales. But, some more other games like Skyrim are waiting for you. We wish that you’ll like the list and will found these games useful. You should also check out amazing games like dark souls.

List Of Best Games Like Skyrim

Game NameSeries Y/NPlatformMin. CPU Specs
Fable - The Lost Chapters
YesXbox, Windows, MACProcessor: 1.4 GHz, 500MB RAM, 64MB Video Card
Gothic II: Gold EditionYesWindows1GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 64MB Graphics
Divinity: Original Sin 2YesWindowsIntel i5 or Eq., 4GB RAM, GTX 550 Graphics
The Elder Scrolls OnlineNoAllIntel i3 or Eq., 3GB RAM, Graphics: GTX 460
Final Fantasy XIV
YesWindowsIntel i5 2.4GHz or Eq., 4GB RAM, GTX 750 or Eq.
Pillars Of EternityNoAllIntel i3 2.5GHz or Eq., 4GB RAM, Geforce 9600 or eq.
Fallout: New VegasYesWindows, Xbox, PSDUal COre 2GHz or Eq., RAM: 2GB, Geforce 6 Series or Eq.
Risen 3 - Titan LordsYesWindows, Xbox, PSDual Core, RAM: 2GB, Geforce 9600 or Eq.
Far Cry 4YesWindows, Xbox, PS4i5 2.6 GHz or Eq., RAM: 4GB, Graphics GTX 460
The Witcher® 3: Wild HuntNoWindows, Xbox, PS4Intel i5 2nd gen. or Eq. RAM: 6GB, GeForce GTX 660

1. Fable – The Lost Chapters

games like skyrim

This isn’t the right choice for graphics lovers but probably the best choice for those gamers who care a lot about the game story. This game has received very positive reviews on Steam and it only costs around 8$ which is so cheap for such fabulous game. Graphics of this game aren’t that much great but surely will deliver you the basic crunch.

Gamers having low-end specs PC can run this game with ease. There’s much more to explore in this game as it’s adventure and exploring based games. Dynamic weather will deliver the special crunch that most of the gamers love. Various cultures, citizens, towns, and cities are waiting for you in this game. The game was released back in 2011 and developed by Lionhead Studios, and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is available on Steam and you can buy it from the link given below.

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Minimum CPU Specifications: Windows XP or Later

  • Processor: 1.4GHz
  • RAM: 500MB
  • HDD: 3GB
  • Video Card: 64MB

2. Gothic II: Gold Edition

games similar to skyrim

This game has received very positive reviews on Steam and has fantastic gameplay that you’re waiting for. It’s a role-playing game released back in 2002 and one of the oldest game you should try out. Developed by Piranha Bytes and published by JoWood Productions, available for Windows platform only. Graphics of this game isn’t that much high in quality but surely delivers most of it.

There are more than 100 missions waiting for you in the game with the detailed gaming environment. The game has over 500 characters in it and steam users are still buying this game and reviewing it. It only costs around $6 on Steam which is value for money. It runs on very minimum CPU resources.

Get: On Steam

Minimum Specifications Required:

  • Platform: Windows
  • Processor: Intel 1GHz
  • RAM: 500MB
  • Graphics: 64MB
  • HDD: 4GB

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original SIn II is indeed one of the best alternatives to Skyrim game. Gamers in this game can build a custom character. It makes our choice of choosing a character flexible. We can build a character the way we want. This role-playing game is developed and published by Larian Studios. Only Windows platform users can enjoy this game hence if you own an expensive play station, then it’s time to switch to Windows to play this game.

original sin game similar to skyrim

Both single-player and multiplayer features are available. Over 2 million copies of Divinity: Original Sin II were sold only in about 2 months which is a huge success to Larian Studios. You probably need some high-end CPU to play this game as there’s no compromise with the graphics. 4K game lovers can play this game in 4K settings. Various Mods are available to take your gaming experience to new heights.

Get: On Steam

Minimum CPU Requirements:

  • Platform: Windows
  • Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 or equivalent
  • Storage: 35GB

4. The Elder Scrolls

rpg games like skyrim V edition

Looking for a game like Skyrim with massive MMORPG? Here’s the right choice waiting up for you. The Elders Scrolls Online is the first choice for gamers if they want every online multiplayer role play games. Millions of gamers have already joined this game to beat other gamers like a pro which is a cool thing right! So, what you’re waiting for if you’re an online multiplayer gaming freak!.

This game has received awards for the features and gameplay provided. All the platforms are supported such as PS4, Xbox, Windows and OS X as well. Various gameplay modes are available which gives you the freedom to play the game you want. Hundreds of characters, weapons, and abilities to unlocked. If you’re a real hardcore gamer, then you should really try out this game. It costs around $35 on steam.

