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facebook auto comment generators

A man has transgressed from the age of industrial machines to the age of computers and then has stepped into the arena of internet. The internet was introduced around the 1990s and the world suddenly became a smaller place for communication and sharing.

When man solely was perplexed and amazed with the evolution of a calculator or a machine which could run as a fast typewriter, to the time when the man can access the information about the entire world by a single touch sitting in the comfortable environment of his home in a pocket-friendly device called as the mobile phone.

Then the digital world was revolutionized by the emergence of social media like Facebook which connected people and made the digital world as the only mode of existence and approval for the youth and the business entities as well.


This overwhelming response received by Facebook encouraged the rise of other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to name a few. These applications were compatible with any media be it computers or mobile phones and thus the extent of usage of these applications boomed and thereby leading to the mushrooming of similar applications which would add the additional features and thus make the social media account or profile lucrative, making it an important source of maintaining the image of the user.


This has added to the development of many other applications such as:

  1. Camera filter applications for optimizing the quality of the pictures.
  2. Many additional advertisement features.
  3. Also the development of many auto comments and auto like applications.
  4. Cropping and other editing software.
  5. Privacy and data safety software.
  6. Data cleaning and phone management software.
  7. Partitioning and memory management software to save memory space and data on the computer as well as the phone.  


Facebook complementing applications

facebook auto comment generators

Due to the growing popularity of this social media application, the allied applications have also developed to provide the aid necessary for supporting this account and also to maintain large data that is generated by this account. These applications help in maintaining a healthy and popular social media account and also necessitates the growth of other applications which can be further used by a popular Facebook account. Few of these allied applications are:

  1. Code Generator
  2. Facebook Auto Like Bot
  3. Facebook Auto Comment Bot

These allied applications are basically used in order to manage the bulk data that has been generated while managing large valued profiles or the profiles for politicians or popular celebrities. Thus in such circumstances, it is not possible to write each and every status or reply to each and every comment that has been mentioned on the pages and on the updated status of the profiles.

Hence to tackle this problem of mass comment and data generation it is better to use simpler and efficient applications like a Facebook Auto Comment Generator. These are efficient and is essentially developed to generate various kinds of bulk replies which can be sent at once to the profiles.


Code Generator

This is a simple application which is used for the procedure of confirming the privacy details of the user and thus verify the authentication of the legitimate users and thereby curb the rising trends of fake accounts which leads to many cyber crimes. This software thus aims to provide security to the user as well as the various other entities using the virtual domain by providing ample amount of safety and security and also upholds the Right of privacy and confidentiality of every individual.

A code generator is basically a two-step authentication process which generates a code on your phone number which has been linked inherently with your Facebook account and thereby this code acts as a verification code for the Facebook account. This inherently works best with an internet connection but it can also be accessed in the form of SMS or in the form of emails and thereby its utility can be enhanced by even using it to reset the password of the Facebook account.

The various steps to be followed for the generation of this code are as follows:

  1. First, you have to open your Facebook account.
  2. Then go to the option of Security and Login Settings.
  3. Then Scroll down and select on Use Two Factor Authentication and then click on the edit option.
  4. Now you have to go to the Code Generator and then click on set up.
  5. Then Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Now from the Facebook application your mobile phone, click on the option.
  7. Now lightly tap on the option called a code generator.
  8. Now using this generated code login to a Facebook account.

Thus this code is generated within 30 seconds and thus it is an efficient and faster way to login to the Facebook account by using an external application as an aid.


Facebook Auto Like Bot

This is a bot or application which has been developed by using various configurations of machine learning and thereby it uses the algorithms to activate a self-learning mechanism and thereby uses it to determine the various posts and status on Facebook which can be liked without any interference from the user.

These kinds of applications are developed for the sole purpose of reducing the workload of the user and also to handle and maintain the dynamics of a popular profile. By this way, you can also like, unlike follow or unfollow various accounts and videos on Facebook as well as previously mentioned other social media accounts. It has an added advantage that it can be used to combine trivial and complex tasks at once.

The various steps to be followed to use this application are:

  1. Choose the required Facebook account.
  2. Now add the text module or the keywords that are needed to be searched.
  3. Now Search the module posts that you want to share.
  4. Now again use the text module to finalize your status update.
  5. Now click on the share module of this file and then share it in the public domain.

These steps are easier to follow and even beginners can use it efficiently for social media profile handling and social media marketing.  


Facebook Auto Comment Bot

This application is a form of Facebook Auto Comment Generator and there are various versions available to update and use as per the system configuration and needs of the consumer or the user. These applications are also used on other social media applications as well and can be used on both the devices namely, computers or laptops and mobile phones.

Based on the need there are two updated versions available which are used for comment generation and as it is also a machine learning developed tool, even it has internal mechanisms for self-learning and auto-detection of phrases or the areas where required notes or comments can be added significantly in the profile.

The two available versions are:

  1. FBK comment Bot Version 1.1
  2. FBK Comment Bot Version 1.2

These have been added and infused with superior features which makes the addition or deletion of texts or posts from the accounts easier and efficient like:

  1. Text detection
  2. Bug Fixing
  3. Improvements in text styling and detailing.
  4. Advanced search and detection of top comments.
  5. Deletion or unfollowing of posts or pages which are irrelevant to the present context of the user.

Thus these added advantages of these applications make it suitable for all kinds of social media profile managing and marketing work.


Fb Auto comment Site  

The internet has indeed revolutionized the entire digital arena and thus instead of downloading the various applications, nowadays there are multiple options to developed such auto comment generation using various open source websites.

These websites work in the context of auto comment detection and posting messages and comments for a public profile for a large number of users and for users having a comprehensive friend list.

The various steps to use and access such websites are:

  1. First, generate the Facebook code for the Facebook account of the user while accessing their websites.
  2. Now you have to set the function from Public Post Comments to Public.
  3. Now again set your privacy settings post to the public.


Few of the links for such kinds of websites are given as follows:



autocomment site



auto comment website



auto comment website 2

These websites can be accessed from both computers and mobile phones and can be accessed by Android or Mac platforms as well.



  1. These websites help in automatic generation of comments
  2. It boosts the social media account viability and popularity.
  3. It saves a lot of time and effort.
  4. It is also cheap and is available in the public domain as an open source software.



Thus these various kinds of Facebook Auto comment Generator provide us with a wide amount of options to choose from and also provides efficient utilization of time. These machine learning based software provides efficacy and also helps in quick adaptation with the changes and various updated versions that are introduced by these applications at a quick rate.