Get: On Steam

Minimum Specifications:

  • Platform: All
  • Processor: Intel i3 or similar
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Graphics: Geforce 460 or similar
  • HDD: 90GB

5. Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy XIV game

Only Windows OS users can play this game as it’s only launched for this platform. So if you don’t have a Windows PC then go for it or read the next suggestion. Final Fantasy XIV is online role play game with massive amount of active users. The game was launched back in 2010 by Square Enix.

As it’s the online game, you probably want to kick some people out of the game by punching them hard or using your gaming skills right! A player can choose the character they want with many modifications. Completing up the task will open up new abilities and increases the level of gamer. Many interesting weapons are added in the game and graphics are really insane. High-End CPU is needed to run this game without any lag.

Get: On Steam

Minimum CPU Specifications:

  • Platform: Windows
  • Processor Intel i5 2.5 GHz or Similar
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: GTX 750 or Similar
  • HDD: 60GB

6. Pillars Of Eternity

pillars of eternity

Pillars of eternity was launched back in 2015 and it’s the role-playing game. This game has received very positive reviews by most of the gamers on Steam and is available for Windows, Linux, Xbox, and PS platform as well. While playing this game, you need to increase your level by completing the tasks. Graphics are very reliable as this game is based on Unity engine.

Thrilling game lovers should try this game for more fun and joy. Hero Edition of game costs around 10$ on steam which is a fair price for such game. Hundreds of exciting characters such as cats, dogs, and other animals are included in the gameplay.

Get: On Steam

Minimum Specifications:

  • Platform: Any
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5GHz or Similar
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: Geforce 9600 GT or Similar
  • HDD: 14GB

7. Fallout: New Vegas

new vegas game

Maybe you’ve heard of Fallout series. This game series has received a lot of positive reviews from gamers worldwide. Just like other games in Fallout series, this series has received some updates and improvements. However, gameplay might feel like the previous launches in the series. But, if you’re totally new to Fallout, then must try out this game.

Available for Windows, Xbox, PS and is single player only. Character creation section is slightly improved and gives more reliability over the creation of your favorite character. As your level increases, new perks are added so that your gameplay will become more improved and addictive. Crafting feature is available but is limited to few weapons and items. As usual, gamers can enjoy mods to bring their fun time to new heights. If you’re totally new to Fallout, then we recommend you to try this series.

Get: On Steam

Minimum Specifications:

  • Platform: Windows, PS, Xbox
  • CPU: Dual Core 2GHz or eq.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 6 Series or eq.

8. Risen 3 – Titan Lords

titan lords risen 3 like skyrim gameplay

If you’re one of the gamers who love to play a heroic role in RPG games, then it’s made for you. You need to save the humanity and maybe you’re the next hero to the creatures living in this game! Exploration is indeed available and it’s not limited to completing the tasks. Gamers can play different parts of the game as their own wish.

If you’ve already aware of Risen 3 series, then it’s amazing to know about that combat system has been enhanced which adds more crunch to the game. Windows, Xbox, and PS users can enjoy playing this game and it costs only around $8 on steam which is a good price for such fantastic game.

Get: On Steam

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Platform: Windows, Xbox, PS
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.4GHz or Eq.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Graphics GeForce 9600 or Eq.
  • HDD: 8GB

9. Far Cry 4

far cry like skyrim

Far Cry series is one of the most praised series ever as it provides amazing graphics and gameplay. Far Cry 4 delivers a lot of features and objects in the gameplay. The player is introduced as Ajay Ghale and traveling to Kyrat. Open world environment will attract you a lot.

You can scout the enemies land, can drive various types of vehicles. The game supports both single player and multiplayer feature. Available on Windows, PS, and Xbox. If you want a game with full action, features, graphics and full-on RPG, then this game is the complete solution for you and best alternative to Skyrim. There’s need for powerful CPU to run the game.

Get: On Steam

Minimum CPU Specifications:

  • Platform: Windows, Xbox, PS
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz i5 or eq.
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: GTX 460 or Eq.
  • HDD: 30GB

10. The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher wild hunt RPG game skyrm

Next Generation open world RPG game with finest graphics and amazing world. Over 10 million copies were sold which shows the rich gameplay this game delivers to its users. Reviews on steam are very positive and ratings are 99% positive from all the top game reviewers.

Just like all the top games, it has dynamic weather conditions and everything is dynamically controlled to give the gamer the pleasure he wants. It costs around $15 on steam and available for Windows, PS, and Xbox.

Get: On Steam

Minimum CPU SPecifications:

  • Platform: Windows, PS, Xbox
  • CPU: Intel i5-2500K or Eq.
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or Eq.
  • HDD: 35GB

What’re your thoughts on this list? We hope this list is able to satisfy your requirements. Drop down your comments down below and give us the suggestions to improve the list of games like Skyrim.

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